If they take away the guns…

Murder rates go down, right?  Or so the anti’s claim… There was one interviewed on Fox last night who, predictably, said words to the effect that we need to ban only some guns, e.g. ‘assault weapons’. His pedigree, if you will was that his daddy was a gun dealer, and he’s shot more guns than most people, and doesn’t see any use for ‘assault weapons’…

Well, Mexico has one, count ’em, ONE legal gun shop in the entire country. So their murder rate should be negligible, right?

Well, not so much…

Mexico marked another murderous milestone in its conflict with organised crime as the monthly homicide rate hit its highest level in 20 years.

Government statistics showed that 2,186 murders were committed in May, surpassing the previous monthly high of 2,131 in May 2011, according to a review of records that date back to 1997.

Mexico recorded 9,916 murders in the first five months of 2017, roughly a 30% increase over the same period last year.

Full article, HERE. From the Guardian no less!

By comparison, the US murder rate with guns for 2014, the last year ‘collated’, was just a tad over 10,000 murders FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR. And our country has roughly THREE times the population of Mexico.

Now we all know most of those murders are cartel types killing ‘somebody’ that crossed them, but there are occasions where the local vigilantes get some of their own back. But of course, that doesn’t count! Sigh…



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  1. The Mexican murder rates only enumerate the bodies that are FOUND (fresh kills). You can take the number and add at least 50% more to arrive at a genuine and defendable number.

    There are a number of ways that murders are hidden:

    (1) Santiago Meza Lopez, aka “El Pozolero”(Soup maker) made a name for himself by turning some of his murders into soup, subsequently sold to an unsuspecting public.

    (2) Don’t look too closely at what the Tilapia eat in those ponds – commercially packaged and shipped to the US – arriving at a market or restaurant near you.

    (3) Lye pits – speak for themselves

    (4) Fed to sharks

    (5) Shallow graves/deep graves

    (6) Wood chipper, mulched and put on crops as a soil amendment.

    It’s Mexico.

  2. I noted with some glee that, in responding to Mr. Dealersson last night, Tucker Carlson’s repeated assertions were:

    a) “I’m familiar with the numbers, but I don’t think you are.” and
    b) “I don’t believe you.”

    By the time the interview mercifully ended, we were rolling on the floor at the clueless Dealersson who kept repeating his debunked talking points with a smile on his face. Because repetition makes an assertion more true, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it?

  3. LL- Yep, I remembered a conversation we had about that. Couldn’t remember the number, and that is a SIGNIFICANT hit…

    Rev- Yes, saw that. 🙂

    WSF- Motte and Bailey… sigh…

  4. Illegaer guns are safer.

    Or something.

    See also: South Side of Chicago. No one ther ISN’T a felon. and yet they all have firearms. and they use ’em. A Lot. On each other. [[[

    Yet of we just made guns a little bit more illegal(er) then we’d solve the issue.

    No one can parse the logic, but they repeat it over and over and over and over.

  5. Hey Old NFO’

    To my mind the Antis are usually clueless unless the dangerous ones are looking for population control.