Where do we go now???

We were talking yesterday about the current ‘trend’ in the media and country. It’s been ugly since November, and has only gotten worse…

There is no question Trump is a existential threat to not only the deep state, but the loonie left et al and their hangers on, the free cheese crowd, and those that suck at the .gov tit…

Throughout history, grandiose visions of world-altering consequences have motivated political assassins. Gavril Princip’s June 1914 rendezvous with Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo is a horrifying example.

Despite the historical track record, until James T. Hodgkinson’s June 2017 criminal assault on a Virginia baseball diamond, a chilling congressional coup d’état scenario which alters history in these United States would be little more than an edgy plot-line in a paperback thriller. In the Hollywood movie version there is a one hundred percent certainty right wing activists would be the monsters who attempted the coup.

Full article, HERE, from The Spectator.

And in a follow-up to the attempted murder of Republican Congressmen my a Bernie supporter, now the congresscritters want to be allowed to carry guns to protect themselves…

A Republican congressman is calling for legislation to allow members of Congress to carry firearms after a shooter this week targeted GOP lawmakers.

“We aren’t any more special than anybody else, but we’re targets,” Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) said. “This is exactly why there’s a lot of fear of doing town halls at this point.”

Full article, HERE at Foxnews.com.

Now I don’t disagree with him, per se, but what about US??? We’ve been trying to get reciprocity for YEARS! As far as I’m concerned, if they pass a reciprocity bill that INCLUDES us (John Q. Public), then I’m all in favor. If it’s ONLY for congress, hell no!!!

They ‘should’ be bound by the same laws as we are. Granted we elected them, but they are still not ‘special’ and deserving of anything more than you or I are.

There does seem to be a move afoot to actually push a reciprocity bill through, and I hope it comes to pass, if it does, that will nullify DC’s BS rules and they will finally have to obey Heller. Another thing it would do, is protect any poor bastard that gets stuck in any NY airport that has to pick up their bag and change airlines or terminals. Link HERE, to one set of stories…


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  1. The thing, seems to me, that the deep state and the hangers on — and, just possibly (sadly) the congress critters if they opt to allow themselves to carry, but fail to pass reciprocity — are forgetting is that the phrase is “of the people, by the people, for the people” – and we are the people, not them. It doesn’t say “to the people” or, as the leftist (and increasingly fascist) elite would justify their actions, just “for the people”.

  2. My Congressman is in favor of both national reciprocity and letting folks in Congress carry in DC. We’ll see which, if either of them, gets through.

  3. Sadly, my congresscritter is Alcee Hastings. After having been a federal judge convicted of taking bribes and disbarred found that his only way of making a living was as a congressman. He reigns in a heavily partisan gerrymandered district.
    He has never seen or heard of a tax or an anti firearm bill that he didn’t love. Writing him about any conservative or pro firearms subject is a study in frustration.

  4. The California Legislature voted themselves a bill that allowed them unrestricted carry/CCW in a state that is brutally opposed to firearms.

    But it’s not without precedent. “All pigs are equal. Some are more equal than others.”

  5. In case it has escaped anyone’s notice, we have done a fine job of erecting a new aristocracy. No title’s this time,of course, but the same old perks- they have placed themselves above us. As Leona Hemsley so eloquently put it,”laws are for the little people”.

    They don’t “represent” us anymore- the New Lords RULE us.
    They routinely make law they themselves are not bound by, either by the letter of that law, or by selective enforcement. Any crime is excusable except one-betraying their fellow New Lords.

    This elevation of themselves above the rest of us is expanded to their various minions and enforcers also,one outstanding example being the law allowing LEO’s, and retired LEO’s, to carry anywhere in the country with impunity,while the rest of the populace is at the mercy of thugs. The New Lords, and the New Praetorian’s.

  6. I’ll believe that a majority of Congresscritters represent (and want to help) US precisely when those measures are signed into law. Wait … not even then.

  7. Rep. Massie (R-KY) introduced a bill similar to loudmouths – but it allows reciprocity to ALL – not just the CONgress critters. Either the rules apply to everyone, or no one.
    BTW – Roger, sometimes I forget that there are actually WORSE reps than mine (hastins – eek – ‘almost’ makes castro look ‘reasonable’)

  8. I think it is so sad as well as scary the way the country seems to be split currently. One of the many reasons is the way we have been divided into “them” and “us”. Allowing congress critters to carry, but not the rest of us across the country, continues to divide us. We should all be allowed to carry a gun when/where we want.

    Congress members are undeniably a target. I wouldn’t want to GO to a town hall meeting, never mind run one. Too many people screaming and yelling. But, many of the congress critters have been doing a lot of the screaming and yelling over the past few years. And, no, calling the other side all kinds of names is not helpful. So is some of what we see going on a situation of chickens coming home to roost? Maybe. Is it a good idea? Hell NO!!

    Until we return to one law for all, and cut WAAAY back on the freebies and return to rewarding folks who work for a living instead of punishing them, things will not improve.
    My 2 cents.

  9. I know the media has always played a roll in politics, but I do believe that this is the first time in history that they have actually hijacked a party and subsequently running it through all their propaganda and mis-information. All they have done is fuel the fire for the hatred towards conservatives and people who are Pro Trump. Until they stop ( which will be never) this violence will only escalate.

  10. All- Yep, there ARE bad ‘seeds’ like Hastings and Waters, and a few others out there… WSF- Thanks, I’d forgotten about that.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  11. I’ve been wondering about the CWP for Congresscritters in DC. I need to check with some legal minds, but wouldn’t that make DC part of the places that would have to accept National Reciprocity?
    If that is achieved, I am all for it.

  12. Let me post this here. Say I live in Pennsylvania and have a license from there to carry a firearm. The way National reciprocity works is you can carry in another state however you must follow the states laws. If I am working and need to drive to NY. I would need, by law, to only have 7 round magazines, not 7 rounds in a magazine, 7 round mags, hard blocked. If I am going to traverse through NJ to get to NY, I can not bring hollow points into NJ. What I think these progressive states will do will add inconveniences that make free people still stay out.
    We have a long way to go to parity for what I want to see in National Reciprocity.