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    • Why surprising? The Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Fascist Left has ALWAYS trotted out brainwashed children to spout their lies. It’s one of the things that marks the Reich of that Despicable Austrian as pure Leftist Socialism.

  1. But of course that is not REAL slavery, they are not in America.
    SARC /

    • Oh, I meant it sarcastically. I remember the first real war this nation fought was against slavers. And we’ve been at low-level war against slavers ever since. Yet we (white USA) gets blamed for slavery. Which peeves me off totally.

      And, worse, there are actual recent episodes of slavery in these United States (within the last 20 years) and none of them involve actual white people (except for BDSM type of slavery, which isn’t.) Yet we are the cause of all the world’s problems. Solution? Take away everything whitey has created and invented and done and watch the die-off start tomorrow…


  2. Going off topic to some saved futures, there were several stories on the Weather Channel concerning a NOAA Hurricane Hunter having its flight changed mid-course from hurricane research to SAR, for an oceangoing tug in distress. Three of the crew were rescued, the rest unknown at this time. Of course it would be a P-3 that was used to make contact, drop beacons or buoys, and provide radar track for rescuers. Seems I heard a similar story about “another day at the office.” Noting seems to faze those grand ladies.

  3. So she’s 16. Okay. Let’s see. When I was 16 I worked about two hours before school, went to school, football or rifle practice, came home worked about two hours rid whatever homework I had to do and then repeated. The day I turned 17, I signed on the dotted line and shipped off to Ft Knox the next week. I was in Iraq at 18. What child hood did I miss due to climate change?

  4. Beans- Point

    PK- Shrug. Once a P-3, always a P-3, and the pilots are ex VP pilots and so are the engineers…

    Greg- Yep. Excellent point!

  5. If you look far enough, you will find that she is a credited acctress…follow the money.