Wow, the ‘progressives’ seem to be a LOT more progressive than I thought..

A liberal Vermont city councilwoman has proven to be so anti-gun that she even wants her own local police department to disarm.

Burlington, Vermont, councilwoman Perri Freeman — who calls herself a “progressive Democrat” — insisted that it makes sense because some foreign nations don’t arm their police.

Full article, HERE.

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And then there’s THIS from Vox.com… Apparently she got a ‘little’ irate with the adults… Soooo, one wonders how she’s going to get home, if she’s so critical of how ‘we’ are handling the environment.

And another one-

Climate hoaxer truant Greta Thunberg has dominated the news for the last several days, largely thanks to the fact that none of the adults around her seem to care if she gets an education. In fact, the little spectrum girl finally admitted that her antics are mostly about having an excuse to play hooky from school.

Full article, HERE at PJ Media

Remind me again who used pigtailed little girls for propaganda purposes… I ‘think’ that was about 80 some odd years ago…


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  1. Spanking squad, ready! PREEE-sent paddles!
    Adults – left!
    Chill-dren – right!

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    great way to kill off a bunch of cops. Her suggestion would work in an orderly homogenized society, which ours definitely ain’t. And I really ain’t feeling getting lectured by the modern “Pippi longstocking”.

    • Bob – at least Pippi was a redhead so all she would do is steal your soul – this one would sell you an entire bill of goods and/or the rope to hang yourself with.

  3. Compliance by law breakers is easy. Simply have the unarmed cops yell “HALT IN THE NAME OF THE LAW!” Should work.
    Oh great. More lectures from teenagers. She and Hogg are two of a kind.

  4. Fortunately, some of us were paying attention when our parents’ generation talked about Hitler/Nazis/WWII. And wasn’t it brave of little Miss Thunberg to swim all this way to lecture us?

  5. Grrrrr! Children should be allowed to be children.Growing up is a process. Using that child that way isn’t too much different than the Iranians using children to clear mine fields in their war with Iraq. Kill dead or warp minds – not much difference IMO. Just using children for adult purposes.

    • WSF – NOT even “adult purposes” they are blatantly using her as a political pawn – as power grabbers always do.

  6. I think some people need to be werfed. With flammen or nebels,

    Anyone with a lick of sense could see that pig-tailed girl is being used and is enjoying being used. To the extent that, well, she is prostituting and being prostituted, in mind and spirit. Which, if she ever discovered reality, is really going to crush her. If.

    Gee. If the conservative world ever used a child like the lefties are using her, we’d never hear the end of it. Actually, considering the way the lefties beat Sarah Palin over Trip Van Palin (actual name, totally cool, n’est pas?) we’ve already seen how the lefties abuse righties over kids. Pathetic circular muscle at bottom of digestive tract, in plural fashion, no?

    As to gunz. Well, um. Sure. Whatever. Funny if all the local cops get new jobs elsewhere and the local sheriff doesn’t move in to fill the whole. Horrible for the rest of the residents of the town, but, hey, “elections have consequences,” as Barky the magic lightbringer said. Or, well, just ride the lady like a rented mule, 24/7, hit her with every infraction she does, from lane violations to not using turn signals to pulling her over for suspected drunk driving (failure to allow field breathalyzer is usually auto-suspension of DL for a year…) You know, all the petty carp that the po-po can, and sometimes do, inflict on us lesser folk. Or announce that the po-po will not respond to X address with arms, if anything (hint, hint) should happen, like a burglary or such. Works for me, but I’m a vindictive jerk.

  7. Like your posts. Been there done that.

    Napalm sticks to kids.

    Willie Petter?

    Seen all of it. Delivered by the USG that some commentators seem to revere.

    Cop has two interests.

    Pay check

    Going home at night.

    Does not not give a flying fuck about you.

    Comply or get shot. That’s it.

    My last active duty station was VQ

    Please keep it up.

  8. It would only be fair to have her place marked as a no response zone, and widely advertise it.

  9. All- No disagreements. Apparently this girl is being used for pedofastry, in addition to both Thunberg and her young sister Beata being diagnosed with autism and ADHD. Throw in some OCD, and there you have her in a nutshell. The ability to concentrate on ONE thing to the exclusion of all other things, and the ‘belief’ that everything she says is absolutely true and correct.

    Posted from my iPhone.

    • Old – ya gotta wonder if her mind isn’t warped by her antifa parents, she may not really have any mental issues, just totally brainwashed…………..

  10. Anyone remember the beer garden/Hitler Jugend scene from Cabaret?

  11. Greta should travel to China and India and lecture them on climate change.