Bread and circuses…

Again… Alternately, deja vu all over again…

That’s six hours of my life I’ll never get back.

Three hours of BS, bluster, and obfuscation yesterday morning on yet ANOTHER replay of the Mueller report, this time starring Mueller himself in front of the ‘Judicial’ Committee. And I use the term ‘judicial’ loosely… Sigh

The one that got my attention was when Mueller was asked about Fusion GPS, and apparently didn’t know who/what that was! Now I’m wondering if he even read the report he supposedly drafted… Or was he just the public face of the investigation, while the subordinates did all the work and prepared the report without his direction/oversight. There were at least a few points that even I caught where Mueller’s answers contradicted what was in the report.

This video and the answers (or lack of answers) are rather interesting too…

And the 3 hours of ‘Intelligence’ committee hearing wasn’t much better… One thing I picked up on was that Mueller immediately answered all the Dems questions, as if he knew what was going to be asked. He never declined to answer one of their questions, that I remember. At worst, he just fell back on “I’m not going to discuss that, or get into that.”

Best line, “Where in regulations does it say that you or the Attorney General can exonerate someone?”

Mueller stumbled around a bit then said, “He wasn’t sure.”

When pressed, he just refused to answer…  Also never would answer if there was any investigation of anyone other than the Trump campaign. Interesting…

Mueller never answered a single question about the Steele dossier, saying he wouldn’t go there, even though it was in the report.

Once again, he didn’t seem to know or remember what was in his own report. Strange, to put it mildly.

The political theater on both sides was amazing, and the agenda of the Dems was perfectly clear based on the speechifying by the committee chairs. And that was “Orange Man BAD! He obstructed justice but you didn’t prosecute him because ‘he’ tied your hands, he was unethical but you couldn’t prosecute because ‘he’ tied your hands, partnered with the Russians but you didn’t find collusion, but there was ‘conspiracy’ since the word collusion couldn’t be used, and ORANGE MAN BAD!!!”

If there was a plus to yesterday’s pandering, it kept the congresscritters from screwing up anything else… Sigh…


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  1. I think that triple dosing my blood pressure meds would have been a bad idea, and even that might not have allowed me to watch the testimony.

    Thank you for taking the bullet on this one.

  2. I had a few minutes inflicted on me at the computer store. I managed to hear the bit where Mueller said that DoJ rulings prevented him from indicting a sitting president (the part he then back-tracked hard later on). He did not look well – as in not healthy.

  3. I was under the impression that an investigation into some claimed illegal behavior required drilling down to the origins of the claims. Mueller dodging all the questions regarding the Steele Dossier along with the origins of that dossier and who asked for it be created points obviously to the fact that Mueller and his investigation had no interest in the truth.

    While we all know the pertinent facts of the situation, it still is ironic that 2 years of ‘investigation’ failed to accept and iterate the facts of the situation. It has been said that Mueller obviously had no input or real involvement in the investigation at all. They could have dug up J Edgar Hoover and gotten the same effect of name recognition.

    Unless the republicans start an investigation into the origins of the dossier and the surrounding conspiracy this will never come to light in any meaningful way. Meanwhile the democrats will cling to their copy of the report and read into it all manner of possible crimes and activities all in an effort to oust a sitting president who did nothing as far as what the dossier or anyone else said he did.

  4. John- Since I’ve actually READ the damn report, the least I could do was watch it. Mueller’s report was dumped to congress as he ‘knew’ he didn’t have shit.

    TXRed- No he didn’t

    Glenda- Excellent points! Thanks.

  5. If you want to see some serious detachment from reality, go read Dan Rather’s take on the whole thing. I do think the left are living in a state of permanent psychosis, unable to see the reality right in front of them. Having read the entire report (yeah, I do that…I’m all about knowing the primary source information) and watching that ridiculous train wreck yesterday, I wonder what the hell Mueller was doing for two years. Drinking martinis? He clearly wasn’t in charge. (I’m SO glad I was cutting things up yesterday….it allowed for a release of irritation on fabric, rather than a random smelly hippie wandering by on the street).

  6. This is how it should be handled.

    Side by side comparison of yesterday’s testimony to previous testimony episodes.

    Any deviation is lying, thus he needs to be prosecuted for what General Flynn got shafted for. (No records of Flynn FBI interviews except what the agents wrote down. Never should have been charged, nope, never ever.)

    Simple as that.

    Lie, you die and fry.

    Then, for snitze and giggles, go back and check the questioning and testimony by each congresscritter. If they’ve changed their stories, which most of the dems have, then look into them for process crimes.

    The rot has to stop somehow.

  7. Hopefully, the (P)regressives have inadvertently showed the country what bumbling asses they are, and how out of touch with most people’s daily lives. If people will vote their pocketbooks, many of those assclowns won’t be back in 2020.

  8. Jonna- Detached wasn’t the half of it, disconnected was more like it. Dammit

    Beans- Agreed!

    WSF- Sadly, there is a core that WILL vote them back in for the free cheese…

  9. @Beans – also agreed.

    Can’t remember where I read this, but someone observed that if the Uranium One shenanigans are up for investigation in the near future, now would be a good time for Mueller to establish a public record of dementia, which might mitigate any culpability on his part.

  10. I noticed Mueller answered Dem questions quicker and more thoroughly than GOP questions (assuming he answered GOP questions at all). If I were a cynical bastard I’d suspect the Dems of feeding Mueller the questions. But they’d NEVER do that. *painful eye-roll*

    • At this point they’ve had weeks to rehearse together.

      • True, but I’m astonished at how ineptly he handled GOP questions. Compare his behavior with, say, that smirking bastard Strzok.

  11. I had to wonder if age was catching up on him or was he a sly fox, attempting to look that way on purpose. Those close to him would know.

  12. I lasted about ten minutes and could not watch any more.
    Personally, I think Muller has dementia and did not have anything to say about what was in the report nor did he read it.

  13. Off subject here. Calling all FACs, Ravens and Cat Killers…I want to say the International Bird Dog Association (IBDA) will make 2020 the biggest Birddog Meeting ever.

    The meeting will be 15 – 18 September 2020 in Fredericksburg, Texas.

  14. I haven’t read the report, and I’ve only seen a few short segments of the circus. My impression is that when this entire business began, it was sponsored and supported by the Democratic Party by way of their black ops team and the dark network. The goal was obvious: Smear Trump and do as much collateral damage to the Republican party as possible.

    Muller didn’t write that report; his lackeys wrote it, which is their job. I doubt he’s actually read the entire report, and if he has, his comprehension is around 30%. He knew the bottom line – we didn’t find anything, hence we failed – and knew he’d have to testify in front of commercial media.

    His refusal to discuss certain points as raised by Republicans should be validated by a quick look at National security. There are certain things the Federal government refuses to release to the general public due to security reasons. Failing that, the man should be held in contempt and incommunicado until he decides to talk. Given his age, I’d forego the rubber hoses.

    No, Muller didn’t look good. He’s under pressure he didn’t expect – remember that Hillary was supposed to win this one – and he’s old. Probably has a bad liver.