Kamala Harris is the Dems ‘logical’ attack bitch… Female and black, so two cards in one. That trumps Haspel, as she’s ‘only’ female. And they let her off the leash today, HERE.

I find this abhorrent and disgusting, trying to re-legislate something that has already been done, in a simple yes and no question? Then being so damn petty as to keep beating on this, no one that has ever been on the front lines could answer that as a yes or a no. I was waterboarded three times in training, and I survived it. No, it wasn’t pleasant, yes I thought I would drown, but there was no permanent damage…

Gina Haspel was in the field as an operator, doing her damnest to protect the US and the agents under her. She obviously knows MUCH more than she said, but this was an open hearing, and she actually refused to disclose classified data.

What was Harris doing? And what was her REAL goal today? Apparently she’s ‘positioning’ herself to make a run for the White House, according to some. She doesn’t realize the USA isn’t California, and us bitter clingers in flyover country have a long memory…

This crap needs to stop! It is time to stop playing games with this country’s security, foreign policy, and operations while you try to make a damn point that Trump isn’t President.

Face facts folks, your side LOST in 2016, it’s time to get on with governing the country as best we can. And you’re NOT doing that with your petty bullshit games.


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  1. Gina Haspel will be confirmed as Director.
    Kamala Harris has been confirmed as a loon.
    Let her keep talking.
    Pelosi, too. 🙂

    • X2 – the more that they side with ISIS and al Qaeda, and the more they rant about their promise to raise taxes, the more likely it is that their political careers will tank.

      The left has poised itself in a position of working to make America more vulnerable and that only plays well on the lunatic fringe.

  2. Ms. Haspel response should have been “Wouldn’t it be easier if you wrote my answers to your questions down so I could read them back to you ? I can answer the question anyway I want to. If that makes you upset – I’m delighted !”

  3. Those on the fringe left seem to obsessed with the concept of “fairness” up to and including the enemies of this country that they may have a fair chance. As we used to say back in the day, “xin lỗi.” A fair fight belongs in the boxing ring and we should use any tool at our disposal. President Harris. Now there’s a scary thought, though not for our enemies.

  4. Rarely does the confirmation hearings end up anything but grandstanding for the legislator to preach to their base.

    I would have asked, Do you think you get any useful information after you waterboard someone 10 times? 100 times?

  5. When it comes to interrogating enemies of the US and to those who planned and/or harmed US Citizens, I believe that ANY means, including water boarding, attaching electrical cords to the balls, cutting off one finer at a time, etc, is okay with me. They do it to their captors, and it is what they understand. Eye for and Eye sort of thing. Then deny, deny, deny!

  6. I like Haspel. I do not like Harris. I like her for an attorney which she is probably good at, however, her flawed logic has no place in these hearings. What is her tactic? Rapid firing no win questions? For what? All she looks like to me is a bitch. Why can’t she ask without having disdain in her voice? Why would you even ask some of those questions of the CIA. They are spies for fuck’s sake. We just don’t want to know. Keep me safe. I care not otherwise what they do. I fear tho,that Harris and those like her want to make our country warm and fuzzy. This makes us weak. It is better to take the reputation of a hard ass no bull country so no one dares to cross us than be weak kneed and pussified so we are an easy target. There is some satisfaction in being a super power that my freedoms might still be here. But then again, we keep etching away at those rights.

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    Harris is positioning herself for a 2020 run, she has to get the big dollar democrat donors lined up so they will support her rather than Hillary. This is pure partisan politics and showmanship. She ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but she is politically astute.

  8. I would prefer the response in regard to interrogation practices to be:
    “I authorize the use of any method which will gain information which protects American lives (civilian and military) and interests.
    In the interest of security I will not discuss those methods.”

  9. ” Mr. Chairman, there is only one answer to Ms. Harris’ question. Ms Harris, have you quit beating your spouse, yes or no?”

  10. Harris sees herself as the female Obama. It will be a knock down drag out between her and Cory Booker in 2020 with her winning on the woman block checked. I would like to see someone in one of these hearing show her the same disrespect she shows all those testifying in front of committees she is a member of.

  11. I come down on the side of coffeepot and fargo. And to answer Gerry…why yes, we did get good actionable intel from waterboarding right after 9/11…we learned that Ben Laden was using couriers instead of electronics, so we were able to track one and find him. It took a while, but it worked.

    Do I like or approve of the concept…no. Do I go around telling professional spies who are responsible for the safety of the rest of us how to do their job? Hell NO!!

    The question was asked, and answered that Ms Haspel would not condone or order waterboarding as it is now illegal.
    Move on. Next question, next topic.
    Of course that would assume the questioners were adults, and were mature and responsible…seems to be a big assumption some days.

  12. I like how Haspel said under oath that she would no longer use the “Enhanced Interrogation Technique.” And probably under her breathe, saying, now, there’s nothing “enhanced” about it, just normal course of bidness. Carry on!

  13. Kamala Harris is as disgusting and tainted as they come, her history is questionable and she should be interrogated herself.