It’s about time…

Remember this asshole from last year???

His ass is GONE! That stain has been erased from the Army rolls!!!

Recently, Spenser Rapone re-tweeted a post on Twitter which announced that he would be speaking at a socialist event in July as he was being processed out of the Army this June with an other than honorable discharge. This was likely the harshest punishment the Army could give Rapone unless they decided to charge him with something like sedition. With an other than honorable discharge, Rapone will not be entitled to VA benefits, the GI Bill, and may have difficulties in finding employment. 

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It’s about time… — 21 Comments

  1. Meanwhile, there is the politico who sponsored him still in office; wonder what HIS/HER actual beliefs are.

  2. Gone? Good! It’s a real shame that so many tax dollars were spent educating that boob.

  3. Read somewhere he had make 1st LT. Glad to hear he is now gone.

    Shame when an enlisted man makes it to West Point then disgraces himself.

  4. He will have a bright and affluent future in the dimocrat party. As soon as the ink is dry on his discharge he will be recruited as a spokesman, probably by someone like George Soros or Chuckie boy Schumer or Al Sharpton.
    His courage and devotion to the welfare of the people will be richly rewarded. Expect to see him soon on CNN excoriating president Trump for making America great.

  5. I spent 35 years with the Army, served overseas prior to the fall of the USSR, and saw first hand what Communism did to Europe. I was flabbergasted to learn that West Point actively assisted and graduated a Communist. It made my day to see this excuse for an officer being put out of the Army.

  6. Bob- Good question!

    Jim- Agreed!!!

    WSF- Yeah, LOTS of questions surrounding him.

    Roger- Probably… Sigh…

    Barry- Concur!

  7. Cadet Rapone’s statements bespeak either a severe mental or psychological disorder, or a genuine commitment to values and ideals wholly at odds with those of West Point and the Army.

    There aren’t many truly communist countries left on the globe. Maybe he could find a job in the worker’s paradises of Cuba or North Korea? The Norks would suspect that he’s a running dog lackey of the US and would execute him with an anti-aircraft gun. The Cubans might give him a job chopping sugar cane.

    The comment above about him getting a job working for one of the many Soros organizations is on point. Maybe he could work with whats-his-name Hog?

    • I seriously doubt he will have any trouble finding employment once his 15 minutes of fame wears off.

      I know a guy who was kicked out with a dishonorable discharge. He found a good paying job within a month of getting out. The sad fact is that most corporations today couldn’t care less about your military service. If they don’t ask and you don’t tell…

  8. I didn’t understand him at all! Why would you join the US Army if you are a Communist?!?! Why not go to Russia and join their Army or to Cuba, if you don’t like Russian winters. Can’t be too hard to do, after all look at all the folks who ran off to join ISIS.

    Or is he just a wanna-be communist…just wants to believe their propaganda, but not give up any of the benefits of living in a capitalistic society…like more pay, more stuff to be able to buy, etc.

    Glad he is no longer in the US Army.

  9. If I recall correctly, when recruiters were visiting my high school, for the academies there was a minimum commitment of service after graduation. If you didn’t complete your commitment, you were on the hook for the cost of your education. The only exception was a medical discharge. I don’t know if this policy is still in place, but if so, this piece of dog squeeze should get a bill from Uncle Sam and garinsheement of future wages until paid.

  10. What about his oath of enlistment and the West Point honor pledge? It seems he violated the former by not supporting and defending the Constitution, under God. And the latter by lying and cheating.

    Lying because a communist cannot carry out the oath and cheating by accepting the enlistment then commission but not able to faithfully follow orders from the President.

    • The problem is, Communism and Socialism, as a religion, actively encourage the follower to lie. Oaths mean nothing to the furtherment of the cause. Which then would explain why Communist/Socialist systems become so damned paranoid. When you teach your people to lie, how can you trust them?

      This is the issue with any socio/religious system that actively pursues lying to heretics or heathens or apostates, basically to ‘them’. The ‘We’ are encouraged to lie, cheat and steal from ‘Them.’ Socialism, Communism, the current US Democratic Party, certain fundamental Christian sects, are all good examples without naming a few other certain religions.

      Functional socio/religious systems encourage not lying, cheating and stealing from others.

      We also see this in people who swear their oaths of office on things other than the Bible, like, oh, say, an autobiography of Malcolm X.

  11. I’m still not sure how he got through the Academy without someone knowing of his beliefs, but good riddance.

  12. My first thought after the story broke was, “How long has the Army been covering for this guy?” You don’t just suddenly decide terminate your career one day just for the hell of it. Instructors going back for years had to have known.

    And, indeed, in following weeks there was claims that some instructors *did* know, and had filed reports. But nothing happened, and Rapone sailed on through from class to class.

    There’s a whole lot of “broken” here. And… West Point was a serious school with a platinum reputation. A West Point degree *meant* something. Now… not only have Raspone *and* his instructors tarnished that reputation, but if I was hiring and saw a West Point degree on the resume that wasn’t at least, say, 20 years old, I’d just toss it in the trash and reach for the next one, same as for Harvard or Berkeley.

    West Point grads, individually and collectively, should file suit against both Rapone and the school, because they just took a sizeable chunk of opportunities and earnings right off their table.

    Rapone is a turd. And everyone who came into contact with him has some Rapone stuck to them, that’s never going to wash off.

    Further, I’m not in the least happy that the Army took eight full months to get this far. Though given how they’ve handled things in recent years, perhaps I should be glad they didn’t just promote Rapone and put him in charge of something…

  13. Hey Old NFO;

    Yes I am glad that the turd got kicked out. People like that give West Point a bad name. I wonder if political correctness has permeated the Military academies because of this assclown and the black women at Beast Barracks doing the “black Power” thing and nobody did anything.

  14. The next John Kerry. This guy will have no trouble finding ways to make a very comfortable living criticizing our great nation and “community organizing”. Traitors should meet one end..rope, ladder, pole, some assembly required.