Sorry for the lack of commenting/posting…

Been busy with house things, and getting new neighbors. Peter and Dot are now neighbors, and we’ve all been running pillar to post doing the myriad of crap one does when one buys a house and/or moves.

I listened to BO’s speech today, and nebulous seems to be the route he’s taking. Very few hard ‘facts’, if any… And I think he’s purposely structuring things so ‘widely’ that any of us could be caught up in his net this time around…

No definitions of what really constitutes a ‘gun dealer’ or  ‘gun seller’, and more worrisome, is the nebulous ‘internet’ sales. So if I advertise on Gun Broker or Arms List am I now considered a dealer? And if I sell one gun, is it ‘my’ job to do a background check on the buyer BEFORE I sell it to him? Why can’t I do FFL to FFL like we’ve done in the past? Or is that going to be illegal now???

So many questions, so few answers…


Sorry for the lack of commenting/posting… — 13 Comments

  1. Having Peter that close may be good for your writing. He will enforce writing discipline!

    As to the whole firearms mess, one thing is clear. It’s a fire sale on guns and ammo again. Selling guns and ammo are the only thing that Barack does well. He may also golf well. He gets a lot of practice.

  2. Not to worry about the posting. We wait for quality! 🙂

    Re: Executive Orders – I suspect being obtuse and confusing is part of the plan. If you can’t state facts, baffle ’em with bull****!


  3. kinda sorta throw carp against the wall and see what sticks with his gun agenda, and everything else.

  4. Speaking of firearms, now that you’re a resident of the Great State of Texas you might be interested in joining the Texas State Rifle Association (if you’re not already a member). They do a great job of standing up for our Second Amendment rights.

  5. Beginning to think the only people more ignorant than the Lightbringer are his advisers. If they couldn’t delegate it, they would mess up a three car funeral.

  6. If Teh 0ne selects which laws to enforce can I chose which I obey?

  7. sshssmbmm grumble grumble. just get back. We live vicariously through you. Mr. New House and all. Lol.

    Seriously though, Enjoy! New House Man! Make it yours! While you still can…. . Ugh. No picking scabs here, really, but have at it and enjoy! Own it.

  8. He did throw kind of a kink into the trust thing (making that route a PITA), but OTOH he made Form 4 easier.

  9. I have an idea for a sifi story. In it Obama is given information about some terrible event that will happen to America. I’m thinking alien invasion maybe and he decides the best thing he can do is to arm all the citizens in the country to repell the terrible event when it does happen. Seems what he’s trying to do to me.

  10. You know what might be handy?

    If the LAW would say what’s illegal or not instead of constantly changing regulation.