Cases dropped…

Baltimore prosecutors have dropped the cases against the remaining three officers in the death of Freddie Gray. Of course the mayor and State Attorney Mosby blame it on the police and ‘uncooperative’ police and a bad justice system…

Maybe she should have thought of that BEFORE she jumped out there with the protesters…

– The Washington Times – Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Prosecutors Wednesday morning dropped all remaining charges against three officers who were waiting to stand trial in connection with the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

In motions ahead of the trial of Officer Garrett Miller, one of six officers charged in the Gray case, prosecutors announced the decision in the wake of three acquittals and growing pressure to cut their losses.

In an impassioned speech Wednesday at the site of Gray’s arrest Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby said she has no regrets in bringing charges against the six officers. While some trial watchers have said the state did not bring the evidence to prove its theory of Gray’s death — and city Judge Barry Williams agreed in acquitting three of the officers — Ms. Mosby blamed uncooperative police, the media and a broken justice system.

Full article HERE at Washington Times.

The better question is, has a SINGLE looter or rioter been arrested and prosecuted??? Of the original 200+ arrested, over half were released without charges in 48 hours…

An hour or so of digging and I came up with THREE people who were actually charged (by DOJ, not Baltimore State’s Attorney), HERE.

It’e enough to make you wonder where their priorities are, doesn’t it…


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  1. I think it was all hype to make a name for herself and she thought she would make an example of the cops. Well, for acquittals to happen, that’s a lot of evaluation of testimony and evidence. It is no light task and for her to say it is the police and system’s fault..well, she is just like anyone else who will be a hater or call them all racists. All these cases make me mad because in the end, the most of the police shootings were justified. Justice does work. If they were bad shoots, the police get charges as they should. But don’t paint all with one brush. There is no responsibilities taken by criminals for their actions nor these looters and rioters. I think it is common for rioters to get charges dismissed because that happened where I worked also. However, if they are looting and destroying…hell nah. They need to go to jail and pay the price. The problem is everyone thinks they are entitled and instead of working for things they want hand outs. History lately has proven you don’t have to make amends or pay for your crimes anymore, just so sorry for what happened to your ancestors 200 years ago. (I know that is not politically correct). I just want everyone in the world to know I had nothing to do with my ancestors’ actions in the past nor do I support their wrongdoings of any kind. Just like mine are not acceptable either. But aren’t we in 2016? Why are we going backwards? Additionally, where has all the humor gone? I got chastised twice yesterday for laughing at Trump (usually I cringe when he speaks) when he said he hoped Russia finds Hillary’s deleted emails. I laughed because it was funny as hell. Now was it Presidential? NO. I can still laugh. But you would have thought I burned witches at the stake or something. Sigh. Sorry to puke on your post. Love ya!

  2. Her priority was a simple one: Make a name–and political career–for herself on the backs of those officers. And can’t prosecute the looters, because they and their families vote.

    Now that it’s crashed down on her head, she needs to be investigated and disbarred.

  3. I’m so disturbed by this blog post, which constitutes a micro-aggression against Marilyn Mosby (likely racially motivated), that I’m going to run for my safe space as soon as I’m finished typing here. I will cower there until I gather the courage to have lunch (tofu and weeds). Will I ever be able to get out of my onesie today? Maybe not. I may spend the balance of the day recovering from reading that the officers were acquitted. I will end my day by going out (wearing my onesie) and posting campaign signs for Hillary Clinton, the most honest politician in Washington.

  4. Now that I’ve finished chuckling over LL’s response above, I’ll just say that it’s racist to expect the prosecutor to use (gasp!) facts. After all, she has imagination/hallucinations, whimsy, and wind direction on which to base her case.

    Please don’t confuse her.

  5. Fargo- Don’t worry about it, I agree… And the sarcasm was strong with Trump on that, and yes, it was funny! 🙂

    Murph- If only… She’s a black dem in Balmore… Ain’t gonna be touched!

    WSF- Yep!

    LL- ROTF… You, sir, are as twisted as I am… 🙂

    Rev- Good point!

  6. Mosby desperately needs to resign her position as AG of Maryland and go back to what she does best – be a shyster for the BLM crowd of gangsters.

  7. Don’t forget that crooked Hillary, on day one, said all of them were guilty.

  8. gfa- Good question… Seems so, at least from my POV.

    Scottie- Yep!

    r- That she did, thankfully SHE isn’t in charge (yet)…

  9. Thing is, at least one of the cops did something that caused Freddie Gray to break his neck.

  10. Makes me wonder? No, not at all.
    I’m putting up $100 cash that Mosby will have an appointment to Hillary’s DoJ.
    Anyone want to cover that bet?