With malice aforethought…

There is apparently a concerted effort going on to delete certain conservative authors from Wiki. This has all blown up in the past few days, and it is interesting how commenters who made comments on both the wiki Article for Deletion page AND the blogs are being called sock puppets and their comments disallowed…

The ‘discussion’ is HERE, and note this is the SECOND attempt to remove Mike’s page…

Same for Tom Kratman, HERE.

And yesterday, they (yes, it’s the nebulous they) went after Sarah Hoyt.

And the ‘discussion’ on Sarah is HERE.

Oh, and apparently Baen is a ‘vanity’ press! Really???

Edit- And apparently there was an abortive run made to delete Ringo’s page the night of the 22nd that was quickly shut down.

Reading through some of the comments it is ‘interesting’ to see the convoluted logic used in some of the arguments. I can’t help but wonder if this is nothing more than an attempt to depeople certain individuals prior to the awards season/DragonCon?

Kinda glad I’m a Z-lister, so I don’t have to worry about this crap.

Edit- And the Victory Girls have chimed in, HERE! And they are pulling NO punches!!! LOL

If they aren’t on your daily read list, they should be!


With malice aforethought… — 10 Comments

  1. They are on my RSS feed.
    This from Sarah Hoyt in the article:
    “As far as my Wikipee page, on the one hand I want it gone because they’re neither mentally fit nor capable of an honest presentation of me or my work. On the other hand, if we cede control of social media, and it is a social media, to these fat, self-aggrandizing, pompous never-will-bes, we hasten the later stages of the culture war that will turn into mass violence.”
    Mass violence approaches….

  2. Wikipedia is GREAT for what it is, a community-sourced information system with limited oversight, but it’s really NOT a great definitive source BECAUSE of that.
    I have a couple of Wikipedia articles, and the biggest hassle is the dance through the html. The second biggest hassle is making sure you can prove you have the right to pictures, which may be copyright materials. In one article I wrote, I was reduced to including a family Christmas picture, because the professional-quality headshot was from a corporate webpage, and I didn’t want to cause any ruckus.
    In a far more humorous vein, Uncyclopedia parodies Wikipedia, and anyone can play. I doubt the SJW (or whoever) would bother to go there, but if they had senses of humor, they would.
    In fact, I might just make an entry there myself today, if I can do that between tracking down why Amazon booted my last review, picking up my lawn mower from the repair shop, getting my drugs from the pharmacy, and finishing at least one more book in my TBR&R stack.
    BTW: if you already had Uncyclopedia bookmarked (as I did), they have changed the url. Just google the word, and the new reference pops right up. The old link gives scary “it ain’t here no more” warnings.

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    I have used Wiki for my postings, especially my “Monday Music” posting that I do. I have never used them for a political post so I wasn’t aware that they had a bias. Logically I should have known better because wiki allows people to “self edit” because I have used that feature to fix articles relating to Ford Tauruses and Atlanta Assy Plant because I KNOW the subject matter. I have bookmarked “Infogalactic” and will use them from now on. Ed is correct from the Sarah quote that we can’t cede social media to the SJW’s because that territory will have to be recaptured. As George Patton said “I don’t like to pay for the same real estate twice”.

  4. What The everloving Fire truck?

    Sarah’s wiki page is ‘overly hagiographic’? First, I didn’t know people on the left could use such big words. Second, seriously?

    And Tom Kratman wasn’t a lawyer, military officer or published author of 10 books and tons of articles? Oh, Baen published them so that doesn’t matter, right?

    I’ve always wondered how normal people in the slowly Nazi-fying Nazi Germany felt, watching their world slip away. Now I know.

  5. Bob- Yeah… sigh

    Beans/LL- Agreed, and I wonder if folks WILL wake up in time. Dammit…

  6. Mad Mike’s comment about his WP entry was beautiful, if off color. I’m tempted to print it up, take it to DragonCon, and see if he’ll autograph it 😀