Thank you!!!

Thank you to those who’ve bought my scribbling, and have posted reviews on Amazon. Over 30 reviews now on Rimworld- Into the Green and still staying positive.

I know that I can’t please everybody, none of us can, but I really do appreciate those who’ve taken a chance on me and bought my books! It’s reviews and emails that keep me going, like this one…

Just finished Rimworld – Into The Green, I bought Stranded but haven’t read it yet, that will be tonight. All on Kindle, so I know you don’t get as much, but I’ll look for the real books.

Write more. And faster.   😉

Good stuff, Jim. Just what I like in military Sci-Fi.

I’ll have to check out the Grey Man stuff as well, not my genre but if Rimworld is any indication I’ll probably like that as well.

It is hard to change genres, because you’re not sure whether or not your fans will be willing to follow you, or drop you. It’s a real nail biter, especially the first week, when I put Rimworld up for sale. It’s not selling as well as The Grey Man series, but I attribute that to a couple of things.

One is the genre change, not everyone that likes current fiction likes science fiction, and vice versa. The second is people wondering if there will be a second book (and the answer is yes!), I consider myself lucky that I seemed to have struck a chord with the characters in The Grey Man series, and people enjoy them. BUT, I’ve also pissed off a few folks by killing off characters they liked… Sorry…

Due to the positive response from the Calexit novella I put up Friday, I’m going to go ahead and publish it too, hopefully later this week. It’s going to come in right around 21K words, on the low end for a novella (17,500-40,000 words), but I think/hope folks will enjoy it.

Some folks emailed me about turning it into a full length novel, offering to ‘help’ with their service, or area of California, or their ‘take’.

So here’s what I’d like to do…

Write your own short story about Calexit, email me that you have a short story, and I’ll work out the contract details with you. If we get enough participation to get this around 100K words, give or take, I’ll run it through editing, you’ll get credit for your writing, and we’ll see how it sells. I will tell you now, none of us will get rich off it…

A cup of coffee, and a burger and fries, maybe… 🙂


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  1. Hey Old NFO;

    P.S. I think you made the cut on the Paul Revere award…You may want to go check…..

  2. I think you should expand ‘CalExit.’ There’s a lot of background material, pre- and -post exit that could be filled in. The story can easily be novel length.

    Think about it.

  3. Check out The State of Jefferson movement in Nortern CA and Southeastern OR.
    There has been the potential for an uprising against big government since the 1940s.
    It is all about taxation without representation.

    Also, we have some shooters up north.
    Sgt. Demetrius Ilianous (sp?), from Siskiyou County, won the US Army Multi-Gun a couple of years ago. He beat out the Delta Boys and and all the rest. There might be a story line in there.
    The CA National Guard,out of the northern part of the sate, cleaned house at Ft Bragg three years in a row.
    I am surprised that Jerry Brown did not disband the unit.

  4. That reminded me that I had not posted mine yet. So sorry. Did and done. When’s the next book out? I have a break coming up between semesters. LOL

  5. I usually don’t read science fiction because I don’t understand the science. Rimworld arrived in the PO Box today. Will start reading it later this week.

  6. Bob- Thanks!

    Crucis- My offer is open… 🙂

    SPE- Okay, so you’re writing Army right??? 😉

    Waep- Thanks! I hadn’t been following that really close.

    Fargo- Thanks! this fall… sigh

    WSF- Let me know what you honestly think. Thanks!

  7. The positive reviews are well-deserved! You say you aren’t in Kratman’s league, but I think he’s just had a little more practice than you. It’s good stuff, keep it coming!

  8. RHT- THAT I had heard about…LOL You and Weaps man need to do that story for the anthology! 🙂

  9. OldNFO- there is some interesting terrain and characters up in the North State. Lots of Resistols, give-away ball caps, riding heels, hard hats and West Coast Boots. Jack-pot ropings and lumberjack rodeos still go on.
    The Native American population with several casinos adds some spice to the mix. Back in the day, we had Captain Jack who fought the US Army up in the lava beds.
    We have had migrant workers from Mexico for years with only the occasional messy fracas at little out-of-the-way bars, but the gang problem has started to expand into our area. I-5 is a straight up corridor from San Diego all the way to Washington state.
    Twenty years ago the Asian gangs had quite a presence here, but the violence has pretty much stopped with that group. (You no longer hear full auto AK-47 fire in south Redding at 0200)
    However, and this might be of interest, there is a substantal Hmong population in the Yuma City-Marysville area. Some of them ran a well organized car theft ring for awhile. The only one I knew semi-well was killed in a drive-by shooting after he was released from custody.
    We’ve got Shasta Dam which is a strategic target with federally sponsored security.
    I used to know of one militia group that owned a fully functional M-60 tank.
    Siskyou county has had a significant black population for many years. Their sheriff (a well respected law man) was big, black, and scary (no-not intimidating- scary).
    We have the marajuana growers in Trinity, Humbolt, and Mendocino counties with some firepower.
    There might be a story in all this.
    By the way, my brain misfired: the US Army competitions were at Ft. Benning not Ft. Bragg (too many dive trips to the coast).