Top five…

WORST gun reports of 2017…

President Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress are strongly pro-Second Amendment, which means new gun control laws were dead on arrival in 2017.

But the mainstream media, not to be quietly defeated, exposed its anti-gun bias more than ever this year.

The national newspapers and left-wing TV networks continued to churn out unbalanced reports on gun crime and laws, while refusing to learn accurate terminology. Here are the top offenders.

Compiled by Emily Miller, HERE, we have the usual ‘stars’, if you will…

USA Today, CNN, NBC News, The Economist (which is odd, they are usually pretty straightforward), and last but not least, AP…

Some of these are just mind boggling in their stupidity, and/or their blatant bias!

Read ’em and remember, they ARE still out to get us. Just because we have Pubs in all three executive branches doesn’t mean the left/libs/Brady Bunch aren’t twisting stories and sliding money to people to catch us off guard and take more of our rights.


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  1. As of January 1, you need a license to buy ammunition in the Republic of Kalifornia. A background investigation is also required and the state is slow walking licenses.

    If you move to Kalifornia and want to bring a state-approved firearm into the “country”, you are legally listed as a ‘firearms importer’ and must complete the appropriate paperwork and receive government permission. (don’t believe me? read up on it)

    Thus, the Second Amendment doesn’t apply in Kalifornia. There are free states that border Kalifornia, but the People’s Republic is off on its own and there doesn’t seem to be a way to reign it in.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    The Chainsaw accessory on the AR15 according to USAToday was my favorite…LOL. Seriously though, those political hacks are further damaging their reputation pushing this nonsense. Right now the Mainstream media ranks with the bottom feeding lawyers in integrity.

  3. So many of these articles or news reports have been so blatantly stupid or over the top even I (a real newbie to the gun/shooting world) pick them right up. And I have always sucked at math and statistics, so for me to pick up something as the “reporter” is saying it means it is really in your face wrong. One was something along the lines of guns had killed more than 30 million from 2015-2016. I remember thinking “not even if you included all the gun deaths from around the world, never mind in this country”

    Not really sure why the MSM thinks this exaggeration is useful or helpful at all. Personally, I think it is rather insulting that sum dude behind the curtain thinks that the rest of us can be manipulated so easily.

  4. What astounds me is the people that believe their lies.
    No time to rest on our laurels keep fighting!

  5. LL- Sad but true, which is why the kids got ammo for Christmas!

    BOb- Yeah… sigh

    Suz- It is, but agenda…

    Brig- Agreed!

  6. I stopped reading The Economist after their blatant anti-freedom articles appeared. They used to be an even-handed, reliable source of information, but I guess everything changes – and not for the better. Micro$oft Windoze, for instance, has not changed for the better.

    The one that really concerns me is Associated Press. Virtually everyone on the sunny side of the bell curve reads and believes whatever the AP publishes. Not good, and I note by their actions that they feel no sense of responsibility.

    I’m going to cross-post this one. I hope you don’t mind.

  7. They don’t ‘get’ their monopoly on what news gets reported is over. They don’t ‘get’ independent fact checkers will analyze their output. Or, maybe they do hence the cry for “internet neutrality” aka censorship.

    Recently the Lightbringer made a point in an interview.

    “All of us in leadership have to find ways in which we can recreate a common space on the internet,” Mr Obama said.

    “One of the dangers of the internet is that people can have entirely different realities, they can be just cocooned in information that reinforces their current biases.”

    Common space controlled by whom?

  8. The only thing Obama accomplished in 8 years was moving Jimmy Carter off the top of the “Worst U.S. presidents ever” list.

  9. They are desperate to keep their power, and they can’t do it as long as we are able to vote. The old and effective tactics of intimidation to keep people from voting won’t works as long, as we are armed. If they disarm us, they can start lynching us again.

    Are there any doubts that they would string us up, if they could get away with it? I have none. I just read some of the history of the Democratic party of 100 years ago; the Democrats successfully blocked every attempt to establish a federal law outlawing mob action, at least until 1946. (The trail grows muddy after that.)

    Look at their words; look at their faces; look at their actions. They want our blood. Nothing else will satisfy them.