Well, back from the Life, the Universe and Everything writer’s conference and wanted to give a quick AAR.

If you’re an aspiring writer, or a fiction writer, it’s WELL worth it, IMHO!

Almost 200 panels, covering the gamut of writing, film making, comics, gaming, pretty much anything and genre you’ll be interested in. I pretty much stuck with the SciFi track(s), and still had to make some hard choices, about two that came up at the same time.

Overall, on my personal scorecard, I’d say I’m doing stuff ‘right’ about 60% of the time, based on what I heard these last three days. But I do have to admit, there were a couple of panels that I kinda felt like Obi, sitting there with my head cocked, going “Whuf?”

Not going to get into specifics, but both panels had the presenters splitting, with half saying, “Oh, do this!” and the other half going, “Oh, no, that is so passe.” And then the fight was on…LOL

It was fun too, with the sidebars, and side conversations that people were in. Lee Modesitt and I were chatting about flying in the Navy, and I noticed that a younger guy with frantically scribbling things down, and glancing up at us. I looked at him, and he said, “I’m gonna use this!”… Sigh…

And MANY thanks go to “Mongo” and his wife for chauffeuring us around, and the excellent food they provided, including for the ‘not birthday party’ Saturday night! 🙂

Our crowd was joined by a number of other friends, and it really made the conference a lot of fun, if a ‘bit’ tiring. Sleep was a luxury for some of us, but others did sneak off for naps or shopping. I’m not going to try to list everyone, because I know for damn sure I’d leave at least a few folks out…

If you’re a new writer, or an experienced writer, I’d highly recommend this conference! It’s cheap, and the hotel rates are reasonable, plus you can write it off as a tax deduction!


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    • Yeah. I don’t want to know how much it would cost to fly from here to there for a weekend conference . I’m living in Eastern Europe, at the moment.

  1. Excellent! Glad you enjoyed it and gained some things…not that you aren’t already brilliant.

  2. TXRed- Yea! 🙂

    JMI- Ouch… Yeah, a ‘tad’ expensive.

    Fargo- Snerk… yeah, right! 😛