Isn’t THAT interesting…

Corrected to update various things.

The first tranche of documents dropped in the Epstein case Friday, naming names of the first round of chomos that had sex with underage girls in conjunction with Epstein/Maxwell. Article HERE. And of course Trump’s name was in the article, however the woman never said Trump had sex with any of the underaged girls.

Here is a video of another one of the girls Epstein lured in.

There were, as expected, immediate denials, yada, yada, yada. There were ‘hints’ of a more complete list to drop quickly, and the possibility that Epstein had turned and was going to cooperate with law enforcement.

Early Saturday morning, Jeffrey Epstein was found ‘unresponsive’ a little after 6 am in his cell. Article, HERE.

And now there is a report that he was NOT on active suicide watch, and oh, the cameras didn’t show anything, HERE.  VERY interesting if true…

Edit- Riddle me this… Epstein was on an active suicide watch, which included video. Based on my experience, they pretty much take away anything one can use to harm themselves… How did he do that, why was he not seen?

Apparently in Federal custody, active suicide watch is only 72 hours. He had apparently been removed some time earlier.

Could the guards have just screwed up? Sure. Could someone have been paid enough to make it look like a suicide? Possible? Probable?

Are they NYPD Feds really ‘that’ incompetent? Or were there outside ‘influences’… Clintons?  Maxwell? Others? No suicide note? Clinton was long rumored to be a ‘player’, and had accompanied Epstein over a dozen times on his airplane, the Lolita Express, according to reports, maybe with or without USSS agents accompanying him. Those records are out there in the wild.

Now that Epstein is gone, my guess is there will be a lot of stomping on the carpet to flatten it back out as the evidence of crimes committed by the connected and powerful that were in danger of being publicized by Epstein will quietly disappear into the ether again.


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  1. I believe you were right on the money. This all stinks so high that even God could smell it.

  2. Just like in the Mafia, the high pooh-bahs on the Left don’t get to advance to the lofty heights of power without the others having serious dirt on them. That’s how they make sure nobody squeals.

    Epstein was one of the primary muck shovelers. A gatekeeper, if you will. He had dirt on everybody, and could not be allowed to talk to independent authorities.

    Trump was invited to join their ranks, but declined. That’s a serious offense to them. No wonder they hate him so much.

  3. There is an unwritten rule in the inner circles of DC, the so-called Deep State. In exchange for a chip in the big game, people who call the shots need to have dirt on you. Epstein provided that service and was protected and compensated. Until he wasn’t. The Deep State is not infallible. We know that because President Trump was elected. They had dirt on him, but not enough, and The Donald was wise enough not to take the offered trip to Fantasy Island.

    In my varied experiences professionally, I’ve seen this “we need dirt on you to trust you” scenario play out. I never took them up on it. Some people friends who did, lamented my ‘poor judgment’. Such as it is, I’ve always been happy that I went another way even if I was denied access to the pinnacles of power.

    • What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

      I guess they don’t run the eternal algo, and judge not lest… but still.

  4. What if he’s not actually dead? There are some serious doubts about his “death” photo. They could/should have him in hiding to protect him from the powerful people that want him dead.

    • Using the new tech from Samsung that allows creation of a life-like, animated “talking head” from a single photo, it would be possible to have zombie Epstein testify by video link (for his safety … snigger), and bring down hell and damnation on all those kiddie fiddlers.

      Just sayin’

  5. MarkT has a good point, what if this was arranged by AG Barr to protect Epstien because of the knowledge he has.

    In some ways, he’s more valuable alive than dead because of the info, and it’s not as if the fed has never done any mis-direction.

  6. There have always been immoral and illegal activities of a sexual nature among the most powerful political elite dating back to the beginning of recorded history. This is due to a duality that exists in our world.

    This duality is the existence of the ‘moral objectives’ as stated by our politicians and the converse amoral and oft times illegal sexual gratification of the same power elite.

    The advent of the internet has made hiding the dark side of their lives far more difficult for those in power. Information control is almost impossible and rumors can spread at light speed.

    There is a sort of cynicism regarding life when you realize that despite the most honorable intentions, systems that wield great power tend to become corrupted and the longer they exist, the worse that corruption gets.

    Epstein is a symptom of a widespread activity of amoral and immoral natures and the fact is that those in power will do ANYTHING to avoid embarrassment and loss of that power.

  7. Tom Hagen: When a plot against the Emperor failed… the plotters were always given a chance… to let their families keep their fortunes. Right?

    Frank Pentangeli: Yeah, but only the rich guys, Tom. The little guys got knocked off and all their estates went to the Emperors. Unless they went home and killed themselves, then nothing happened. And the families… the families were taken care of.

    Tom Hagen: That was a good break. A nice deal.

    Frank Pentangeli: Yeah… They went home… and sat in a hot bath… opened up their veins… and bled to death… and sometimes they had a little party before they did it.

  8. All- Don’t disagree with any comments… Gerry- VERY much on point…

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  9. She may have been abused by Epstein and his cronies, and she may have wanted to make the world a better place for her daughter, and I am sure her settlement will go a long way to making her daughter… uh… safer. Just give me the MON NAY. Now I wonder how far this will go and who paid to have him commit suicide.

  10. “Once an inmate has been placed on watch, the watch may not be terminated, under any circumstance, without the program coordinator or designee performing a face-to-face evaluation,” according to the federal Bureau of Prisons official guidelines issued in 2007.
    From this article:

    • Thanks for the verification – which leads to WHO took him off watch, when and what criteria did they use and WHY were the surveillance cameras out of commission. Plus the guards were apparently NOT making the required rounds.
      Any bets that no higher ups will be held accountable……………..

  11. All- Thanks for the comments, and NO good answers so far, at least that ‘I’ know of.

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  12. It does leave one wondering if the FBI raid on Epstein’s island is an aimed at acquiring evidence – or at burying it?