Let the spin begin…

First, you can actually get an read the report for yourself, HERE.

The dems, who were counting on the Mueller report to bury the president didn’t get what they wanted on collusion, so now they want to go after him on ‘obstruction’ to the dems ‘standard’ of the word…

Looks like they are determined to kill this presidency, either by death by 1000 paper cuts, 1000 subpoenas, or causing the president to have a stroke or a heart attack.

Go read it and make up your own minds…

Oh and calling for the AG to resign? Where were the calls for Holder or Lynch to do the same after they came out as Obummer’s ‘wingmen’???

Just askin’


Let the spin begin… — 18 Comments

  1. Not only were they his ‘wingmen’, they were co-conspirators in criminal activity!

  2. Oh and let’s talk about the number of times the POTUS invoked executive privilege during this investigation compared to the number of times his predecessor did during the run up of Operation Fast and Furious…

  3. *Giggle giggle* The Wall Street Journal has the report on its front page, all the pages spread out and photographed. I was pre-caffeine, walked past the table, glanced down, and thought “Huh, why’s an endocrinology DNA map on the front page?” Because that’s what it looks like, with all the redactions.

    Yes, I’m strange. You know that. 🙂

    Yet another nothing-burger with a side of temper-tantrums.

  4. So, after 2 years and millions of our dollars, Mueller concludes that there was no collision or conspiracy on the part of the president, but maybe, just possibly, the president said something of did something that might be construed as a cover up of a non-existent crime? Reaching for duct tape for my head a glass of single malt. Sheesh, and we pay these idjits.

  5. All this just shows that, come 2020, the fracture which should have healed without this and Hillary’s histrionics and Barack’s manipulations after stepping down, will just become more severe.

    The report could have been a giant bandage, instead it is just holding the infection in. Hopefully Barr will be let loose to chase the bugs down and quarantine them away from the rest of us, but too many liberal judges and too many deep state actors are still out there.

    I had hopes, once, of healing. Now I have hopes of a hard final strike, as it looks more and more that our Gotterdammerung has come.

    Bleh. Sorry, Good Friday always gets me down.

  6. Law can be a mechanism for resolving disputes, but is not required by physics to do so.

    This report does not appear to have resolved any disputes*. Partially, there is a wider dispute over whether the proper aim of the law is a form of justice that in practice appears to be left.

    *Perhaps not even the minor one between me and the pro legalization liberal squishes who thought that this matter was an important one, worth firing an Attorney General who was making some important corrections to Obama’s lawlessness. Sure, not more aggressively handling this matter could result in a 2020 loss, and the next Democrat Attorney General may protect the stoners while they murder us in our beds, but try convincing me of that. Elections confuse me.

  7. We knew that they weren’t going to accept it before it was released. Even without redactions, they’d still be howling because Mueller didn’t come to the “correct” conclusions.

    Face it – we’ve got years of this nonsense ahead of us.

    • I’ve been looking at changing my career to keep me mentally engaged. When I have too much time and energy on my hands, my sense of fun ideas have a lot of overlap with ‘would pointlessly cause trouble’.

      My correct action at this point the campaign, given that I did not vote for Clinton or Trump in the last election, is soul searching in relation to finding a way I can vote for Trump. Because the only way Clinton isn’t running in 2020, is natural causes or the Democrats finding a worse psycho to nominate. Trump just isn’t anywhere near crazy and dangerous enough not to be the expedient vote. The smart thing to do is mend fences and vote for him.

      So saying this probably makes me extremely stupid. And not in the joking sense. I didn’t like Hillary Clinton, thought her email stuff was a number of serious crimes, and recognized that sparing the powerful is a good way to create lawlessness. I also remembered what Kratman said about the failure mode of Rome, the escalations caused by punishments imposed as a result of losing political contests. I was opposed to the lock her up talk and slogan, and had two reasons that were not opposition to Trump. First was the escalation. Second was that she was in tight with Obama, and Obama could spare her by coming out and publicly saying that he had wanted her to do that. He didn’t do that because he didn’t want to pay the price, but she had enough on him to force the matter. (Also, for Clinton, it was probably about having personally the power of a position that let her flaunt the rules. If she had to go hat in hand to another person, much less a man, that gets ruined.)

      For a hardcore Clinton partisan, there is a twisted sense of reciprocity in this behavior. In reality, it is not strictly reciprocal. Some of the criteria advanced to hang Trump would, if applied evenhandedly, hang quite a few more Democrats than just Hillary.

      There are serious reasons for the behavior. Even if incorrect, dismissing them will cause us to ignore some of the possibilities for negotiated settlement. Secondly, we are perhaps escalating towards standards that will tar very many people as guilty. So there are extra incentives for finding some firm point of common agreement.

  8. Phrases I’ve heard in the last 24 hours:
    “Passive collusion”
    “no longer a legal issue but a political one”
    “Now is the time for Congress to correct Mueller’s failure”
    “He(Trump)can’t be allowed to walk away from this”
    “There’s no way we can allow him to be on the 2020 ballot”

    They aren’t sane. They won’t back down. No, I don’t have nearly enough ammo.

  9. What Ed said.
    Let’s investigate the 33,000 emails, bleachbit, and that crooked futures deal she made “back when” that miraculously multiplied her investment by 10 times in less than a year.