Texas Open Carry…

It’s here! And as usual the MSM, SJBs, and POS are promising blood in the streets and the ‘Wild West’… Sigh…

But if they really want wild west, I do happen to have the rig for that…


What better way to open carry than a rig that was actually carried ‘back in the day’…

Grandpa’s 1906 SAA in a Grassburr Leather rig. I’m not as skinny as Grandpa was back in the day… Just sayin…

Realistically, I probably won’t actually open carry with this rig, but it’s nice knowing that I CAN!

YMMV, I paid for the holster and belt myself. So there…


Texas Open Carry… — 30 Comments

  1. Very nice. And the photo of the matching boots?

    Mighty cold here in Philly, 11.6 F on the digital remote thingie.

  2. Thats a pretty rig you have there. My cousin had one of those Buscaderos holster rigs – boy, you could hear that leather squeaking whenever he walked by. Made by Kirkpatrick, if my leaky memory is still working.

    Makes me wonder how John Wayne could creep up on the indian village without them making him a human pin cushion. :^)

    Yay Texas ! Open carry for CHL holders. Finally someone gets it – making the Good Guy helpless won’t make the Bad Guy harmless. Unlike our Chief Executive.

  3. Hopefully coming soon in the Gunshine state of Florida.
    I won’t do it but rejoice in the RIGHT to do it.
    Heinlein was right! An armed society is a polite society.

  4. They said the same thing about Arizona, and the crime rate dropped. Open carry is kryptonite to progressives. They make predictions, but it comes down to the fact that an armed society is inherently politer. And if you’re causing trouble, it’s ended.

  5. Good for you!
    Sadly, with more East and West Coasters (liberals) moving to Texas and AZ, OC gets unwarranted attention more than it should.

    We should do it on occasion, just because we can, and not obnoxiously.

    It is our RIGHT!


  6. Too many businesses still don’t get it, including the Edwards cinema chain. Yesterday we went to see Star Wars in Houston. Edwards has their brand new 30.07 signs right next to their 30.06 signs. It felt scary going into that GFZ. I don’t think I’ll do it any more. I can understand why some businesses are afraid of open carry even though I don’t agree with them. Businesses that don’t allow CCW are asking their customers to take risks that are just not acceptable, and it’s especially true for places like theatres, malls, and event venues that have large crowds.

    • I went into Edwards, CCW (lawfully), the guard didn’t pat me down.

      They check purses to keep outside food from coming in and call it a “weapons check”.

  7. That’s a purty rig, right there. Glad you Texans (you are one, now) can come that close to the freedom we enjoy in Alaska. Next TX step: Constitutional carry!

  8. Too cool – both the family tradition and history embodied in the SAA, and the nice looking rig!!!

  9. I like you rig, and may I suggest that if you want to strap it on, get one of those seat belt extension they use on airplanes. Or, as we used to do as kids when we outgrew our holster set, us a bit of string or rope. GA has been an open carry state for many years, and it it very easy to get a concealed permit. I just renewed mine for five more years.

  10. “Cowboy Tactical”? 🙂

    A pretty rig, indeed, and I’m not even partial to brown gun leather.

  11. All- Thanks for the comments, yes I have the boots and hat too… Murhph – ;-P

    Posted from my iPhone.

  12. Nice “real” SAA! I have a Ruger Vaquero and a Hunter holster and belt…It works but it’s not the same, but at least it’s a .44-40! Got me some Luccheese boots too! And speaking of grass-burr, my prairie lawn is full of ’em!

  13. LL’s correct. The media sang the same song when Arizona passed its constitutional carry law allowing Arizonans to conceal carry without a permit. They said there’d be blood in the street, blah, blah, blah. Gun crime has dropped in Arizona.

  14. Love SAAs. Uncle Jim’s was passed to an Idiot Cousin.
    I have a Ruger New Vaquero that NEEDS a buscadero rig like that. Thanks for the link to Grassburr.
    Say what you will ’bout wonder 9s and .40s there’s nothing like 200 grains of lead saying “No you won’t either.”

  15. One serious regret I have on the pistol side occurred while I was at a friend’s shop. He took me in the back room and showed me a late 19th century double holster rig with a pair of nice 1st-gen 32-20 Colts in it. Coulda had it for ~$4K. Didn’t have the money…
    Is that a .45LC or a 44-40 Jim? If it’s a .45 I got some food for it I can send you.

  16. NC- Thanks!

    drjim- yep!

    Rick- In certain places, yes… 😀

    Euripides- Exactly! They do it every time, and ‘hope’ there will be gunplay… sigh

    emdfl- Ouch! Yes, that one is .45LC, I also have one in 44-40. I’ll be happy to pay you for the ammo!

  17. Nah, I’m pretty certain it came with a bunch of other stuff I got for close to nuttin’. I’ve got nothing that uses it and neither do any of my friends down here. And I’ve managed to lose my .45LC adapter for my .577/.450 Martini… oh me. Probably a little over 50 rounds. I’ll bag it and ship it; cover the postage and we’ll call it even.

  18. Nice rig. I’ve a fondness for both the SAA and the .45 Colt, and that combines both quite well.

    I almost hate to admit, my only SAA is an EMF clone, and one of the early and much-dumped-upon versions at that. However, I -don’t- hate to admit it, because this one’s one of the good ones. Yeah, the fake “case-coloring” is almost completely gone, and one panel of the cheaply-made birdshead grips is cracked and superglued back together, but the dang thing’s a laser for my hand. I have no idea if the sights are even on or accurate; it just has the “feel” to make it an outstanding hip or snap-shooter for me.

    Yours is cooler, though, partly because it’s a real Colt, but mostly because of the history you have with it. Mine was just a cheapo pawn-shop find.

  19. Rick- Thanks!

    emdfl- Check your email

    Kermit- People either love them or hate them, nothing in between… 🙂 And yes, mine is a family gun so there is a history.

  20. Actually, I lied(really more like forget about ’em), I do have a couple of old SS Vaqueros in .45LC. But seeing as they were ~100% engraved by Jim White before I got ’em, I believe I’ll hold off shootin’ em a while longer, heh, heh.