Family things…

My Uncle Riley drew these in 1989, based on his memories of growing up on the ‘home place’ in Louisiana…

Curtis history 2

I remember the old home place, it was what was known as a ‘dog run’ house, with a big central hall that ran front to back. That was the ‘cooling’ in the summer, open the doors and windows, and let the breezes blow through. And feather beds. It was a four bedroom house, with a kitchen and bathroom added on the back. Sadly it burned down back in the 1970s.

The cotton gin was turned into a sawmill by another uncle who took over the home place, and he used it to make a living for a number of years. The Edward Curtis store was still standing in the early 1970s, but no longer used.

Seeing these brought back a lot of memories… Playing with the cousins at the reunions, butchering hogs and cattle, making sausages, eating all kinds of GOOD food, and the women making quilts. And home made ice cream… Oh yeah!!!

h/t Cousin Ramona


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  1. Nice! and how fortunate that he kept the memories alive by sketching them with a loving hand.

    My grandparents’ house still stands, but a group of hippies have added solar panels, electricity and running water in their quest to turn the old farm into a dude ranch.

  2. Dog Run houses were common in the old South. I remember quiet a few, but good luck with a breeze in the summer. Though I lived in a square house with four rooms, plus a kitchen and bathroom, I slept soaked in sweat most of the summer. I would pray that one of my brothers would fart so I could get a breeze. Hot I tell ya.

  3. Rev- One of the original houses (Edward’s) is still standing and we still use it. Although it now has electricity and running water…LOL

    CP- True! 🙂 But the thunderstorms and rain on a tin roof would put me to sleep in about 30 sec..zzzzzz

    Fargo- That they are!

  4. General Sam Houston’s Woodland Home is a dogtrot house. You can visit it on the grounds of the Sam Houston Memorial Museum in Huntsville, Texas. There is a fair amount of other stuff there too.

  5. Old family homes, what memories.
    Great aunt in Miss. had a separate summer kitchen and dinning room attached to the main house by a catwalk. It was still hotter than all get out…

  6. My admiration of your Southerners is boundless. Somebody has to live there. This Rocky Mountain lad will not do heat and humidity.

  7. Victor- I need to get down there. Thanks!

    Dammit- Yep!

    Ed- Thanks!

    WSF- LOL, it works out, cause I don’t do cold!!! 🙂