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“Leading universities have turned themselves into hybrids of Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood and Mao’s Red Guards.”

Lance Morrow at the City-Journal on The Age of Travesties, HERE.

Personally, I think he hits the nail on the head. Being an old fart, I would add that I believe the ‘radicalization’ of the education system began in the mid-late 60s with the protests against the Vietnam war.

Some of us went over there and did what we thought was right, the left protested or ran to Canada (or both). We stayed in the military, they finished college, lived the hippy life, smoked dope, got advanced degrees, and got jobs teaching at those same universities…

We didn’t…

They started ‘inoculating’ the next generation (Gen X) against us, and we let it happen.

In the early 2000s, I was talking to a professor at an SEC school, who had been in the Reagan administration as a foreign policy advisor. He just flat stated that he and other ‘conservative’ professors were shunned by the liberal arts types, and the Athletics Department put out a list of profs NOT to take classes from. ALL of the conservative profs were on it, because they actually made students attend class and pass tests!!!

Now Gen Y are starting to move into those teaching positions… They are fully inoculated, and happily take to the streets with the students (millennials). Their goal now is control. They want to control who can say what, who gets $$$, who gets medicine, treatment, etc.

Ironically, I was chatting with reader Stretch, and he said this- Got to reuse a great line last week. Aging Hippie: “The youth of today will take to the streets and take the guns.” Me: “It’s not who’s in the streets … it’s who’s on the roof with their rifles that decides matters.” A most delightful mixed expression of horror/fear/hatred followed by a screech of “Fascist!” 

Now Stretch is one of us… A grumpy old fart…

What that aging hippie and the others don’t realize is that we won’t go quietly. Just because we haven’t popped off before, is because we STILL respect the laws in this country, unlike the left…

Are we becoming the Koreans on the roof tops in South Central??? Maybe…


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  1. I was talking to a (very leftist) departing guest in the drive-way of my home.

    He said, “When socialism wins, it’s places like this that we’ll take over first.”

    I pointed to the lamp posts lining the street (some wearing coloured ribbons to indicate that they were due for repair or replacement), and said “You’ll want to avoid the places with wind and range markers then.”

    He got into his car, shut the door without another word, and waited for his wife to finish her conversation with my wife.

    Haven’t had to put up with the slime-ball since – WIN!

  2. I was considering a post to write today, along these lines:
    There was a time that “Political Correctness” was mocked as a byproduct of Communist thinking, stifling free thinking.
    It is still that byproduct, but it is no longer mocked, but honored.

    Your post is in line with that.

  3. Another thing you can blame LBJ for.
    During the kerfuffle over deferments, he decreed that the only students who could get a II-S (student) deferment were education majors. So the education departments filled up with war protestors. They became teachers, then administrators, then school board presidents.
    When I was taking a community college class in the 80s one of my classmates asked the professor why he became a professor. His reply was, “Lyndon Johnson was trying to kill me.” I was the only one in the class old enough to understand what he meant.

    • I can only wonder what might have happened had it been Engineering, Mathematics, Physics and other of the hard sciences.

  4. We play by the rules. We honor the rules. We abhor those who abuse or break the rules. The United States Constitution is the “Rule Book”. Unless there is a personal moral code in play, all the rules derive from that rule book. Throw out that rule book at your peril. When you reject the rule book you have rejected all those rules that protected you as well. Just remember that taking those rules away from you, means they are taken away from me. It could be brutal but it would likely be quick. My rule book is still in place, you don’t want me to be without it. It could be VERY bad for you.

  5. Hmm, who will they take guns from, and what use will it be if they don’t know how to use them?
    Yes, it will get messy, but as I saw in one honest article recently from Silicon Valley, the writer admitted he didn’t have any skills that were useful without electricity or in the countryside.
    There may be many people in the cities, but when problems come they will discover how reliant they are on the people they have been deriding for years.

  6. I’m not entirely certain about this, but I think the BEGINNING of the troubles began in the 1950s, with the nuclear disarmament movement, particularly that part originating with the World Peace Council. I can’t remember my source, but it made a good argument in following the American leaders in the nuclear disarmament movement into the movement opposing American involvement in Vietnam. As you point out, the numbers really bloomed in the mid-to-late 60’s, when fear of the draft put a lot of men in the classroom-teacher career path.

    • It began in the 1920s with the communists joining the flow of refugees from Europe. Look up “The Frankfurt School” and Antonio Gramsci, and then watch this interview of Yuri Bezmenov (1985).

  7. All- Thank you for the comments, I cannot disagree! Pat, you may be right, good point!

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  8. Late in the war; drafted near the end of combat operations. Passed the physical (1A) and received orders but order rescinded when Nixon got his balls caught in the wringer (low but not too low a lottery number). Can’t say I was sorry but I had no doubt I’d go in. Was part of “my generation”. Peer pressure? Probably but didn’t feel like it at the time. Had a good time though.

    Saw no point in sticking daisies down rifle barrels, loaded or not – my response tended more towards finding myself a rifle and cover. Too young but liked Goldwater. HH was a twit but Nixon was just “off” somehow. It was hearing McGovern speak in person that swore me off any leftist tendencies that might have been lingering – like antibiotics fighting germs.

    Got to feeling guilty about not going in – no reason why – but I spent half my professional career using what talents I may have on behind-the-fence work on behalf of my government. No regrets working on defense projects – some of the most honest work I’ve done.

    Is that the same as actually being in the military? Likely not but it served my country and wizards are as necessary as warriors. And I’m a damn good wizard.

    Not all of us in our generation are lefties just because we weren’t in the military … but I will say I have more in common with those that went in than those that didn’t. (I tend to define “my” generation as those old enough to have joined or been drafted to Vietnam – say born between about 1945 to 1954. I define “the 60s” as between Kennedy’s assassination and Nixon’s resignation).

    Recently lost – maybe flushed out – a lot of “friends” of my age that were hard-core “Her” supporters. Found I didn’t have much in common with them anyway.

    I think we’re getting old enough to think more of surviving the coming purge than fighting the fight … though that may turn out to be the same thing.

    • Wizards and warriors – I’ve used that phrase a lot, for the same reason. And us wizards must make darn sure we explain how and when the magic works, and doesn’t work. Explain the details plainly for our warriors! Made a good wizard, but would have been a lousy private (did not enlist). I worked with a lot of good guys who served, and we get along well; must be the same grisly sense of humor. My stories begin “No sh%t, I was there on the test range for X, and …”

      IIRC, and I’ll need to dive into it, LBJ expanded the deferment for students pursuing advanced degrees (MS or PhD) from the Title III group of science and engineering, to almost anything. Amazing how the math worked – all those hippies in English or humanities PhD programs were getting final degrees at age 26, and then hired as faculty, somehow missing the draft. We suffered from 50 years of school and job inflation, so the MS in anything but hard sciences is equivalent to an old HS diploma. Those inflated degrees come with a hefty mortgage. Keep a bullhorn up on the roof too, and remind the snowflakes that they bought a professor instead of a house.

  9. “Are we becoming the Koreans on the roof tops in South Central??? Maybe…”

    You betcha!! No maybe about it!

    • PS: You had said earlier that TGM would be out on Friday. Maybe.

      Is it Friday yet???

  10. I’ve got a lot in common with Quizikle except I was 1-Y, administratively reclassified to 4-F a couple of years later.

    Spent the second half of my career in aerospace/defense, and always felt that while I didn’t serve, I at least helped some.

  11. THIS encapsulates the “why” of why we haven’t “popped off” yet.

    “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. —

  12. Some of my liberal acquaintances here in New Orleans press me to tell them why I feel compelled to own guns and go out to the range so often. I haven’t quite gotten to the point of telling them that I’m training for the day that they get to be in charge, but that’s only because so many of them are as cute as they are stupid.

    Still, there are days when I wish that I hadn’t sold my belt-feds.

  13. I really have to disagree with Mr. Morrow on one small point.

    Mr. Rogers would have never tolerated the behavior of the left.