Well damn…

John Richardson’s blog, No Lawyers, only Guns and Money has been shut down by Google…

THIS isn’t good. If you’re a blogger and using Google, you might want to think about moving somewhere else…QUICKLY

This is plain and simple, suppression of a conservative voice. John has never posted outside his ‘lane’ of gun related posts and information in all the years I’ve been following him. AND he is a super nice guy and very strong proponent of the 2nd Amendment.


Well damn… — 20 Comments

  1. More demonization of the Jew, I mean the gun owner.

    We are in their sights.

    This will NOT end well.

  2. Guess it’s time to shop for a new format to host mine. I really liked the zero cost aspect of it, but I’ll pay a fee if it means it’s mine.

  3. Google has done that to a number of blogs I used to frequent.

    While they may be convenient, they’re still the enemy. And while I may post comments on blogs hosted there, I won’t create a Google account to be able to do it, which means Kim du Toit and Peter Grant are safe from me… I’m astonished that those two haven’t made the Google hit list yet.

  4. mtntopforge was shut down by wordpress 3 months ago for “tos” violations, on May 2nd if I remember correctly, so this is no surprise, the webz companies are silencing independent thinking or conservative bloggers.

  5. Houston- Yep…

    Tole- Agreed. That’s why I moved three years ago.

    RC- Yep, I’m good

    TRX- Heard that.

    Grog- Didn’t hear about that. Dammit…

  6. As you know, I’ve had similar problems with Google. They haven’t locked me out, but it’s just a matter of time. I’m still trying to work out the details of moving the blog, lock, stock and barrel. There is a war against conservatives and Google is a leading element.

  7. Tar, Feathers, Pitchforks. Some assembly required.

  8. I think it is just a matter of time until some person or group sets up a usable platform that conservatives will use to get their message out. I know that some are trying, it is just a matter of time before one of them will get enough word of mouth to break out.

  9. ἀμὴν λέγω σοι,I’ve got 386 blog posts going back over six years on blogger. Some of that is also elsewhere, but not all of it. Guess I’d better make preparations.
    Don’t need this. Also have to see how many of my pictures I can recover from Photobucket. They are undergoing contortions.

  10. I posted the following on another site earlier this afternoon:
    “It’s called “Battle-space Preparation.” The Left is prepping the battlefield (and it is a Battle) for 2020. They intend on taking power (NOT office) in November. Plan accordingly.”

    I pray I’m wrong but prepping as if I’m not.

  11. pigpen- Hopefully, and soon! Sigh…

    Pat- Yep, get that stuff back while you can.

    Stretch- We’ve had this conversation… dammit…

  12. Scary s***. We all know it’s coming. The literal Giants control our internet and media and someday will control our voice. We shall not go quietly into that dark night

  13. Western Rifle Shooters has been consistently right on this. Meatspace, baby.

    In the immortal worlds of Gandalf, this is just ” The deep breath before the plunge”

    Win. Or the rest doesn’t matter.

  14. Please let us know when “No Lawyers, only Guns and Money” is up again and where.

    FWIW, retired Army working every day at Cecil. A few P-3 NFOs are still around and JAX NAS still has a few flying, but not for long. A beautiful bird and I expect it will be missed. Perhaps sooner than we’d like.

    Keep Up the good work.

    • It appears Mr. Richardson is setting up shop at WordPress for now.

      • He’s back up at blogger – he got a note apologizing, saying that the blogger robot made a mistake – umm, yeah, right. He’s moving to WordPress anyway.