In the formerly Great Britain…

This one came over the transom from the mil email string from the Sergeant Major…

From a friend in the UK:
“Gunfire in London is no longer uncommon, even though guns are technically ‘illegal’ here!
Knife attacks are also a plague, and ever associated with deadly gang warfare. Most gangs here are composed of immigrants, almost all illegal, and they’re constantly engaged in lethal territorial disputes.
As a result, London’s rate of violent crime is soaring, now exceeding even NYC’s (where there are at least a few legal guns)!
Guns of all types (all illegal of course) are streaming into our country, by the boatload, on any navigable waterway, and believe it or not, right through the capital’s main waterway, the Thames!
Most are smuggled-in from the Mideast.
As in The States, illegal migrants also come unhindered across our porous (water) borders, which we will not protect as a matter of public policy.
When our cops ‘stop-and-search,’ they’re automatically accused of ‘racism,’ even when they unfailingly find these illegal immigrants laden with guns and other weapons.
In the interim, our frightened citizenry remains disarmed and defenseless.
London’s Islamic mayor now wants to ban even kitchen knives!
I live in a country populated with VBCs (Victims, by Choice) who (by law) have no means of protecting themselves and thus daily live in morbid fear of armed and violent criminals, about whom our government does virtually nothing.
We anxiously cower behind locked doors, afraid to go out.
We’ve been robbed of our personal well-being, our heritage, peace, but most of all, we’ve been robbed of dignity!
More correctly, we’ve traded our dignity for a pitiable handout and the myth of ‘safety,’ which as noted above, is a lie!
Who value their health are well-advised not to come here.
Defend your Second Amendment, or you’ll be like us!”
Comment: “Learned helplessness,” a critical axiom of leftist politics, invariably leads to the above-described nauseating personal and national degradation.
The spread of liberal/leftist philosophy relies completely on people being blind to history.
The individual possession and bearing of arms imparts to every citizen a sense of personal worth and dignity, an air of self-respect and responsibility, impossible to bring-about any other way.
It’s turning into a real cluster over there, as other friends have pointed out. And you know it is getting bad when the Bobbies are routinely carrying weapons!!!


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  1. Many of the subjects over there insist that disarming the innocent and punishing self defense is the way to cut crime. This is nuts, but that doesn’t stop them. There are some that are more rational. I heard an interview of an English cop(unarmed) not long ago and as someone who’s had a firearm pulled on him twice, he’s all for arming police over there. Others simply come over here. I took a course one time from former member of the British Army. Another time, I got to talking with a local deputy sheriff in a gun shop. Since he had something of an accent, I asked him where he was from originally. Turned out he was ex London Metropolitan Police. I guess he preferred a department that allowed self defense.

  2. The Brits feel that anyone who says anything unkind toward a rag-head/camel jockey is committing a hate crime. I think that extends to bloggers. Of course, your blog (and mine) would be targeted because we don’t just talk about how much we love Middle Eastern immigrants.

    They invited the savages in and now they don’t know how to deal with them.

  3. Sir Peel’s spin rate has recently exceeded 10,000 RPM.

    Yes, Britain is officially now the “FORMERLY Great Britain”.

  4. Lest anyone forget -London coppers were on scene shortly after Drummer Rigby was run down and before he was beheaded. They had to wait until ARMED officers arrived to intervene and by then the beheading was complete.

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    What is going on in Britain is a warning what will happen here if the leftist are successful in their attempts to disarm us and turn us into sheep good for shearing and finally mutton when our purpose is at an end.(pardon the metaphor)

  6. Please desist in calling them leftists or liberals. Call them what they are which is communists. If one were to quibble that they are actually socialists, consider that socialism is merely communism with manners.

    It’s time for pitchforks and potato peelers.

  7. Finally sent off this letter today:

    CitiBank/CitiGroup has recently taken a profoundly anti-liberty stance, demanding its partners collude to deny the inherent right to self-defense via age discrimination and the rejection of due process, amongst other means. I cannot in good conscience continue to do any business with such an intrinsic enemy of Constitutionally enumerated rights as CitiBank/CitiGroup has revealed itself to be.

    Thus I hereby cancel the Citi Card [REDACTED]

  8. unfortunately it’s too late for them now to reverse this ‘ethnic cleansing’