Remember BS bingo???

Now the SJW/SJZ/POS Bingo!!!

Showed this to a couple of the folks I work with part time, they were laughing their asses off! 🙂


Snerk… — 9 Comments

  1. “I’m just human.”

    I deny everything! ♉

    And how!

  2. Is my prize that they won’t un-flounce back? I wish … 🙂

    It’s more fun when the entire leftmost column is a “__ Privilege!!!” free space, becauze bad feelz.

  3. Any non sarcastic use of “hashtag.”

    “I need a safe space ’cause you called me a snowflake.”

  4. Swiped that and sent it as an attachment to my most flaming leftist relative. He was not amused. Can you flounce with an email? His reply seemed “flouncy”.

  5. AHA – that ‘triggered’ a memory from way back when: coffee mug with a pencil necked police chief saying: Admit Nothing, Deny Everything, Demand Proof. Hmm that must be from the ‘school’ where Sheriff Israel got his leadership ‘training’
    NOTE – would work equally well for a LOT of senior military officers as well 😉

  6. Wait! You’re supposed to be retired and writing engaging novels for your minions to buy and read. What’s this “part-time” crap you’re wasting time on? Especially if you’re taking time with bingo sheets. For shame!

  7. All- Thanks for the comments! WN- Doing a little with the local SO. 🙂

    Posted from my iPhone.

  8. I needed a laugh for my “morning” (so-called because I work all night & then slept until 1630. Perfect! Thanks.