Some concerns on further review…

We’ve all heard about the issue with older folks being declared incompetent if someone else manages your money, therefore you can’t own guns. Then there’s the issue with the questions to veterans about PTSD, depression, etc…

Two quick ways to get guns out of folks hands permanently…

Now, as of yesterday, the docs are back in it, with tacit if not overt authorization to violate HIPAA…

Full story HERE.

And bringing the CDC in to look at ‘gun violence’ is not, IMHO, anything more than one more ‘beard’ to attaching a mental health issue to gun owners and shooters, especially in light of the new Surgeon General, who is rabidly anti-gun.

The other thing I found interesting is the article HERE, talking about the dissatisfaction on the left with ‘lack of specificity’ from BO yesterday. We all knew they wanted more, but they didn’t get it, and I can’t help but wonder if this is what Hildabeast is playing to.

Thoughts? Comments? Am I totally off base?


Some concerns on further review… — 16 Comments

  1. I’ve read in the past that doctors ACCIDENTALLY kill more of their patients than firearms do every year. So, following that reasoning, should we make doctors illegal to save more lives ? Mental health issues becoming a factor in purchasing a new gun – I don’t see how, unless all medical records are accessible and I don’t see ANY one advocating that. Chuck Schumer lied about that when campaigning for Brady Bill and he knew it beforehand.

    If Hillary is banking on voters asking her to do more on gun violence by taking more extreme measures, she only need consult hubby to ask how that 1992 Brady bill and assault weapons ban worked for his political career. Didn’t work too well as I recall.

  2. “‘beard’ to attaching a mental health issue ”
    Interesting, given that many on the conservative side are saying that the gov should target mental health rather than guns.
    This way, libs get to do one while claiming the other.

    • Shades of the history of the deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill, which Clayton Cramer surveyed in “My Brother Ron.” People who honestly wanted to correct real abuses in involuntary confinement and in mental institutions wound up being useful idiots for the progressive activists who wanted to close the state hospitals altogether; they succeeded. Now the mentally ill are on our streets and in our parks, and pretty much the only way they can be confined for treatment is when they go to prison.
      On the outside, poorly treated paranoid schizophrenics are a large percentage of mass murderers.
      The violence done by some of these poor people then becomes justification for invasions of medical privacy for everyone, which is part of the rationale used by progressive activists in their efforts to confiscate firearms…

  3. Forgot to mention psychotropic drugs and the connection they have to mass shootings. Many mass shooters are on ‘mind altering prescription drugs’. Why won’t anyone (Republicans included) mention that studies on this are needed.

    Many people go to their doctor with ‘I feel kinda blah – what do I have ?’ symptoms, only to be prescribed Zoloft or another type of drug. Side effects – always check out the side effects – often the cure is worse then the original disease.

  4. I saw this coming when the ObamaCare/national healthcare train started rolling down the tracks. The step from there to having doctors ask you (or your children) about whether or not you have firearms in your house is a progression. If you are proscribed meds for depression or whatever that they think is cause for concern, etc.

    I don’t take those meds, but I resolved that if I needed them, I’d get them in Mexico. See a Mexican doctor and deal with it that way. I realize that most Americans don’t share my paranoia, but just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that they are NOT out to get you.

  5. Nope.
    All part of the grand plan to make things so difficult (think a NYC CCW permit on steroids) and eliminate the gun-ownership pool.



  6. The sneaky bastards will always be trying. Our response can be quite simple. Refuse to comply.

    Refusing isn’t cost free. Decide ahead of time if you are willing to shoulder the burden.

  7. That article addresses the ACTUAL new rule instead of the one Obama touted. Seems it only allows 7 agencies of states that have the authority to declare someone a “mental deficient” and ban their gun ownership to notify NICS without violating HIPAA. NOT every doc. Also the LAW did not change. So the BS being slung by the AG and Obama changes NOTHING. The only real change is that you can now buy a machine gun, sawed off long gun or silencer WITHOUT a CLEO sign off. They can be notified but CANNOT STOP YOUR PURCHASE as they could in the past. Thanks GUN SALESMAN OF THE DECADE!

  8. The more vaguely the regulations are written, the more latitude given to local managers/directors in confiscating firearms. One used to be able to count on judicial review to overturn the changes, but that’s no longer a given.

    Recommendation: don’t ask, don’t tell, and don’t ask for help.

  9. Went to see my doc the other day for my annual physical. The receptionist that does the checking in hands me a form to fill out that states my doctor is participating in a national study, “all our patients are being asked to fill this out”. It was 4 simple questions about anxiety/depression related issues–have you felt nervous in the last 3 months, do you feel less satisfaction or pleasure in your daily activities over the past 2 weeks, etc. All 4 questions are screening questions for depression/anxiety, none of which I would want to be answered in the positive in my record (it was not anonymous so would be specific per patient). Now, if I was having issues with anxiety or depression, I absolutely would want to get needed help, and honestly, who hasn’t felt worried about world events over the past couple of months, BUT that should be between me and my doc and NO ONE ELSE!!! All billing is done based on medical coding of diagnosis. If the doc states in the record certain diagnoses, anyone can pull a list of those codes and trace it back to a record. Obamacare promotes this. If the .gov wanted to build a list of folks who have “mental health issues” who should be on a no buy list, they could do it fairly easily.
    Do I want folks who are “crazy” buying guns? No.
    Would any of the above have changed what happened in any “gun violence” event over the past few years, ie. prevented them? No.
    Do I want to take away forever someone’s right to own a gun and say, be able to go hunting in a few years after life improves for them and they no longer want to go after their ex-whatever? No.
    A friend, big gun nut for years, has a new girlfriend who is a gramma who loves to babysit her grandkids. Her kids recently adopted another little one. The new gandkid can’t come to Gramma’s house because he has guns in the house. Now, mind you, the guns are locked in a gun safe which is locked in a closet in the garage where none of the grandkids go. They were told this by the Social Worker in charge of the adoption placement!!
    This is just too much nanny state to my mind.
    Do I feel a tad bit paranoid? Yup. Do I have reason to feel paranoid? Well, being told that no one is coming to take anyone’s guns away by the same guy who said we could keep our same medical plan, doctor, and we would get an average of $2500 back from lower medical insurance costs per family…fool me once, shame on me…you can bet I am WAAAY more cynical and skeptical now than I was 7+ years ago.
    Just my 2 cents.


  10. It is all scary to me. I am glad most of firearms are off the radar.

  11. All- Thanks! Fifty Cal- Understood, but it’s all ‘intent’ now…

    Suz- Agreed!

    Posted from my iPhone.

  12. Docs can’t violate HIPAA. There are some agencies that have an exemption to HIPAA where they can request that data from docs and mental health institutions.

    Yes, I’ve worked in healthcare for 20 mumble mumble years, why do you ask?

    Now the states and agencies can voluntarily submit those records to BATFEIEIO.

    His requirement that anyone selling a weapon must have a FFL is absurd. So is his request for “smart” weapons (which don’t work). There is a reason that the design of the operational parts of a gun have not changed appreciably in 100 years. Because they work on demand and work well.

    The only good part I saw in his plan was more funding for mental health.

  13. Both Teh 0ne AND Hilldabeast have praised “the Australian” plan. Full confiscation. They lie easier than most breath.