Calexit- The Anthology…

We are just about done! In final edit now…

Here’s the cover art, thanks to Tina!

Ten stories, a little over 100,000 words. It ‘should’ be out in approximately 3 weeks, depending on Amazon.

Thank you for your patience!


Calexit- The Anthology… — 12 Comments

  1. (Heavy breathing) Take my money!

    I had wanted to contribute, but I ran into a slight problem. I was overwhelmed by too many possible story lines, even short stories, and not enough personal experience in writing to keep it clean and concise. Even if you stay away from the philosophical and altruistic, the people who have to work out the nuts and bolts of how a new system will work is mind numbing. I sort of vapor locked over the idea.

    Oh well, I look forward to reading what others have come up with. And who’s to say, there may be a second volume if the first is successful (hint, hint)

  2. There is more than enough ‘material’ out there as things move forward to have several volumes of CALEXIT type anthologies.

  3. Looking forward to the release. It sounds like something I’d enjoy.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    I really appreciate you letting me send in a story for the anthology. I really enjoyed the literary exercise and it was something new for me to try. Again thank you 🙂

    And of course I will promote the book on my blog….but that will be redundant since we tend to be in the same circles, although you have a bigger net, LOL