Boosting the signal…

Marty has a new anthology out!

Click on the cover to order!

The Blurb-

No one knew how it began. The world fell in just a few weeks. 

Some people survived.

Some decided to live.

I’ve got a short story in this one, Rocking C, about North Texans and longhorns vs. zombies. 🙂


Boosting the signal… — 8 Comments

  1. Art- Enjoy!

    Ed- One hopes… I’m reading the rest of the stories now…LOL

    Wing- Thanks!

  2. If the Clinton’s don’t go to prison after THIS investigation then it is a fact that there is no longer fair/equal justice in the US and a revolution to wipe out the Deep State would be justified. This whole pile of shit goes all of the way back to the top, Obama, Hillary, and minions like Lynch and Holder

  3. Ordered! Looking forward to some lunchtime reading! I’ll look for your story. Thank you!

    For those of us with iPads, the Kindle Cloud Reader works very well. I like it better than the Kindle app, and I have the books I buy delivered to my Kindle Cloud Reader at time of purchase.

    I go to Amazon with the Safari browser, login to my account, choose Manage My Content and Devices, and find the title. When I open the little drop-down for each title, there’s a Read Now option. I can read the same book on any Internet-connected device. Refreshing lets me go to where I stopped reading on another computer. Very convenient, and the way I read a lot of my fiction.

  4. Got the book last night and finished it today!Loved the idea of a longhorn with a zombie … NO. I won’t spoil the story. I loved the realistic problems as well, especially those raised in the last few sentences. More, please (but not at the expenses of the other series).