TGM- Twilight might be delayed.

Amazon now wants me to PROVE it’s my novel… Sigh…

This is turning into a week of Mondays…

Simply @%^^$!( amazing…


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  1. Curious what they say they will accept as proof of authorship.

    • Yeah, how do you prove it? Mail yourself sealed envelopes of the manuscript every month while you’re writing it? Please let us know.

  2. It’s part of a series; how are they questioning this? I might understand if this book were a departure from your usual fare. It’s not like you’re writing harlequin romance all of the sudden.

  3. What, do they want you to scan yourself and send the .pdf as an email attachment?

    Or DNA evidence? I could see Amazon requiring signatures in blood…

    Maybe they need to know… your shoe size.

  4. Sir, Amazon is full of folks upset by “wrong fun.” Last fall I was blocked from leaving reviews on products for some unknown reason. I was never informed of their ruling. I went to leave a review and was warned that I had violated some unclear standard. I went searching to see what I could possibly done from their support pages. Finally, I opened up a chat window and explained my concerns, my Amazon Prime membership, and my long history of buying from Amazon. Magically, I just suddenly started being able to post reviews. There some odd, judgmental folks in that company.

    Patiently waiting for the next edition in the series, so I can read them all in order once more. Have a good day, sir.

  5. Perhaps they want us to come to Amazon HQ to render affidavits that you are you, a writer, and the owner of the manuscript. Wait I’ll just get my hat. Amazon, that’s in South America, right? Can I take a seaplane? Geez. Good luck and Take My Money! Sorry for shouting, suffering from TGM withdrawal. Please ignore the above, I’ll be in the corner with money in hand.

  6. I’m betting ‘twilight’ in your title is the issue…

    • Yep that’s probably part of it.

      Just tell’em there’s no sparkly vampires in it.

  7. Gotta be because you mention guns & such, in the novel. (hmm, are you really you ?? ) 🙂

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    Betcha it was the “Twilight” name, it evokes vampires and teenage angst and guns…..betcha it was guns, in this current climate, that might be “hateful”, you may have to make a “donation” to some leftwing cause to get the official dispensation to release your novel. Just trying to be helpful you understand. Seriously though, we are waiting patiently….well mostly patiently LOL

  9. Hell, have them get a hold of me! I’ll have a NICE chat with them….. er… then again, maybe that’s not the best idea…..

  10. Seriously?!?! That tops the “Stupid List” for this week…and it is only Wednesday.

    And, yes, I also would like to know what they want/how you prove that you are you…maybe copies of your edited manuscript?…or a link to the snippet you posted a few weeks ago?…maybe depositions from PP and the grands? Set Vito on ’em…just a thought 🙂

    • don’t you have your picture on the back cover of the other TGM books? Send them another picture?

  11. All- Thanks for the comments. Got a list of questions, which I answered, so we’ll see…

    Posted from my iPhone.

  12. Hi Jim, just finished reading, Into the Green and have to say it was an outstanding read. I have been reading SF since I was seven years old and this was one of the best reads I have read in years. I was even able to read most of the message lingo after reading and responding to RED ROCKETS while on Staff at COMFLTAIRQuonset back in the day!! When is the next sequel due out? Some time soon I hope! And is Twilight available on Amazon yet? Dead tree version only. I like to hold what I’m reading!
    And after reading the above post, How about I just send you the money for the book and the postage and screw Amazon?

    Best Regards, Everett

  13. Ok, I’m not saying I had anything to do with it…but apparently waking up with a disgruntled wannabe reader in your bedroom at 0300 can convince an Amazon St Vice President to free up a book in the middle of the night!!
    TGM-Twilight is now on Amazon. Come git some!

  14. It’s up!! Dropped into wishlist. Buying tonight! Thank you, sir. Looking forward to a good series of reads this week.

  15. Hi OldNFO,
    Twilight is now on Amazon, although you have to search for it by entering your name as the author, and then sliding right a few times (doesn’t come up if you just enter your ‘JL Curtis’ as author. Amazon trying to hide it?)
    But I still got it and am reading it.