Comfort food…

Here’s the recipe for my version of Red Beans and Rice.  Slightly modified from the original because a couple of our folks are dealing with dental issues right now…

1/2-3/4 pound of dry pulled pork (no BBQ sauce)

Saute the trinity and garlic in the olive oil for 5 minutes, then dump everything in a slow cooker on high for 4 hours.
Two large cans of collard greens, cooked with bacon grease and a little salt and pepper.
4 cups of rice, prepared in vegetable stock instead of water.
Corn bread of your choice… Enjoy!
Whomever gets the bay leaf gets to do the dishes!!! 🙂


Comfort food… — 15 Comments

  1. I have turkey (mostly dark meat) pieces pulled and frozen,from the last bird roasted. Should make a decent substitute with about 1 1/2 tsp poultry seasoning mix, and clear some freezer space. Maybe add about 1/2 C white wine for more moisture.

    I put bay leaves in a reusable mesh bag, so I can pull leaves and fragments out. One annoyance solved, since I usually do pots anyway.

  2. Mmmm boy, that sounds like good grazing. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    Man that looks like good southern “Comfort Food”. My favorite is meatloaf with mashed potato’s and sweet peas….I know strange, LOL.

  4. PK- That would work too! The reason most red beans and rice recipes have sausage in it, was that sausage was preserved and there was usually some available when meat got scarce…

    j.r./Mrs.C- Y’all are welcome!

    Bob- You were going good until you said sweet peas… Yechhh… 😀

  5. Looks good, but I am not a fan of meat other than bacon in my beans. But I admit I don’t know jack about anasazi beans

    • A tradition in my family is to use chunks of the meaty bone left over from the latest ham as the meat seasoning agent. The quick rule is the beans are ready about the time all the meat and marrow have fallen out.

      (For smaller pots of beans, a reciprocating saw with a clean blade kept for that reason and freezer bags for the smaller segments of bones, works real well.)

      • A reciprocating saw and clean blade to chunk the huge ham bone is what I was trying to say, darndit.

  6. If I could eat like that every day, my dental issues wouldn’t bother me!

  7. That’s the rule I grew up with:

    If there were a large groups then at times I swallowed the Bay Leaf…..

  8. If I remember your callsign, you been hangin’ with dem cowboys too long, cher. Sounds more TX-LA than Cajun. My mother was from Cottonport, most of the rest from Bunkie and Marksville. If you can promise not to give it away, I’ll e-mail you my grandmother’s secret recipe.

    You’re correct about the sausage. The women would soak the beans overnight on Sunday, then set them to simmer all day Monday for dinner. Monday was washday and they didn’t have time for making a complicated meal.

  9. Randy- They’re GOOD! And less gas too! 🙂

    Andrew- I knew where you were going…LOL

    Pat- Yep!

    B- LOL, figures…

    Don- Check your email. 😀

  10. Every time the Tony Chachere container comes out, a ‘dillo gets very nervous …

    Yep, using my frozen stuff in lieu of preserved meat (sausage). Looks good, smelled good when I dumped it all in the cooker. Now, do something else to keep my mind off the good aromas.