WWII veteran Isaac “Ike” Fabela had one wish for his 100th birthday on June 6, to receive 100 cards from people across the country.

A bunch of us jumped on boosting the signal. And I want to thank those who dropped by here and supported that call…

Not that I can take, or want a lot of credit, but he got a ‘few’ more than 100!!!

The Michigan man’s request was granted and then some, his daughter said. As of Wednesday morning, Fabela has received more than 50,000 cards and packages. 

Full story, HERE.  I think it’s pretty fitting, considering he was born on June 6th, and shares that day with D-Day.


Wow… — 6 Comments

  1. We sent one. It’s gratifying to find out that so many others joined in. I hope Mr. Fabela had his best birthday ever.

  2. I only went one, but I might have accidentally passed on the request and into to the Arkansas state VFW commander who was headed to a statewide meeting…oops! I hope he had a very nice birthday.

  3. I sent one but knew he would get more than he wanted. You can post one for me on my 200th birthday.

  4. Now that is very neat!!

    More than 50,000!! Guess that falls under the “be careful what you wish for” heading. Lol.