Isn’t THAT interesting…

The whistleblower who filed a complaint with the intelligence community inspector general did not have direct knowledge of the communications between President Trump and the foreign leader in question.

Full article, HERE.

Talk about a convoluted pile of BS… He can ‘file’ a whistleblower complaint, since he wasn’t actually there but ‘learned’ of it through other means?


I can’t help but wonder WHAT the deep state/Dems are trying to cover up now. This is about as bad as the latest Kavenaugh fizzle…

An even more interesting question is was this done on purpose by the dems to try to take Biden out of the race ‘accidently’ along with whatever damage could be done to Trump??? That story is HERE.


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  1. I tried to read an article about it this weekend. It was so convoluted as to be unreadable.

  2. “Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” Chuckie Schumer

  3. Just another lame and ill-conceived effort to take down the President by people who weren’t there, but know better.

    Remember when words used to have meaning? Sigh …

  4. The dimocrats step on their d—s again. They are so desperate
    to find anything that can be used against Trump that they lunge at the smallest items dangled before them. They would appear to be comicall if it weren’t for the seriousness of their actions.
    As Trumps popularity rises and the elections get closer and closer, the dim’s frantic and vicious behavior will get worse, much worse.

  5. If the current administration doesn’t start bouncing some heads, I’ll continue my belief we’re still being played.

  6. We had an election: we had a winner. Accept it and move on instead of acting like a bunch of middle school mean girls (h/t Day by Day Cartoon).

    The leftist media have utterly destroyed their credibility, and that is not good for the country, IMO. The Trump haters that grasp anything to attack the President are pandering to their own egos and not to be regarded as responsible citizens.

    • Yeah. So…



      Words actually fail me…

      But isn’t it funny that people are whining about President Trump suggesting to the Ukraine that they go ahead and investigate Hunter Biden and Slow Joe’s involvement in stalling the investigation, and people aren’t weirded and freaked out that Slow Joe and his family extorted Ukraine?

      Once again, rules only apply to us, not to our ‘betters.’

      • At tne risk of mis-reading your comment, I think you’re referring to the article, about people whining, not directing that at me.

        And would it be considered extortion if young joe accepted money from business types or would it be considered shady business deals, as what he did with China?

        Either way, there’s most likely something in 18USC that would apply to what they have done, but as they’re in the camp of favorable image with the deecee crowd, they will get a pass just like hillary did, which is regrettable.

        • Oh, yeah, sorry, have had some eye issues so I didn’t see the funny little line and commented on the wrong place. Carp. Don’t get shingles, especially on the face. Trust me.

          But I’d rather have a bad case of shingles than Slow Joe or any other of the dems (including the annointed one’s wife, the first wookie, who’s waiting in the wings to ‘save’ the dems from themselves) in power. Heck, I’d take shingles for a year to not get those people in power.

          • Yeah, that’s why I was typing neutral, didn’t want to be rude without cause.

            Shingles? that ain’t good.

  7. Yet another torpedo in the water to sink Trump that comes back around and strikes a D.. Of course we must always as “cui bono”, it looks like Warren is the concensus candidate, at least until Moochelle O is pulled to the stage..

    The good news is we have MANY more news sources outside the NBC/ABC/CBS axis to expose the lies.

    Imagine how this op would have gone in 1960?

    • Yup. Still waiting for the First Wookie to come and ‘save’ the Democrats…

  8. Hearsay is NOT admissible in court – with very limited exceptions – for the exact reason this whole ‘story’ is blatantly bogus.

  9. Whoa… take Biden outta the race? That has the bizarre ring of truth, but to make way for what, a “savior” play by Michelle?

    Surely not, they’re going for the Indian, which means conceding defeat. Is the DS looking over the horizon at 2024?

  10. Wow. This is exactly how red flag laws work. Go figure

  11. This is nothing but a way to leak sensitive information about the President and NOT face prosecution for leaking. I am wondering if this is not a canary trap to catch a leaker

  12. My thoughts exactly. Meantime they are going down the rabbit hole again and seem to Veer off important tracks. Will they ever get back on the bandwagon for what is good for the country? I doubt it.