Social credit world???

China has gone whole hog into the social credit scheme. The question is, are the US tech companies following suit here?

Or as the government itself says, “Keeping trust is glorious and breaking trust is disgraceful.”

Silicon Valley says: “Hold my soy latte.”

Full article, HERE. From PJ Media… and another HERE.

Now we know there are ‘algorithms’ that ban people on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and other chat channels. Michael Williamson and Larry Correia are two who have been nailed, among many others by FB, and often have no idea what it was that got them kicked. A couple of notable gun bloggers have also had their sites taken down by Blogger (owned by Google)…

And if you put a link on FB that takes people off site, those posts get throttled (this is verified, including some testing that I’ve done informally, where it literally takes three days in some cases for people to see those posts in their feeds, if they ever do).

Ironically, it ‘seems’ that most of the banning, shadow banning, etc. that is occuring is against conservative voices. Just like the Wiki dust up last month trying to remove conservative authors, this crap is ever expanding. I didn’t know AirB&B could ban you for life, but then I don’t use them. Nor did I know Uber drivers can rate you as a passenger, and get you banned from their service, again for life, without any recourse on your behalf.

A lot of the banning, limiting of voices appears to be more prevalent on mobile devices, especially those running the Android apps.

Are we now to the point that anything we say on line can be used against us? It sure as hell sounds like it. And from what I’m seeing from these articles and some security stuff that I follow, there really is no recourse.

Marta, over at VictoryGirls Blog has a slightly different take on it, HERE.

In either case, definitely food for thought… Dammit… I don’t WANT interesting times again.


Social credit world??? — 17 Comments

  1. Or my frightfully close to home, there was an author who basically wrote genre/romance novels for men. You can imagine the reaction from the “woke” crowd. Amazon banned him without a real or firm explanation and basically took him from quit your day job money to unemployed.

  2. You may not want interesting times, but interesting times want you.

    The Left is not the “loyal opposition”. They are the enemy, and they mean to destroy us, and eradicate any trace that we ever were.

  3. I’ve had interesting times and don’t want another jolt of that. I most certainly don’t want them for my grandchildren.

  4. What I can do I will. Uber is gone; I won’t use them. Remembering my father’s “Belly Flapping Principal” I’ll put up with the inconvenience (h’t KdT) before supporting these outfits. Drop in the bucket? All those raindrops eventually become a river.

  5. Ody- Yeah, happening more and more…

    McC- Sigh… Yep, but it won’t be as easy as they think!

    Jim- Agreed!

    WSF- That they do. Dammit…

  6. “I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.
    “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

    Darn it.

  7. Private ownership IS liberty. Those who wish to deny you the ability to have some particular private property (transport device, defense device, etc.) are EVIL.

  8. You can be assured the “Social Score” and social media “algorithms” will be fed directly to whoever issues RED FLAG orders.
    Nope, not nearly enough ammo.

  9. I post on your blog here because I have some idea whom the administers are responsible to, and I trust you. At least somewhat.

    Long ago I concluded that it wasn’t worth my energy to speak in forums whose management I didn’t have some trust in.

    Facebook and twitter have long been discarded from my list of options for not fitting my criteria. I have recently realized that what drives me to communicate is more for a narrow audience than a broad one. So my lack of personal concern is perhaps more a matter of taste.

    I do think that Silicon Valley are less imitating the PRC, and more long term collaborators with the PRC.

  10. In a week I will complete my 72nd trip around the sun, I’ve seen enough “interesting” times. Yet here we are, again, IATOFTS

  11. All- Agreed! And Happy EARLY Birthday Bob! Agree with your acronym too… sigh

    Posted from my iPhone.

  12. Hey Old NFO;

    I blogged about that last year and how the Chinese would use it for abilities for jobs, or travel outside the country or marriage. I am sure the tech giants would love to do that here and help out their democratic friends on sticking it to all the “deplorables” to punish us for voting Trump and not being excited about their agenda.

  13. Heh.

    Go try and post something about Hong Kong that isn’t felating Red China on Reddit…

    We’re a guerilla force, as far as the mainstream internet is concerned at this point.

    So fuck em’ all. Meatspace is where it’s going to matter.