Book pimping…

DaddyBear has another book out!

Click the link to go to it, for delivery on the 26th!!!

As one of his alpha readers, I really enjoyed the variety he’s got in this one!!!

Tom has a gift for storytelling, and puts some nice little ‘twists’ into his stories. I think y’all will enjoy them as much as I did, and it will ‘encourage’ Tom to finish the follow-on to Via Serica, his second book.

Hint, hint, Tom… 😀

Plus Tom is just flat good folks. I know him and have enjoyed a number of conversations with him over a number of topics, his interests are wide-ranging, and on point. He’s another veteran who, contrary to the mantra of the left, is quietly successful, family oriented, isn’t going off the deep end tomorrow…



Book pimping… — 5 Comments

  1. Preordered last night. (I am ahead of the curve, strange feeling for me!)

    And I agree on the follow up to Via Serica.

    And by the way, another great author has let some tiny, tiny, life events like retiring, moving half way across the US, (hmm, unless you consider Hawaii when you total the distance, then you are noway near half, oops, digression) and buying a house, divert him from the mission of writing more Grey Man. (hint hint)

  2. Thanks! I hope everyone enjoys these. I’m doing research for the next Via Serica while I outline the second Minivandians book.

    As for not going off the deep end, well, we’ll take that day by day. If I don’t go crazy, I’ll never go anywhere.

  3. For some reason, my earlier comment is gone.

    Thanks for the linkage! This was a lot of fun to write. As for not going off the deep end, well, we’ll take that one day at a time.

  4. John- Yeah, yeah… 🙂 working on it!


    DB- Got them both, and I’m with you on the last… LOL