However politically incorrect it may be…

The Greatest Disaster in U.S. Military History

By Ray Starmann

Operation You Go Girl is destined to fail; failure defined not as a NO GO, or an F, but as the nation’s young women flown home in flag draped Glad Bags when the nation loses the next war(s). When this happens, the Hollywood producers, the feminists and the cultural Marxists who were responsible for forcing the nation’s women to experience the horrors of ground combat will scratch their heads and wonder why reality is so much different from their imaginary ideas of women in combat.

Think about this: US defense policy is now being run on a fantasy propagated by Hollywood, feminists and cultural Marxists.

Hollywood created the fantasy of the rough and tough, hard charging female cop. On any given night, on any given network, you can watch an anorexic 95 pound model, turned NYPD detective brandish a pistol larger than her waist and proceed to karate chop and cuff and stuff a myriad of male heavyweight thugs with the imaginary aplomb of Chuck Norris on all night POW camp raid.

Goodbye Popeye Doyle…

Unfortunately, real war is much different than a Demi Moore movie. A battlefield is not gender neutral. On a battlefield the roughest, toughest sons of bitches win the fight. What remains of the losers are picked at by ravens or fade away like dust in the wind.

Unfortunately, the Pentagon, the White House and Congress are no longer living in reality.

Simply put, the authorization in December 2015 to allow women to serve in the combat arms (infantry, armor, cavalry, artillery) and special operations forces (SEALs, Green Berets, Rangers, Delta Force, Marine Raiders) of the US armed forces is the greatest disaster in US military history.

The defenders of this insanity will say that women have been in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan so what’s the big deal? Returning fire when your convoy is attacked or defending yourself during a military police security operation is different than being in a unit with the sole mission of killing the enemy and seizing and holding ground. It’s like comparing peddling a beach cruiser to racing in the Tour de France.

The social engineers will cry that the standards will remain the same. Horse dung and hay: the standards were already warped so that the three females could graduate from Ranger School. They had months of special training, nutritionists, endless chances to repeat the course, etc. Ninety-nine percent of the women in the world simply cannot meet the male physical standards of the combat arms and special operations units. No amount of estrogen charged You Go Girl battle cries, or Universal Studios light and magic shows can stop reality. Reality says a million times over that women simply don’t have the physical strength, aerobic lung capacity or aggressiveness to withstand life in the combat arms and special operations. They are also more prone to stress fractures and other injuries.

Has anyone in the Pentagon wondered why they’re authorizing women for ground combat duty, yet the PGA won’t allow women to play with Jordan Spieth and Dustin Johnson in any tournament. Why, because women don’t have the physical strength to hit a golf ball as far as men, that’s why.

So, the Masters is out for women, but the Green Berets are in. Are you kidding me?

Either there will be double standards or the standards will be made gender neutral and so weak that the fat ladies driving around Walmart in two horsepower electric carts will become Navy SEALs.

Another factor dooming Operation You Go Girl are the emotional issues surrounding young men and women living together in garrison and more importantly, in the field.

The military says that good leadership will put a damper on human sex drive. Newsflash social engineers, no amount of ROTC Leadership 101 is going to stop an 18 year old with an erection in a movement to contact with a 36-24-36 cheerleader, Private Babs Horny. Get a grip; the Army and the Marines are about to become nothing more than a high school summer camp with guns and high explosives.

You have to wonder if the social engineers who are throwing a wrecking ball into the US military have any knowledge at all about combat, the military and war itself. People like Obama, Joe Biden, Ash Carter, Ray Mabus, Eric Fanning and the rest of the military’s executioners should study battles like The Wilderness, Verdun, Tarawa, Peleliu, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Normandy, the Bulge, Khe Sanh and Tet. Think modern war can be won by diversity and technology; just ask the Marines who fought at Fallujah, or the soldiers from the Big Red One in Desert Storm who got into hand to hand fighting with the Republican Guard during the Battle of Norfolk, on the night of 26 February 1991.

War is about one thing; killing the enemy before he can kill you. It has nothing to do with equal opportunity, diversity, LGBT rights, transgender expression and ludicrous fantasies emanating from Professor Birkenstock’s women’s studies class.

Call me a cynic, but I think the subject is such a third rail in American politics that even a PC bashing behemoth like Trump won’t touch the issue. If elected, Trump would rebuild the military, but I don’t believe he has the knowledge nor will he have any generals with the stones to tell him to amend this debacle. If Trump utilizes the same school of Pentagon jellyfish trolling the hallways of the E-Ring, it’s game, set and match bad guys.

And, of course if Madame Secretary is elected it really is End of Times, not only for the military, but for the nation itself.

Nope, it will take a colossal military disaster for this fiasco to end once and for all. Colossal military disaster defined as Putin’s Boys leaving the wreckage of the New US Army on the Ukrainian steppes; M1 tanks, red high heels and breast milk coolers. Or, the Chinese leaving a trail of tampons, mascara, lipstick and dead coed Marines throughout the tiny atolls of the South China Sea.

The true victims of this impending disaster are America’s young women in uniform. Well over ninety percent of women in the US military want nothing to do with ground combat, the combat arms and special operations. They are happy serving their country in the hundreds and hundreds of different jobs open to them. They know more than anyone what they are physically capable of doing in the military. It is a small minority of self-serving women in the military and leftist civilians who are pushing this nightmare agenda down the throat of the military.

The US military is on a collision course to defeat, disaster and perhaps complete destruction in war. The forced integration of women in the combat arms is not a civil rights victory, but rather the single greatest disaster in US military history.


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  1. A clear dose of reality that will never invade what passes for a progressive’s mind.
    God help our country.

  2. Truth right there.

    A big part of it seems to be at least from my end the fact that these women aren’t just allowed to be individuals. Most people come to that kind of training only representing themselves, and if they fail they fail on their own.

    Some people go into the programs representing everyone from a group, and those people aren’t allowed to fail because it would mean all members of the group are failures. (It’s odd at best I know) Until the women that want to take a shot at stuff like this are just allowed to be representatives of just themselves instead of representing every woman everywhere this is what we’re stuck with.

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    The people pushing this stuff, their daughters and sons will NOT be in the service, it will be the regular people’s families that will deal with this crap. And if we lose a couple of battles on account of it…the progressives don’t mind since it will lessen the United States…an ever popular goal. And if we lose a war and lose our sovereignty in the process, to them it would be justice.

  4. It’s not just the actual fighting. It’s the humping (no pun intended) to get there. Hours/days of moving with a 50-60 pound ruck on your back will separate the men from the boys – and the women.

  5. Yup, and not to mention the emotional differences. much to their PC displeasure, genitalia makes a difference.

  6. So how much are the beach cruisers being peddled for?
    Seriously, there ARE physiological and psychological differences between genders. The FACT that this ‘gender neutral’ bravo sierra is being pushed so hard is just another symptom of the way the progs are trying to destroy the country. Glad I am retired……………….;-(

  7. According to progressive dogma, there is absolutely no difference between a male and a female body. The only thing that matters is what gender we “feel” we are. This dogma is a mental disease which denies biology in order to make some elitist idiots try to remake the world in their own image.

  8. Made a (P)egressive female acquaintance view a YouTube video of a Marine unit operating a howitzer. Explained to her every person in the unit must be able to every job. Their lives depend on it. Don’t know if her mind was changed but she was real quiet.

  9. Had a little A1c, Iowa farm girl, five foot nothing, blonde hair, big blue eyes, cute as a button. We got two deuce-and-a-half trucks for an exercise, and I called my crew together, had them walk around the trucks for a little bit. When I came back, I asked “Does anybody here think they can drive these trucks?” From in the back of the gaggle (intel geeks don’t really do formations) came this little tiny hand. I said “Wolfe, you think you can drive this truck?”
    She popped to attention, and said “MSgt B., I grew up on a farm, I can drive any f**kin’ thing that’s got wheels on it!” And she could, too.

    But I think of her when people talk about women in combat. That’s not where she would do anyone any good.

  10. While the physical differences are well known (and keep in mind that most stats, i.e., 50% more upper body strength, are for people OF THE SAME WEIGHT), but the mental differences are simply staggering and not often discussed. Now, the differences between individual men are also huge, and well documented. For example; Special Forces guys tend to almost never get PTSD, despite being subjected to massive amounts of combat stress, realistic training stress, etc. The reason is: “The elite soldiers produced more of a molecule called neuropeptide Y in their blood than regular soldiers. This molecule is generated by the body to help calm the brain in times of extreme stress, says Matt Friedmann, director of the US National Center for PTSD in Connecticut, which carried out the research.”

    There’s a few dozen other enzymes and such produced by combat soldiers that regular folks either don’t produce, or produce in reduced amounts, such as monoamine oxidase A. The current thinking is that people that don’t produce these don’t go into combat arms or don’t make it through Sand Hill – these things tend to be self-selecting.

    Wanna guess what women’s bodies don’t produce?

    Now, granted, women’s bodies produce loads of enzymes/hormones/etc that men’s bodies don’t, so this isn’t news to anyone over 12, but it’s simply an enormous difference, and very well may make more of a difference in actual combat than the physical strength delta.


  11. What frustrates me about this whole thing is that it debases both men and women. I’d make a terrible man, but I make pretty darned good woman. So why are the ‘feminists’ bent on destroying that?
    There are some things (physical combat in this instance) that men do better than women, there are other things that women do better than men. I can’t think of a whole lot that the androgynous s/he (or whatever!) does better since it seems to aim for physically weak male combined with overly emotional female…neither of which are the best examples of the sexes.

  12. Reread T.R. Fehrenbach’s “This Kind of War”, especially the chapter titled “Proud Legions.” Then thank whatever you pray to you’re not in it anymore, advise anyone you care about not to enlist, and hope we survive the first battle of the next real war because we’re going to get hammered. Again.

  13. Great video, WellSeasonedFool. H^5

    I believe the degradation began around ’75.
    “Unsupported” feminazis brow-beat good people into
    buying the “we’re just as good if not better, than men
    in all things.”
    Have you ever seen a photo of one??
    Cripes, even a lesbian wouldn’t date one