Once again the PC police are at it…

This time over ‘morale’ or theater patches. These are the humorous, sometimes scatalogical patches aircrews wear when overseas or on deployment. And sometimes at home too…

These are some of mine. Bottom middle one is a theater made patch from 1973, and yes, the black patch has ‘something’ on it. 🙂

And this one is a fairly ‘famous’ one among both the Navy and Air Force aircrews world-wide…

But since THIS picture came out, we’re in a SHTF moment as the left melts down.

Courtesy of Blue Lives Matter, we have THIS link to the article. And I just ‘love’ the hypocrisy of Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Mark Hertling, who spouts off that the morale patch is illegal, then in the next statement allows as to how ‘he’ wore one, “with his 4 star bosses approval”.

Where’s my BS flag, I know I’ve got it around here somewhere… Oh and the LG is a national security and military analyst for CNN, so we know where ‘his’ loyalties lie, don’t we.

Morale patches and sayings have probably been around as long as there have been military organizations. Remember the iconic ‘comments’ and art on the Vietnam helmets? What about nose art on airplanes? What about crew patches?

Hell, what about squadron patches??? Should they all be this one?

I’m sure they can find people that will be offended by all of the above… It’s time for the military to tell all of them to shove it, and let the kids have their patches. ‘Most’ of the protesters have probably not served, and have no idea about the patch culture, and the amount of work and pleasure the kids get from those patches. I’m betting those were probably made by Tiger down in Okinawa, or the place right out the gate from Atsugi, that I can’t remember the name of…

Keep your @#%*$(# political BS out of the military and let them do their damn jobs!


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  1. Not to mention the scatological, blasphemous, and sexual referenced nick names that sailors have applied to their ships from time immemorial. The cleanest one I can think of offhand is the WWII battleship “California,” known throughout the Pacific Fleet as the “Prune Barge.”

  2. Preaching to the choir. The PC/SJW don’t care. Protesting is their “thing”. As a side benefit, they might find a hook up.

  3. Heh. Not a patch, but I have the T-shirt from a field experiment. They put the four endangered or threatened species that live in the area on the shirt. Management threw a fit. We found it highly amusing, two trailers away. Strange this, the F&WS people also got the joke.

  4. When I was a missileer, we didn’t have morale patches (though I do still have a sticker). I got lucky, twice, that the squadrons I was assigned to (different wings) both used the original B-17 bomb squadron patch. The other two squadrons had new patches.

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    I like the collection of patched, I need to dig out some of the stuff that I have….LOL Back then, people had a sense of humor. I partially am convinced that the new protest against the Military is TDS because he supports them and this is part of the blowback…

  6. I believe the Commander in Chief , not some puke CNN expert makes the final call on these thinks.

    Maybe somebody should send CNN a MAKE NEWS REAL AGAIN patch.

  7. +500 to Gerry, on both points.

    It sure seems like the officer corps (at least the General Officers) are a bunch of pussies who won’t stick up for their troops. Was it always like this?

  8. I have one from when Forrestal caught fire at the pier the day before deployment in 1990; a globe of the Atlantic with Forrestal on fire in Mayport FL while three smallboys go through the Straights without us.

    Skipper hated that patch…