Some more from my step-grandfather’s stash of magazines…

I love this cover, not only for the old school art, but for the ‘theme’. Once again the cowboy saves the day, and gets the girl! πŸ™‚

Auto trade cover Oct 1935 1

The article on the ’36 Caddy is pretty interesting, and in depth for the day. Of interest, all the articles contain drawings rather than photos. Β This was also the first year of the “L” head V-8 for Caddies and came in two displacements and two HP ratings. 322CI/125HP, and 346/135HP versions. That wasn’t much oomph to push a 4200lb car back in the day, but they weren’t speed demons either, with a top speed of Β 90 MPH.Caddy ad 1936

The two door on the right side can be turned into one helluva hot rod, as a friend of mine did in California… I don’t have any pictures, but it’s a beautiful black 36 with a 510CI Chevy Rat Motor and all the tricks…


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  1. The one about the optional heater the other day reminded me about a story from my dad. When they first came out with replaceable oil filters they were an option too. I think he told me the first time he bought a new car instead of a used one was a 59 Dodge and he had to pay somewhere around $10-20 dollars to get the removable oil filter option.

  2. Being a dirty old man, I couldn’t help but notice the unexpected surprise smile one her face when she sat down on that saddle horn and the horse stated trotting off. The ride back to the ranch could take all day and she would be one happy woman.

  3. Progress!
    My first car was a ’53 Ford Victoria with a flathead V-8 that produced something in the vicinity of 120 horsepower. It’d go 85 miles an hour, but only for a couple minutes or it would overheat and crack the engine block. Still, it was exciting and felt dangerous to mash the pedal to the floor.
    Yesterday we drove home from Destin, Florida. The Taurus SHO could have made that entire trip at 85 without breaking a sweat, and the ride would have felt downright boring…
    Sirius XM radio, climate control, cruise control, 25 mpg, and quieter than any car I’ve ever ridden in.
    Not much.

  4. Greybeard’s comment reminded me of the excitement of driving my ’68 Super Bee. 383 Magnum, 400 hp, 11 mpg. Rode like a stagecoach, and couldn’t stop at, nor go around, corners. Went like a bat outa you-know-where in a straight line, though. Exciting to drive, adrenaline pumping all the time. The driver was in control of a screaming beast of a machine.

    Modern muscle cars are more powerful & better in every way. Also mostly boring. Now, the driver is only a passenger.

  5. Love the cover! Of course the cowboy is always going to win. I think that is part of the reason you are keen on westerns? Maybe?
    Nostalgia…sigh. The good old days!

  6. 6Shot- Yep, lots of ‘options’ back in the day…

    Ed- Yep πŸ™‚

    Barlow- ROTFLMAO…

    CP- You are just bad… πŸ˜€

    GB- Yep, totally different ‘situations’, and we lived through them!!!

    Rev- Yep, same with my GOAT… πŸ˜€

    WSF- Lots of ‘things’ to keep and remember where they came from on that motor! πŸ™‚

  7. Any way you can scan the article on the Caddy and send it to me? ? My Dad actually has one that year. He’d enjoy it.

  8. Fargo- Good point! πŸ™‚ The real question is, is the cowboy Hoot Gibson or Tom Mix???

  9. 90 mph with 1936 tires and brakes, quite fast enough.
    No seatbelts, airbags or safety glass either.

    Sure would not mind having one today though.

    My motorcycle does not have a seatbelt or safety glass either. It is not even breathing hard at 90 mph.
    I don’t do 90 (or above) very often, but its there if I want it or need it.

  10. B- Will do, it will take me a few days to get it back, I loaned it to a long time mechanic for him to ‘enjoy’…

    Jon- πŸ™‚ Good points all!