Another sad note…

Barbara Bush passed away yesterday.

One of the many articles, HERE from Fox.

Sadly, I don’t think President Bush will last very long now. Not after 73 years with her by his side.

I had the honor of meeting them both at NAS  Moffett Field in 1989 or 1990, when they came through Base Ops on their way to the Beast. What I remember most is that BOTH of them took the time to speak to everyone they saw, Officer, Chief, or Enlisted. I remember the Secret Service being pissed, as they were trying to rush them through and on their way.

She was a class act, a truly gracious lady. I think the one thing that impressed me the most over the years was that she spoke her mind, and beat the literacy drum for many years through her Barbara Bush Foundation after she left the White House. She truly believed literacy was a way for people to improve their lives. May she rest in peace.



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  1. You may disagree(politely of course) with the politics of her husband and son, but there’s no doubt she always conducted herself with dignity and class. Rest easy Mrs. Bush. The world is a lesser place without you.

  2. She will be missed, and I’m afraid you’re right about President Bush following her. They were always so devoted to each other.

  3. I had the good fortune to be part of a security detail when she came to an event in Little Rock w/o President Bush. During the event, she left her chair on the raised stage, slid out behind a curtain backdrop and went in search of a bathroom. A staffer was the only one to notice. Mrs. Bush approached one of my people, Jim Wilson, who was in uniform working security in the back area. She told Jim she was going into the ladies restroom and did not need nor desire company. Jim said, “Yes ma’am!” and mounted guard on the door while radioing me.
    When I arrived, Secret Service folks were going apeshit! The staffer told them she left but didn’t realize she went in the restroom. When I asked, Jim told me the Secret Service didn’t ask him where she was. He was still guarding the door.
    In a couple of minutes, Mrs Bush came out, thanked Jim and returned to the stage, ignoring the frantic agents.
    What a classy lady! She will be missed.

  4. While I never met either of them (or their son), multiple people who have have told me about how they always cared for those who served them – and in many cases, my friends made a pointed contrast to how others in Washington treated them. The contrast between George Bush (43) and Dick Cheney was especially significant.

  5. I had the privilege of flying both Vice President Bush and Mrs. Bush on separate occasions. Mr. Bush flew into Camp Pendleton on his way to the Reagan Ranch and I flew him out. He took a few minutes to talk to both the pilots and me, thanking us for letting him sit in the jump seat and wearing one of the helmets so he could hear and talk about flying a helo. Mrs. Bush flew into NAS NOLA to attend a political rally. She was a rather matronly lady and stumbled getting into the a/c (a Twin Huey) and the Secret Service agent and I caught her and set her right. Again, she stopped to talk to us. Both were very polite and gracious, and I could tell the Secret Service was not very happy.

  6. She was what one hopes a first lady would be. Quiet. Dignified. Not trying to hog the attention of the press. The epitome of a ‘great lady.’

    My friend who was in the SecService in protection details under Bush, then their successors, and that person said the difference was like a bright, nice spring day vs a very stormy night.

  7. Hi old NFO!!.
    This is sad, to say the least… However, none of us are going to get out of this place alive!! Granted Pres. Bush is distraugh, losing the love of our life is tragic….. Like he, I too am a Widower!! ‘Ya pick up the torch!!! and Carry ON!!!! That’s what she’d want!! And You Do Too!!