Sick and tired…

Of all the BS gun control arguments…

Especially where the ‘facts’ are wrong, and the ‘conversation’ is one way.

I’m not going to participate in any more of those discussions, either online, or in person. The antis refuse to ‘listen’ and any correction sends them down a different rat hole rather than actually trying to have a CONSTRUCTIVE conversation about guns.

When the default position becomes either, Well, you are white, so you can’t possibly understand. Or well, you are racist or (insert derogatory term here), when we don’t kowtow to them, I’m done. I will walk away because I have better things to do with my time.

I was watching a clip last night on Cruz vs. Scarborough about 2A and gun control and turned it off after about three minutes. Talking louder doesn’t mean you’re right, it just means you’re NOT willing to actually listen. And there was another one last night with Ingraham and the mayor of Baltimore. The mayor NEVER shut up during the entire interview, talking over the host the entire time. I know they used to fax out Dems talking points every day, and I guess the ‘new’ way is email and texts to people’s phones, since a lot of the talking heads are using the exact same language, which the mayor must have been reading, since she never actually looked at the camera.

The piece de resistance was the Governor of Connecticut, Malloy, accused the NRA and it’s members of being a terrorist organization!

There are no words… I’m done… I will no longer be polite, I will no longer listen politely to your BS ranting, and I will walk away. And you really don’t want to threaten me. Trust me on that.


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  1. I hear you. My tolerance for the Democrat Party talking points shouted out on Fox has reached its limit. I do watch the news a little, but before I reach through the TV to grab some turd by the stacking swivel, I turn it off.

  2. Talking over the other person is the only way a dimorat can ‘discuss’ any issue. Turn on the tv with no one identified as D or R and you can tell within seconds of which is which. the D will ever shut up. It happens on every show every time.

  3. I’ve refused to watch any news since a week after the Florida shooting. I also refuse to debate with anyone on the issue–they aren’t going to change my mind and it isn’t worth the effort to try and change theirs.

    Surprisingly, my blood pressure is getting better than it was before all this stuff happened.

  4. NO. That is the extent of my conversation. I don’t watch the news. I do listen to radio but very selective in my listening.

    I’m not very social with leftists and statists anyway. So I don’t have many to converse with and I refuse to go on social media.

    Posting a comment to a few selected bloggers like JL or Peter is all I ever do, and I don’t do that often.

    So my answer to them is NO, I will not ” have a conversation” with them about guns. NO, I will not recognize their “authority”. NO, I will not comply.

    Like Lawdog’s slice of the cake story, we have given way too much cake away already. I want my damn cake back, the whole thing.


    • Agreed! NO. And when they sputter and pause, the follow-on is: Gun control negotiation has never resulted in relaxation of gun laws, only made them tighter. Lawdog has the real picture on this: We started with a cake, and every law has taken some of our cake away from us. Negotiation has never given us any cake back, only taken it away. We’re nearly out of cake and they still want to take more away until we have none left.
      Unless the gun-control lobby is willing to give us something in return, the answer will be NO.

  5. This morning my newspaper carried an editorial entitled “Agenda or ignorance?” It was authored by Walter E Williams who is a professor of economics at George Mason University. It is one of the clearer arguments I have seen against the current emotional and illogical calls for more gun laws. He also addressed the lack of morality in today’s society. I urge you all to read it.

  6. There’s a reason why I rarely post about firearms, these days, and you’ve just clearly articulated my thoughts & feelings on the matter. Concur – and thank you for that.

  7. You have not converted a man because you have silenced him. – John Morley, 1st Viscount Morley of Blackburn

    Gun grabbers don’t grasp the concept, IMO.

  8. When it comes right down to it, gun grabbers are willing to pay police, the government….whoever to use violence to end the right guaranteed by the Constitution. The only logical explanation for such actions is to disarm the population, and terminate those that are not willing to sacrifice liberty for false security.

    This isn’t new, and the past shows how every Communist regime used the same tactics to create an environment where undesirable are easily herded to their demise.

  9. Welcome aboard. I may have mentioned before that I was a sole proprietor FFL in Kalifornia for near 20 years before bailing out to Texas. I’m still a bit twitchy, but recovering nicely.

    Back around the mid 2000’s, I was invited to a meeting of a local PAC (Republican Taxpayers Assoc., or whatever they called themselves). All decent, hardworking, God fearing folks. There was earnest discussion about letter writing, get out the vote, etc.

    When it was my turn to speak, I told them “You have your the enemy right where they want you. You’re in here playing by the rules, and they are out there running down alleys at night slitting throats”.

    So yeah. Not just no, but hell no. They want my guns? OK. Come on over. I’ll wait. Because gun control is not about the guns.

  10. Sad to say, but the most effective (in practical effects) argument against gun control and law enforcement overreach articulated in America over the last forty years was:

    Say what you will, think what you will. This event (and the rise of the militia movement) stopped the Clinton/Janet Reno assault on gun rights, when no amount of talking accomplished anything. The Left only cares about power. What did Mao teach them about power?

    The proper answer to the Left’s constant drumbeat of “shut up and die already!” is, “Come over here and make me, if you think you’re hard enough.”

  11. Hey Old NFO;

    You are correct, I am done talking, I am tired of having my opinion mocked or called “Racist”. I am tired of trying to use logic with people that wear their emotion on their sleeve, I am tired of people blaming an inanimate object because they can’t blame the person because they are ideologically unable to do so. I am just tired…I will not back down, I will stand my ground no more compromising. I will not give up anything else.

    You want my stuff, come and take it….

    • Bob – it’s not that they can’t blame the person, it is because they refuse to as that would denote a degree of personal responsibility which is the single largest tool in their toolbox. If no one can be held responsible for their individual actions, then big government assumes all of that responsibility and controls everything and everyone.

  12. From Gabe Suarez.

    I submit that is time that we stop using the words “anti-Gun” and instead use “ANTI-FREEDOM”.

    And anytime the adjective of social, progressive, or liberal, the we use the adjective “COMMUNIST” instead.

    Words mean things and invoke sentiments and the communists are great at doing this while the right seems stuck on being accurate. Let us stop trying to be accurate, trying to proselytize. trying to educate or convert anyone…and specially stop apologizing for our views…for God’s sake.

    The ANTI FREEDOM AMERICAN COMMUNISTS and their mindless myrmidons do not care.

    The least we can do is call a spade a f*cking shovel.

    And while we are at it, it is quite clear that we normal men are not in the same species as those pussy-hat wearing, weapon-fearing, aggression-averse beings we see parading around these days with signs demanding someone take care of them.

    Their species will henceforth be called HOMO PACIFICUS as a quite different species from normal Homo Sapiens.

    Offensive? I surely hope so

    • “Individually, we do not bear arms because we are afraid. We bear arms as a declaration of capacity. An armed man can cope – either in the city or in the wilderness – and because he is armed, he is not afraid.

      The hoplophobe fears and, yes, hates us, because we are not afraid. We are overwhelmingly “other” than he, and in a way that emphasizes his afflictions.”

      Jeff Cooper

  13. IMHO, talking louder, interrupting someone who has an idea other than theirs, and calling names is just to prove your parents failed you in manners and respect. But then, they can’t even answer a Yes or No question with making a comment on an even different subject.

  14. We’ve tried the Soap Box – They censored that.
    We’ve tried the Ballot box – They stuffed that.
    We’ve tried the Jury box – They tamper with that.
    All we have left is the Cartridge box.

  15. Been at the “Ef off” point for a while now. I prefer my cat’s company for a reason.

  16. It continues to amaze me that the only thing that liberals have is name calling. If you step back and realize that they don’t really care about gun control or abortion or immigration. Those are only vehicles to take them to a place where they can call other people names. That is the whole point of the exercise. If they can call you a name, it makes them feel better about their own failures. Most of them never evolved emotionally after the sixth grade. The people calling you ***-ist are the sixth graders who used to say “so and so has cooties”. They never progressed beyond grade school. So I call them out as such. “That is so 6th grade, you need to grow up.”
    It drives them wild because By calling “name calling”, name calling and pre-adolescent you have removed the only arrow in their quiver. Mob rule always starts with “name calling” IMHO

  17. I’m right there with you, sick and tired of it all – its not control its confiscation they want. The irony is the same police they question in their use of weapons are the same they will expect to disarm us. Sigh – and Merlin has it right, one last box left because they sure won’t leave us be – so is there a trigger point or do we go softly in the night (to use another’s words)

  18. The Chinese government says we need to give up personal firearms in order to protect our civil rights (!). The Grand Ayatollah Kahameni is urging the US government to remove firearms from the hands of private citizens.

    That our enemies so desperately want us disarmed says enough for me.

  19. I am so very glad I live in the Hill Country part of Texas where a lot of the ads for the primary election this week show candidates holding guns and they work hard for the NRA recommendation. Local Sheriff who is a decent guy along with the deputies I come to know tells me that if they ever come for our guns he will be standing beside us. Our city Parks&Recreation gives CHL classes every month or so and we have more FFL’s in our county seat zip code that the city of Denver.

    Having said all that I get rather upset with the Texas Metro Areas and their toppling over to the left in the past couple of decades and I really have no use for Austin Texas where the locals are trying to outdo California. I think the current stance of the Commies is we hate Trump therefore we hate Republicans and therefore we hate anything to do with guns and love seeing a good school disaster every once in awhile just to energize our rat’s assed hard left base.

  20. All- Thanks for the reinforcement! And OldTexan, agree! Austin is no longer Texas, it’s Sillycon Valley east.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  21. “An armed society is a polite society.” They’re unarmed and impolite, which is a stupid combination. I’d say something stronger, but TXRed will wash my connection out with soap.

    Malloy – “Sure, an’ what did YOU put in the jar for the boys?” Sniveling tout and a Castle informer (in Texan, varmint and bushwhacker).

    — reaches for another stout to clear a bad taste —

  22. I have had the day from hell and have dealt with sad stories and idiots all day, so my patience is a bit thin tonight. I have a mother, 2 sisters and a daughter-in-law who are varying degrees of rabid Democrat, 1 sister and the DIL are both teachers. I also have a husband who’s personal motto is he refuses to live any place he can’t pee off the front porch and shoot off the back porch.

    I have had “conversations” with the women in the family about “gun control” and school shootings…I think it was early last year…where my sister and DIL are both saying no guns in schools, yada yada. I said to my sister (she works for a very rich couple homeschooling their kids) if a burglar broke into the house when she was there with just the kids, wouldn’t she want to protect the kids? Well, of course, that’s why she would call the cops! Because why do you call the cops? That will take 20-30 minutes to get there? Because they carry a GUN!!! Duh! And if she carried a gun, she could have dealt with the issue, and then called the cops to haul off the body. She just sputtered at me.
    The DIL, who is a professor at college, is not much better. My son, who had a shotgun before they got married, is not allowed to have ammo in the house “because it’s dangerous.” When he said that, my husband shook his head, and said he should have married someone else.

    So, yes, I totally understand how you feel, and agree about “gun” conversations with certain types. I have been to Auschwitz and have seen the mounds 40 feet high and hundreds of feet long of the bones of prisoners who were gassed. I have been mugged. I am working on improving my skill with shooting so I can go get my CCW, (hubby says I could get it now, but he wants me to be a bit better before I take the class).
    Bottom line, I WILL NOT EVER again be a victim, not of some coke-head, some whacko-nut job, or of the government. Period. End of conversation. And the folks who want to have all the guns confiscated, they can be first in line to get on the train, or go to the camp. This is still a “free” country, and folks are allowed to make their own decisions. Even lousy ones. But no one is allowed to make decisions for me. They can just go away and leave me alone.

  23. using the exact same language…
    using exactly the same language…
    Why? Because it’s proper grammar and it marks the writer as intelligent.

    You’re quite right about the talk-over format of interviews, the tactic of talking louder than your opponent, never listening… the list goes on into infinity.

    The solution?

    Hammer at the Left constantly about the abortion issue. Bring up the Kermit Gosnell case as often as possible, and point out that it was funded and inspected by the government, yet Gosnell is the most prolific serial killer of the 20th century. Whenever they mention gun control, yell about abortion control, about State sanctioned murder during live birth abortions.

    The real problem is that, generally speaking, gun owners are a live and let live group. The enemy is not. Take the fight to the enemy.

  24. Since the only correct response would be “You’re a f#@%ing idiot” I don’t bother.

  25. > conversation

    No. I’m not playing that game.

    What part of “Shall not be infringed” is hard to understand?

  26. There are no words… I’m done… I will no longer be polite, I will no longer listen politely to your BS ranting, and I will walk away. And you really don’t want to threaten me. Trust me on that. Amen

  27. my argument with anti’s is usually really short….

    I am willing to die defending my right to keep and bear arms.
    are you willing to die trying to take them??
    if you are not willing to personally kick in my door and risk death in order to forcibly remove my guns, then you are a coward and I do not wish to listen to your inane blather.

    your move.

    • I wish it was that easy. I wish that these cowards would actually confront one of us. But that’s not the way they work. Instead, they play a version of “Let’s you and him fight”. They will scream at the legislators to pass laws, the legislators will give in just to shut them the hell up, and then we find ourselves having to confront our own Law Enforcement.

      The only thing I hope for is that after the crash and reset, there is enough information available to pinpoint these cowards, so that they can be dealt with.

  28. NOT a fan of the NRA;
    life member of GOA and Florida Carry.

    Joined NRA for 5 years this past week.

    No, that’s not a typo.