We were trying to decide on dinner last night and somebody said Catfish!

Then in became where…

“Well, there’s this little place just across the Red… in Oklahoma…

45 miles and an hour later, we pull in to this little place that doesn’t even have a sign outside.

There were maybe eight cars outside when we pulled up, so we got seated immediately! 🙂

Having eaten at a few fish camps over the years, I looked at the menu and saw full and half orders, which is as they say, a clue! I got the 1/2 order of shrimp and catfish, Lawdog got a half order of catfish, and AEpilot Jim got the FULL order platter…

And fried pickles, and they brought TWO baskets of hush puppies. The coleslaw was excellent, with a hint of garlic, and we all agreed the fish was going to be good!

The meal came, and it was delicious as we’d heard. Fish camp style, slim fillets cooked perfectly, and HOT when they came out with the fries. The tartar sauce was definitely homemade, and plenty of it.

Lawdog and I barely finished our 1/2 orders, and Jim actually had to get a takeout! As we were leaving there were at least six couples waiting inside, and probably five or six more outside or sitting in their trucks, and I counted forty vehicles filling the small parking lot.

On the way back we were laughing about it being ‘Texas close’, probably ‘only’ drawing from about a 60 mile radius.  We collectively decided we would be back, and we’ll be bringing friends, but we’re gonna get there EARLY! 🙂

This morning I’m sleeping off the food coma from last night… LOL


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  1. Dang it, now I’m hungry for good catfish! May have to stop by that place next time I’m in the area.

    ‘Texas close’ – my wife from New Hampshire didn’t believe me when I told her folks in parts of Texas would drive a couple of hours for dinner, or even longer – MUCH longer – for a high school football game!

  2. Bill’s is a legend around these parts and I’d be willing to be that the 60 mile radius is on the conservative side. I’m definitely in the next time.

    • Willing to bet…not willing to be…stupid fingers and lack of proofreading skill.

  3. “Texas close” year we have that here in Idaho as well. I’ve spent a lot of time on the east coast and somebody says we should go to someplace an hour away, and the group attitude is well we’ll have to get the car serviced, rotate the tires, arrange for someone to watch the house, feed the pet, etc. Then I say something to the effect we have counties back home that are bigger than some of your states out here, whats the problem?

  4. Tom- Oh so true. Especially in west Texas. You’ll be driving along in the ‘middle of nowhere’ and there is a football stadium a college would be proud of, and it’s a high school… And people come from 100 miles away.

    Tole/Wing- Rgr all.

    NRW- LOL, true!!!

  5. And then, there is “Atlanta Close.” It’s like Texas Close, in that it’s an hour away, but the distance is a bit different. As in, 12 miles instead of 45.

  6. Everyone around here raves about Wisconsin friday night fish frys. Meh. I may have to move to Texas. I just ate and now I’m hungry again…

  7. Thanks for the report. Cat is one of my favorites.
    Now I’m just trying to figure out if it’s “close” enough to my home.
    A good bike ride?!