Here we go again…

The media and the left, but I repeat myself, are up in arms, again…The practical reality is that this is a horrible situation, and children were shot and killed in a gun free zone. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those families and the injured, and at the same time it frustrates the hell out of many of us, who would really like to see teachers and others be able to carry on campus. Criminals DO NOT obey laws, ever! No law is going to change that.

But the expected calls are being pushed by those dancing in the blood of these dead children- Ban, confiscate, do away with those ebil black rifles. But, let’s not look beyond the base issue of ebil gun to the missed clues, lack of activity by LEO/FBI even after multiple warnings. As always, the left is pandering that it’s for the ‘chilluns’…

Now some in the media want to have an age limit to buy an AR/AK/etc. “No one should be able to buy an (insert rifle here) until they are 28-30 years old.

Um, the military trains people at 17-18 how to use ARs, so are you going to ban the military from training them/issuing weapons? What will be issues to the ‘chilluns’ in the military?

JB did a great job, HERE of laying out what it will actually take to make those legal changes. Five ‘easy’ changes…

Michael Z. Williamson responds, HERE.

Aesop over at the Raconteur Report has a rather ‘blunt’ response, HERE.

HERE is some background on gun control vs. mass shootings in other countries, from

But if you actually take a step back, this is really about agendas, still, again.

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Let’s look at the ‘other’ successes in banning things:

Prohibition- How’d that work out? (For Joe Kennedy, pretty damn well!)

Illegal Drugs- How’s that working? (Marijuana is legal in some states now, is Heroin or Cocaine next?)

‘Assault’ weapons- Actually ‘real’ assault weapons are already regulated, and the AWB of 1994 was how successful?

How about actually enforcing the laws on the books, and actually taking action on mental health issues, rather than burying them, or ‘giving them space’?



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  1. and arm the damn teachers etc that we trust our kids to all day long while they are boxed up in a kill zone. that’s the only thing PROVEN to work. its not “arming up” its PROTECTING our future. hell we spend trillions on defense yet won’t institute a largely free program to save our kids. three hundred kids died from legally prescribed drugs yesterday and every day, nobody talking about banning them, nor doctors, nor cars, nor fists, nor rope ad infinitum.

    • I wouldn’t trust most public school teachers with a firearm. Even those that would voluntarily train to handle one safely probably couldn’t bring themselves to shoot a terrorist, even after the lead started flying.

      Someone suggested the schools ask veterans with combat experience to serve as armed guards, which I think is a good solution.

    • RiverRider I work in a college and I can tell you one thing — there are damn few Teachers I would trust with a toothpick, let alone a firearm of any description. A goodly portion of our college ‘staff members’ are veterans of various services – myself included – who weren’t discharged under a “section 8″ who would make for great, sneaky, concealed armed caretakers in conjunction with our fine Public Safety and Police Department. I still think the answer to is do away with Gun Free Zones/Target Rich Environments and let the next potential perp wonder if it’s the 5’0” cute, innocent secretary who’s armed or the file clerk or just the obvious uniformed gunslinger in the lobby.

      • I agree. I too work at a college, one where the students are issued m14’s,lol. yet I’m barred from carrying my own pistol which I have a ccw and 30 years training on. ya gotta love it. however, I read that the coach that took 8 rounds in fla was a ccw holder too, so maybe a few good teachers out there. meanwhile there’s a loaded mag in my drawer.

  2. I wish to make two observations about the various ‘gun solutions’ to the problem of school shootings.

    1. By the time a shooter walks on campus, you have a crisis, and it needs crisis intervention. HOWEVER, identifying potential shooters and intervening has very little to do with firearms. I KNOW of a program that works to identify and intervene, because I was involved from the beginning. Here’s the reference:

    2. In 2012, Broward County Schools lead the state of Florida in the number of referrals to the legal system. To change that, they stopped reporting about 12 offenses to the police department, including assault, beginning in 2013 (when the shooter was in the 8th grade, I believe). The program was regarded as a great success, and the school superintendent, Robert Runcie, was recognized at the federal level, with the Broward program held up as an example of best practices. As a direct result of this program, the shooter had no criminal record, and was not committed to a mental institution, and either of those two events would have prevented him from buying a firearm legally.

  3. No piece of paper is going to prevent a crime. Ever. Government prohibition of anything is largely a joke, as innovative folks will simply make it, steal it, or substitute something else for it.

  4. So I have read the linked articles. JB is very correct in what it would take to “try” to repeal the 2a. Of course I believe my rights are only codified in the amendments, not the source of my rights.

    So the repeal is a no go. But what about the banning of a subset as is being tried in some states and could be tried nationally? If there is actual legislation that Bans ownership of SA rifles and/or pistols with external magazines and/or also bans the ownership of magazines capable of holding more than a certain number of rounds do we consider that enough infringement of the 2a to actually respond lethally to it? Do we take an actual fight to the tyrants? Do we respond in kind to armed LEO coming to “take” what is ours? At the point of passing such law do we comply or do we become instant yet to be prosecuted criminals? What is your choice? Will we see a bloodbath in an attempt to enforce such a law?

    We know that NY (Safe Act) and CT have passed similar legislation and compliance is low. Canada has similar law. Australia the same. Those countries have had a different mindset than our history.

    Hard choices, hard decisions. What think you?

    • I think that if we societal norms to be enforced, the degree of nihilism associated with many of these young attackers will decline. Of course, a prerequisite is relegating Progressivism to the dustbin of history, as Progressives would fight any sane set of norms.

      • Wow, I really butchered that one when I was making some changes.. Let me try again.

        I think that if we had societal norms that were enforced, the degree of nihilism, which is associated with many of these young attackers, would decline drastically, and with it the number of attacks. Of course, a prerequisite is relegating Progressivism to the dustbin of history, as Progressives would fight any sane set of norms.

  5. Very nice, and thank you for the excellent links to other articles.

    My thought is that the mental health system isn’t working correctly, and hasn’t really worked in years – if it ever did. When I worked in the Nuclear industry, everyone was given a coordination test (piss in a bottle), followed by a mental health exam, which consisted of the MMPI. Some of the contract employees went through the MMPI as quickly as possible, simply selecting the first option for every question. They stayed on site, and the test was never followed up with an interview. Nice, huh?

  6. great post, now if we could get those anti gun nuts to be listed as mentally ill.

  7. I read yesterday a good post about what do we do if we see a guy like Cruz.
    Do we take his rights away because we ‘think’ he is a danger?
    What kind of proof do we need? An hour with a shrink?
    LEO has their hands somewhat tied ‘until’ something happens.
    The Israeli answer seems to be working.

  8. All- Thanks for the comments. Houston, I don’t have any ‘good’ answers, other than the Israeli model. But if you look at the compliance rates in NY/CT, that should be a clue. They have voluntarily turned themselves into ‘criminals’… Sigh…

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    • There will be a tipping point somewhere and at some point. I’m trying to decide what that tipping point is and I think it could be a semi auto ban with confiscation. The sad thing is the tyrants that pass the law will have no part in enforcing the law.

      • What makes you think they get a pass on “participation”?

  9. Those that are blind to it being a social problem, only tangentially tied to firearms, need to know most mass shooter, especially school shooter, had no biological father in their lives according to sources I’ve read. An exception was Columbine.

  10. I know that this probably isn’t the time, but it stirred me up when these dolts spoke of wanting to raise the age for rifle purchases.
    When the voting age was lowered to 18, it made sense. At 18, you were an adult: you could be drafted, and could buy yourself a drink before you went away, so you might as well be able to vote.
    Now, vote at 18, get your posterior shot off at 18–but no, no, can’t touch that nasty alcohol ’til you’re 21, and that goes for buying a pistol, too!
    All these things need to be at the same age. Make it 18, 21, 25, or whatever, but are these young people considered “adults”, and granted all the rights (and responsibilities) of adults, or aren’t they? I’ve long said that, were I a young man now, I wouldn’t register for Selective Service until I could buy a drink & a sidearm the same day (not in that order). I could drink legally at 18 & I joined of my own volition (I turned 53 today), but nowadays it’s a mishmash of statutes.

    • yeah me too, but we were adults back then. now they are “kids” until they’re 40. maybe we need to raise the voting age to 40 then. not joking. or go back to the old days of only landowners get a vote. that’s actually more fair seeing as we pay more taxes than renters, non-owners. I figure by the time you own a home/land you have gotten your head on straight enough to vote.

  11. “How about actually enforcing the laws on the books, and actually taking action on mental health issues, rather than burying them, or ‘giving them space’?”

    What!? Use logic? Are you mad?

  12. I cannot be one of the very few who are thinking, and saying, “Damn, before there were “Gun Free Zones” we didn’t have this kind of crap happening all the damn time.” Hell, I remember going to High School — albeit in ARK — and seeing loaded firearms in pick up trucks (racked usually behind the seat) during hunting season – and other times to be honest – and never worried that the rifles in those trucks were going to ‘be a problem.’ Gun Free Zones was a red-flag to the enraged bull that is some damn criminal who had a beef and didn’t see them as GFZ but, rather, as “target rich environments.” WHEN will the loonacy end? Let’s get rid of those GFZ/TREs, let’s be a fully armed society and, to quote Mr. RAHeinlein, “See how a armed society is a polite society.” AND before some damn liberal, fretting over other’s perceived hurt feelings, gets on my case for being a delusional gun-bunny…. DAMN RIGHT! I found for my country as an Airman and a Deputy Sheriff, I own firearms (and edged weaponry) and not only am I still willing to lay down my life in the defense of others, I’m willing to do so UNARMED. But I really would rather have my Glock in hand and a rifle strapped to my back for back-up and my hatchet if I have to get up close and personal.

  13. All- Thanks for the comments, and I can’t disagree with anyone!

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