Bookends, so to speak… Both in P-3s.



BOTH were hot, one had humidity and typhoons, and one didn’t…

And they were damn near half the world apart.

But I wouldn’t trade my military career for anything. The shipmates, the places we visited, and the real impact we made on world peace were all worth it. We helped end the Cold War.


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  1. It took a minute with google to identify those locations from the pictures. It would have required no time if you had done so. A little wake-up test for us?

    • Nevermind. I see if you click through, you have the answers. Need coffee, apparently.

  2. Ahh, Cubi Point. I have taken off and landed many times on that runway. Almost died there once when our C-118 lost an engine on takeoff in a bad weather situation. Luckily, they got it stopped on the runway.
    Took us a month to get a new engine out there. The AF managed to lose track of a replacement R-2800 they were shipping from Hawaii. Unbelievable.

  3. Nice reflections. Honorable career. Thank you for your service!

  4. And many thanks to you and your shipmates for hard work and dedication in many lonely places on the walls.

  5. It lasted for years, yet was over in a heartbeat. And we’d go back & do it again, given the chance. You did more than most, and for that we’re grateful. Thank you, sir.

  6. Kenny- Sorry… LOL

    Fluge- Yeah, ‘interesting’ place to operate from, and the Cubi ‘O’ club. 😀

    Fargo- Thank you.

    PK- Thanks

    Rev- Yeah, but I was lucky. I came home. Many didn’t… May they RIP.

  7. Thank you for being there… and here and over there and some other place. The USofA needed men like you.

  8. My initial thought was, “Wow, Cubi looks a lot like a carrier!”
    That’d be a mighty long carrier though.

  9. CP- You too, sir! 🙂

    Skip- In another 30 years… sigh

    GB- LOL, and we’ve used every foot of it a time or two…

    Rick- Thanks!

  10. Man oh man did I love Cubi Pt. Had two deployments there in the early eighties. Such a shame we were kicked out. Used to hang out at 100% Rock and Roll.

  11. I knew it was Cubi the instant I saw it. Spent some time there. Fond memories. Even worked on some aircraft once in a while.