Can’t stop the signal…

Courtesy of Borepatch

YouTube/Google to block firearms related videos

YouTube is going to block all gun videos staring in April. Even the “how-to” disassembly and cleaning videos.

The Internet, which treats all censorship and security efforts as outages to be routed around, has already responded.

Here, and tell everyone, repost this everywhere, every gun forum, every 2A blog, is the site for gun videos.

Hickok45 is already there. So is Forgotten Weapons. I’ll see you there.

And a link, HERE from Miguel GunFreeZone with a few more details.

Simply unbelievable… And I’m betting this will hit their bottom line from loss of ad revenue…


Can’t stop the signal… — 12 Comments

  1. There are some things that I enjoyed on YouTube. I’m going to have to scale back on watching simply because I don’t want to give them the business and clicking gives them money – just like Facebook. They really all are curs, aren’t they?

  2. I’ve thought for years that we as supporters of the 2nd amendment have been getting complacent. We’ve had great legal success, but have been caught out by the cultural war. In the 21st century world, it doesn’t matter if the law is on your side; it matters if popular opinion is. And it isn’t just the internet, see Tam’s post:
    As an aside, it would be nice to think that the loss of the gun channels will harm Youtube’s bottom line, except for the fact that it is almost entirely dominated by music content and is as much international as it is American.
    I hope I am wrong. It might be that this misstep is the beginning of the wrong set of policies for Youtube which will cause its decline and the decentralization of internet video. It could if it really pisses off the video game industry, which it apparently is.

  3. LL- Agreed!

    Acair- Concur, and Tam hits the nail on the head. Gamers WILL move, and that could help too!

    Toast- Interesting, haven’t heard that.

    WSF- I’ve been there a while. It’s good!

    Randy- Maybe, maybe not.

    PA- Thank you sir.

  4. I wonder if they’ll remove all the ‘fail’ videos, too. I enjoy some of the fail compilation videos but I cringe whenever it’s someone having a bad trip to the range (probably their first and last because they have a-hole friends). But I bet youtube will permit those videos to remain.

  5. Thank you.
    Had it not been for YouTube, I never would have reassembled my .22 Ruger automatic… that little “thingy” was driving me nuts.
    To have another site to go to is VERY comforting.
    I’ve bookmarked it.

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    I heard a rumor that all gun videos would be on porntube and other sites of that type…..try explain to the spousal unit why you are looking at a site like that and explain “Dear, I am trying to work the trigger of my 1911 and this is the only place I can find the video”…Wonder how well that is going to work…