Things are getting interesting…

In Virginia, among other places…

Tazwell county, in addition to passing their Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution, the county also passed a Militia Resolution. This resolution formalizes the creation, and maintenance of a defacto civilian militia in the county of Tazewell. 

Full article, HERE.

And then there is this-

Virginia sheriff has vowed to deputize residents in his county if the new Democratic-led legislature enacts gun control measures.

Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins made the vow during a Board of Supervisors meeting last week in which the panel unanimously agreed to declare the county a Second Amendment Constitutional County.

Full article, HERE.

And a friend posted this in one of our chats, and I think it is dead on the money, not only for Virginia, but for the US in general, considering the ‘articles of impeachment’ dropped today…

Bold is mine.

The Progressive left–at least for the moment–espouses majority rule and a living constitution that says what they want it to say.   

They have forgotten or never understood the term “Tyranny of the Majority.”  Worse, they never recognized that we are a heterogeneous population that, as a result of the Great Compromise of 1788, instituted via the Senate, the Electoral College, and the Constitutional Amendment process, a government of Minority Consent that requires super-majority support on resolving significant issues.

Twice this nation has tried simple majority rule with disastrous consequences.  The first time was actions in the 1840’s and 50’s that led to the Civil War and 600,000 casualties.  The second time was the cultural revolution sparked by opposition to LBJ’s prosecution of the Vietnam War supported by a simple ~52% majority.  It took the South a 100 years to recover economically, and we are still awash in repercussions from 1960’s rebellious activities that, for example, led to the Progressive Left taking control of the Democrat Party, Universities, and the MSM. 

I just read the Articles of Impeachment: flowery language from the Constitution quoting the right of the House to impeach and the list of impeachable offenses.  But the logical connection of Trump’s activities to the impeachable offenses is accomplished only through sleight of hand at best and abuse of House power at worst.  They have not established that Trump took bribes.  They ignored multiple instances of former Presidents pressuring foreign governments for political advantage here at home.  And as for ignoring House subpoenas, the Congress and the President are two coequal branches of government.  Without a court order–third branch intervention–the House is exceeding its Constitutional authority in attempting to subordinate the President to its authority.  The Federalist Papers make it clear that a parliamentary system was rejected.

The Progressive left in ignoring ex post facto laws, in redefining words and phrases in the Constitution, and in conducting a sham impeachment is challenging the right for unprecedented political dominance.  Unfortunately, they have deluded themselves that the Right will only grumble before capitulating.  Just as things simmered politically in the 1840’s/50’s, things are simmering now.  This is evidenced among other things by the emergence of Fox News, of Conservative Think Tanks, and the current political polarization.  It will get worse if the left does not exercise restraint and self-control. 

Soap box, ballot box, and we’re down to the bullet box the way things are going… sigh…



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  1. The left will be as relentless as they’ve been but the election of President Trump gave me hope that it won’t come to a bullet box…sham impeachment notwithstanding.

    I realize that things at the DNC must be frantic since there has arisen a “draft Hillary” movement. Bloomberg, the great, old, white, billionaire hope doesn’t resonate with anyone except his cronies. Corrupt, senile, old Slow Joe seems to be the best they have at the moment. And with a significant percentage of the black vote shifting to President Trump, the DNC mandarins are lighting bale fires. (thus the sham impeachment)

    • Hillary has no chance. She’s being floated as a possible candidate, but there’s someone lurking in the wings.

      Think… “Dune.”

      The DNC is the Harkonnen.

      The Baron Harkonnen is a composite of Soros and Bloomberg.

      ‘The Beast’ Rabban Harkonnen is… Hillary. She’s the ‘ooga-booga’ scary possible candidate used as a sledgehammer on all the already announced candidates, and against the general populace of this nation.

      Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen is… the woman who is on all the magazine covers, who gets media attention for just existing, and no negative news pieces have ever been floated around, well, at least in the MainStreamMedia. That person is… Michelle O’bama.

      Yup. Just like in the book, the evil Baron is using the Beast Rabban to terrorize one and all, and nice-gentle Feyd will be the saviour of ‘Arrakis’ (these United States and all possessions and territories thereof.)

      President Trump, thusly, is… the Kwisatz Haderach. His voice is a weapon, his name is a weapon.

      And Melania? She’s got those weirding ways…

  2. The Left forgot that the whole point of the Republic was to make compromises and avoid backing one side into a corner.
    Donald Trump is the last Republican the USA will ever elect President. The Democrats won’t allow that mistake to ever happen again.

    They burned the soap box.
    They corrupted the ballot box.
    They nullified the jury box.
    That only leaves the cartridge box.

    At this point, civil war 2.0, although horrific, is the best possible outcome of mid-future events. This all ends in mountains of skulls and rivers of blood one way or another. If we don’t fight, we will lose by default, and they will be our skulls, our children’s blood.

    Demography is destiny. The future belongs to those who show up.

  3. Unfortunately, the Left not only doesn’t know how to compromise, they also believe that they are on “a mission from God” or whatever they revere.
    If the impeachment is successful, (about equal chances with getting ice cream in hell) then expect an uneasy truce for a few months between the Left and President Pence. Once Pence is seen as uncooperative then expect impeachment proceedings to start against him.
    If the impeachment against President Trump fails (most likely scenario in my opinion) then expect an assassination attempt against him. This could vary from the deranged “line gunman” in a crowd to something much more sophisticated from the deep state. Sabotage to Air Force One or Marine One seems to have the best chance of success.
    God save our Nation!

  4. Western Virginia, like Western Maryland, has been neglected and abused by it’s Eastern counterpart for many years. They would like to leave Virginia and join West Virginia, but VA wants to hang onto them – Democrats don’t like giving up power and control.

    McChuck, the Democrat’s don’t understand compromise – they view it as getting everything they want.

    • I saw a map yesterday of ‘2A sanctuary counties’ in Virginia. I think over half the counties have declared themselves Sanctuary, most of the others are pending and seriously considering it. Only 3 counties are against sanctuary.

      Will be interesting to see how the ‘pending’ goes.

  5. When impeachment goes up Schiff Creek, expect that ther will be body doubles for those reasons. An assassination attempt might well cause the Left’s worst result, the declaration of a state of insurrection, martial law, and suspension of the writ of habeas corpus. But it won’t be their guy doing it, backed the the Committee on Trust and Safety. That train of thoughts makes me uneasy.

  6. Looks like the Virginia legislature will ban our AR’s along with a 10 round capacity limit on pistol magazines. (Old NFO, you leave the state and everything goes to hell !!! )

  7. LL- Agree with all, at least you’re in a safe place IF things go south!

    McC- Possible, but I truly hope it doesn’t come to that, even as we slide down that slippery slope.

    RC- I DO see that as a possibility… dammit…

    Jonathan- Good point.

    PK- Concur… Sigh

    Old Woody- One of the MANY reasons I left… sigh… I feel for those who are stuck there.

  8. The county militia is a very clever idea. The optics of the State cracking down on this would be very bad for the gun control movement.

  9. You might be interested to know that Virginia has a state defense force [read “Militia”] under the Virginia Adjutant General, who leads the Virginia Army and Air National Guards. I am confidant that Virginia, as do many other states, defines the unorganized militia of Virginia, as citizens between 18 and 45 [or some such], with the National Guard being the “organized militia”.

    • Right after the Oklahoma City bombing Congress held hearings. The Virginia Defense Force was on their short list of “suspect organizations.” Needless to say when the Commonwealth’s Atty. Gen. showed up the staffers said “Never mind.”

  10. BP- Yep, somebody was thinking when they came up with that one!

    Ted- Good point!

    Stretch- LOL

  11. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating – if they keep pushing, there will be a big need for pine boxes. And there will be no ‘winners’ – only survivors.

    • Survival is winning. This is a winner-take-all, last man standing game.

      People must get it into their heads that politics is war by other means. Our enemies want us dead and gone. Laws are sticks to beat us with.

  12. “Democratic Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin suggested cutting off state funds to counties that do not comply with any gun control measures that pass in Richmond.”
    “McEachin also noted that Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam could call the National Guard, if necessary.
    “And ultimately, I’m not the governor, but the governor may have to nationalize (WRONG use of the word-Stretch) the National Guard to enforce the law,”

    Does anyone in Richmond know the Virginia National Guard is known as The Stonewall Brigade?