The situation on the border is getting #%%(@@ ridiculous. And the pols refuse to jack about it, blaming the president for creating a ‘false’ problem.

If I were him, I’d call the leaders of the house/senate and the Mexican ambassador to the White House. Sitting on the desk would be five dice and a dice cup.

I’d give them six months to pass immigration, get the necessary funding for the wall and adequate personnel, and give the same six months to the ambassador to have Mexico get their act together and stop letting the people through, instead actually obeying the UN asylum rules.

When they start protesting, I’d pick up a die, drop it in the cup, then the next, until all five are in the cup then I’d explain that the first month, the border would be closed on a particular day between the 1st and the 6th for between one and six days. The second month, two dice. Same thing. The third month three dice, the fourth, four dice, the fifth, five dice. And the total number on the second roll would be the number of days the border would be closed.

If at six months, nothing had happened, the border would be closed and remain closed until the immigration and other things  were fixed. Then I’d slam the dice cup down, and throw them out of the office.

Geez… Can’t these f**kers put politics aside for even a f**king WEEK and get shit done? Or do they just not care? I’m about at the point that the Dems and Pubs are nothing but two sides of the same frikkin coin…

Kicking the soapbox back in the corner and going to find my BP meds…


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  1. In a brief moment of sanity a Federal judge denied a House request to prevent President Trump from tapping DoD money for the border wall saying that Congress lacked the authority to sue.

    As to your last point, it’s like Ambulance Driver said…(I’m paraphrasing)…the only difference between the two parties is which part of The Constitution they use to wipe their ass.

    • In all honesty I think part of the problem is the existence of career politicians. When you have someone who seeks that position as a life-long job choice, eventually even those who start out true public servants turn away from that. Like I heard someone say the other night, their focus isn’t on what’s right for the people or the country. It’s solely on building power for their respective parties and ensuring they stay in office. It’s a recipe for disaster all the way around.

  2. Neither party cares one whit about the American people. The Repubs held power for years, and did nothing but increase welfare spending.

    The only practical difference between the Dems and Repubs is how fast they are accelerating into doom.

    • Sorry, I forgot one practical difference. The Dems actually care what some of their constituents say they wantmc. The Repubs never do.

  3. I try very hard to keep my opinion of Congress, and politics in general, to myself. But they are making it very difficult to do so.

    I personally believe that the entire legislative branch needs a good housecleaning. Fire every last one of them and hold new elections to fill the void. Even that won’t completely clean out the corruption, but it would be a good start.

    To bring congress back in line with the constitution would require a very strong message from us, “We The People”. Flogging, tar and feathering, and split rails come readily to mind. But I fear that we are too fractured now to ever really do anything to rein in the bastards.

  4. It remains to see what the Mexicans actually do. The tariff goes up tomorrow. We should use the money toward the Big Beautiful Wall. The reality is that Mexico is seriously on the ropes. Both parties understand that. The. Communists in power in Mexico are 100% broke. The PRI Party took the silverware and plates with them when they left.

    So Mexico can become a sanctuary state for Central America, or they can turn them back.

  5. Fact: Congress cares about NOTHING except power and control. Fact: they don’t care what we think or say. Fact: the situation is well nigh irredeemable.

    Fact: they might care about what We the People do, IF said People get organized and actually do something.

  6. All- Thanks for the comments, can’t disagree with anyone. Crap like this is why I’m an independent.

    Posted from my Phone.

  7. When crazy Ann Coulter screams about the Wall, she conveniently forgets all the judges, politicians, NGOs, state politicians, local politicians, groups, people, animals (some barriers have been thrown up over the Wall because of endangered rare bolivian sand snail darters or some such dog-squeeze.)

    The man has, until the Mueller report came out, been fighting a 4 front war. Now he’s got only a 3 front war, and he’s coming out swinging.

    And, yes, we the people need to call all our politicians to task about that oath they swore to the Constitution and to the Laws of this country.

    At least the private Build the Wall people got over 1/2 mile done, completing a good amount after some local politician said they had to stop because local fences could only be 6 feet high, and other reasons like it would block the flow of drug cartel money into said local politicians’ pockets.

    That right there is the real issue. How much of the resistance to the wall by our own people is being funded by illegal foreign powers? Just wish the FBI would actually look into that. Be interesting to find out how much money Pelosi and others, including the late McCain, have received from foreign interests to subvert our own laws and principles.

      • Naturalized citizenships can be revoked. He was a Nazi collaborator, after all. Feed him to the Israelis.

  8. Agreed and am pretty pissed at the State pols too and their backroom deals. I fired off three emails this morning to the Governor and my Rep and Senator (the senator has NEVER responded to repeated emails)
    I am pretty tight in the jaws today.

  9. Beans- Point!

    Judy- Yep!

    Randy- At least mine gives me a courtesy response… sigh

    Ed- 🙂

  10. Anything that may strengthening President Trump’s chances in 2020 must be fought. The very survival of the swamp people depends on it.

    The fate the deplorabels? Too bad.

  11. Six months? I’d give them 90 days – if no actions are taken and results achieved, there WOULD be a national emergency.

  12. There hasn’t been 20 cents worth of difference between the d and r since before Nixon.

      • Reagan was one of the best Presidents, I served while he was in office. He promoted SDI and restored the Military which arguably helped end the Cold War because the soviet couldn’t match the spending, among other reasons, and he believed in State’s rights, and he lived the good values he talked about.

        However, he still had to work with the deecee influence peddlers, the lobbyists and the congress, and the race pimps like sharpton et al. Do you think the deep state wasn’t around 40 years ago? it just wasn’t as pervasive as it is now. And that could be argued.

        McChuck offered a similar comment above, will you also question him.

  13. Add a 25% tax on remitances back to Mexico. They’ll be on their knees within a couple weeks.

  14. This is the USA of, yes? Land of Big Ideas, and Big Implementations, yes? And the Panama canal is now supposedly fully Panamanian. And the thing is rather narrow, utterly unsuitable for today’s and tomorrow’s larger ships.

    So, the solution presents itself thus: A new, bigger (deeper, WIDER), better, and longer canal. Yes, the length will be awkward, but with electric (ideally nuclear derived electricity) ‘donkey engines’ to move ships, there will be savings in (fossil!) fuel and emissions. And it will need to be guarde..uh.. staffed. Call it the.. Mexican-Oceanic-American-Transfer. Yes, a MOAT.