Thank you all!  You took a chance on Rimworld- Stranded, and it’s now #1 in TWO categories!!!

#1 in Science Fiction and Fantasy, AND #1 in the overall Literature and Fiction category!

number 1 in best sellers

And I’m pretty damn happy about the comparison of books others have bought too! That is an impressive group to be considered a part of, in the minds of the readers.

In answer to a number of questions, yes I will be doing a full length Mil Sci-Fi novel hopefully out later this year.

Thanks again, and I truly appreciate all the positive feedback I’ve received!


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  1. OK, so I’m late to the party yet again cause work has been wicked busy this past week. Bought it last night, and just finished it this evening. Enjoyed the snippet a couple of months ago, and really enjoyed the completed story.

    Ya know we are all going to want more of McDugal, right? 🙂


  2. HI Jim, Been a sci-fi fan since I was about 6-8 and able to read all the old masters. Been a member of the Sci Fi book club for about 20+ years and my attic is stuffed to the roof with books. Just can’t bear to part with them.
    So that is to let you know, that I’m well qualified to say that this was/is one of the best fast action short stories I’ve ever read! No brown nosing, just the truth!
    Now get on the full length one!!! and thanks for the email! Ev

  3. Bought it. Read it. Read it again. Good stuff! Looking forward to more like this from you!

    Oh, yeah, off to leave a review, too.

  4. A good read. Sort of an excellent “matinee” feature. I enjoyed the character despite the short time available to develop him, the action was tight and well-described and easy to follow, and the ending brought a smile to my face. How many times have we thought we were pulling a fast one on the higher ups only to find they were just turning a blind eye to us. Two thumbs up!

  5. Thanks all! Really appreciate the good comments. I’ve started a full length novel in that same world…