Once again San Franfreako steps up and makes Florida man look good…

San Francisco has introduced new sanitized language for criminals, getting rid of words such as “offender” and “addict” while changing “convicted felon” to “justice-involved person.”


A juvenile “delinquent” will now be called a “young person with justice system involvement,” or a “young person impacted by the juvenile justice system.”


And drug addicts or substance abusers, meanwhile, will become “a person with a history of substance use.”

Full article, HERE.

This is apparently IN ADDITION to making a number of things ‘not a prosecutable’ crime… Really?

And this makes one wonder why anybody with any sense would actually want to even visit that POS town, unless you came with a complete Tyvek suit, rebreather, and booties to keep from tracking crap everywhere you went.

Even more interesting, apparently a number of ambulance services will no longer transfer patients to San Franfreako, citing medic’s fears of being robbed at gunpoint for any meds that ‘might’ be on the ambulance during their time in SFO…

And then there is this- Mapping San Francisco’s 132,562 Cases Of Human Feces, from Zero Hedge, HERE.  

I really don’t see how anybody from there can hold their heads up in polite company, much less justify what the city…well, I was going to say fathers, but that doesn’t work… ‘people’ are doing to the poor residents who actually have housing, pay taxes, etc. at an absolutely STUPID rate, and they get shit… literally on their doorsteps…

Unless… Just a thought, San Franfreako is trying to ‘prove’ they are better at screwing up than LA is, and they think they can better LA’s rep as the disease capital of the US, HERE

I truly feel sorry for those who live in any of these cities…


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  1. Some of the old timers would call this the Red Tide. A sign of the times. Sad Times – what happened to our America?

  2. I remember visiting San Fran in the 70’s.
    I’ll keep that memory.
    There’s a creeping infestation on the moral health of this country.
    Like a Blue Flu, you can see it on political maps of the country.
    I’m thinking, when the black plague breaks out in those enclaves, we quarantine them like crazy.

  3. Lex Luthor and Max Zorin were actually the good guys in their respective films.

    I visited Cali, including LA and San Fran, with my family about…. I guess 10 years ago now. Things were nutty there back then: we were visiting the Reagan Library and overheard one guy say to his buddy, “California’s gorgeous, it’s too bad it’s run by idiots.”

    To which all I can think is, “Buddy, we hadn’t seen anything yet.”

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    California is a beautiful state and it is run by idiots is true, The city “fathers” live above the squalor of the city, they stay in their enclaves and use limousines to get around so they are not affected by their decisions.

  5. I’ve often thought that Democrats will eventually try to unionize thieves, giving them a union card and readily identifiable “DON’T SHOOT I’M JUST A THIEF!” t-shirts to wear when they break into one’s house, which would result in criminal charges to the homeowner who shoots someone wearing such a t-shirt.

  6. All- Thanks for the comments. I was stationed At Moffett in the early 70s, then again in the late 80s. The downhill slide had already begun then…

    Posted from my iPhone.

      • In hindsight, I think the turning point was when Jerry Brown succeeded Ronald Reagan. In 1970 – while Reagan was still in office – the Dems took control of both houses of the California legislature and have been in the majority in both houses since except for a blip in the Assembly in 1995-6. There has been a Democrat supermajority for years now.

  7. What is sad is that if all these wacko leftists get their way and socialism is put in place the first thing the state will do is evict the vagrants and squatters with prejudice. Once order is established, disorder will not be tolerated.

    It is in the enforcement that socialism becomes the tyrannical system that it is. Places like San Francisco are ‘picture postcards’ of prosperity so they will be ‘sanitized’ so that visitors to our socialist nation will be impressed with the beauty. What they will not see are the ‘social readjustment camps’ where all the homeless and conservatives will be sent to be re-trained to be socially acceptable.

    Millions have died in just the same way in Russia China and a host of other nations where undesirables were exterminated. Socialism has a very recognizable track record….all you need to do to see it is review history.

    • That doesn’t happen to the vagrants and squatters as long as they have social engineering utility.

      What happens is increased regional central planning in zoning. Zoning requirements that mandate a certain number of low income housing units per unit of market rate housing built in the are administratively enacted or extended. These zoning classifications then newly require that (or increase the number of) a certain number of subsidized housing units units be built (or market rate units converted) per unit sold or renovated in neighborhoods administratively determined to be insufficiently diverse. Diversity is administratively defined to emphasize factors such as prison records, mental illness and substance abuse as well as race.

      Well connected developers are able to have this (and other factors such as parking spaces required per unit) requirement modified when sufficient “factors” (including location and relevant “factors” in other projects by that developer) are deemed to offset the requirements.

      That was a nice suburb you had there. Too bad something had to happen to it. For the children.

  8. The longer San Franshitco and Los Plagules survive in their current states, the bigger the apology the Almighty is going to owe to Sodom and Gomorrah.

  9. Only two things will eventually happen after these cities become completely bankrupt:

    – Any commerce will eventually leave forever.
    – The United States will bail them out.

    Neither is a good choice, when the best choice is an informed citizenry using their civic powers to remove the offenders. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of people really have a clue, so the slide down to anarchy to will continue. It’s a shame, but ultimately necessary for these cities to fail.

  10. I’ve heard that one problem with SF is that there is no real middle class; you’re either wealthy, in which case you use your wealth to insulate you and yours from the obvious problems, or you’re not, in which case… well.

    I wouldn’t live in either area, but I believe that both of these are areas where the Federal Government should recognize that the local and state governments have failed to control the infrastructure, and take control of the areas. The problems can be solved and the area restored.

  11. His indignation is mis-placed, since he helped cause this by perpetuating the system there.

    ” “Our homeless crisis is increasingly becoming a public-health crisis,” California Governor Gavin Newsom said in his State of the State speech in February, citing outbreaks of hepatitis A in San Diego County, syphilis in Sonoma County, and typhus in Los Angeles County.

    “Typhus,” he said. “A medieval disease. In California. In 2019.” ”

    Farging hypocrite, he should be locked up for his participation in causing this. Along with about 200 others.

  12. My late wife had a close friend who lives in Frisco. I’ll have to ask her how things are there in my next Christmas card.

  13. We’re so incredibly happy we’re OUTTA THERE!

    We feel for our friends that still live there, but…..

  14. All- Again all the comments on the money. MJ- There hasn’t been a middle class in SFO since the 70s… And that was Haight Ashbury, before the hippies took over. After that it was either big money or no money… Everybody in the middle went south or east.

  15. When I reflect upon the Liberal Elite and their pontificating I see the self ordained ‘GENTRY’ ruling the manor which if you think about it is pretty much what the democrats do. They tell everyone except their cronies what to do and then retreat to their walled enclave leaving the classes below them to sort it out for themselves. The latest twist to to protect the vagrants and their disgusting behaviors. This just levers the system against the middle class….it is as if they want them to leave California.

  16. Glenda- Good point, however, when the middle class leaves, there go any ‘services’ for the gentry… LOL

  17. Looks like Calexit didn’t go far enough on bad things could get.

  18. Peter- That he does.

    Grog- Point.

    JFM- None of us ‘thought’ it would go this way… sigh

  19. I was in SF about 25 years ago, visiting a friend. I was surprised by the amount of panhandlers, but nothing like I’ve been reading about lately. Shame, it was a beautiful city.