Welp, the OIG report is out. You can go HERE and download a copy if you’re really bored…

Some takeaways from the executive summary…

Counterintelligence Division (CD) Assistant Director (AD) E.W. “Bill” Priestap was a major player at the start.

Priestap stated that he considered whether the FBI should conduct defensive briefings for the Trump campaign but ultimately decided that providing such briefings created the risk that “if someone on the campaign was engaged with the Russians, he/she would very likely change his/her tactics and/or otherwise seek to cover-up his/ her activities, thereby preventing us from finding the truth.”

So instead of a defensive briefing, they sent an agent who was ‘fishing’ for a Russian connection, without ever telling Trump anything, but Hillary got the full defensive briefing AND support. Interesting…

In this review, we found that, while Lisa Page attended some of the discussions regarding the opening of the investigat ions, she did not play a role in the decision to open Crossfire Hurricane or the four individual cases. We further found that while Strzok was directly involved in the decisions to open Crossfire Hurricane and the four individual cases, he was not the sole, or even the highest-level, decision maker as to any of those matters. As noted above, then CD AD Priestap, Strzok’s supervisor, was the official who ultimately made the decision to open the investigation, and evidence reflected that this decision by Priestap was reached by consensus after multiple days of discussions and meetings that included Strzok and other leadership in CD, the FBI Deputy Director, the FBI General Counsel, and a FBI Deputy General Counsel.

We concluded that Priestap’s exercise of discretion in opening the investigation was in compliance with Department and FBI policies, and we did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that political bias or improper motivation influenced his decision.


And on and on and on… 51 violations in procedure, 9 false statements, 17 serious acts of misconduct (called ‘errors’), and four essentially human sources used to penetrate the [Trump] campaign were found by the OIG, and if you know anything about statistics, or even simple math, you’d ‘think’ that errors ‘should’ go both ways, right? In this case, not so much. EVERY error went against the Trump campaign or the person in question…

After reading this, I needed a long hot shower the get the filth off me…

In other ‘funny’ news, Lisa Page (Strock’s lover) is now suing the FBI and DOJ for ‘releasing’ private documents!!!

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page sued the agency and US Department of Justice on Tuesday for allegedly illegally releasing private documents involving her to the press — namely, hundreds of text messages between her and her special-agent boyfriend.

Full article, HERE.

Sorry Toots, when you use a government device to text with your lover, that’s NOT private it’s government property and they can do what they will with it. Good luck with that lawsuit. Hope it runs you out of money, like what you did to Page, Flynn, and others!

And here is Barr’s interview about what ‘he’ thinks about the OIG investigation. It’s 24 minutes, but it does give some clues as to where Durham may be looking…


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  1. On the upside for some, provides full+ employment for some attorneys and “spin doctors”. (Sarcasm intended – too bad their isn’t a font for that)

  2. Comey says the report exonerates the FBI and him personally.

    That’s some mighty good reefer your smoking these days Jimmy.

  3. As Horowitz said near the end of his testimony yesterday, it’s time for a major house cleaning at FBI.
    Everyone, regardless of rank involved in any of the falsehoods (lies, mostly under oath) needs prosecution. Every single person who worked on Crossfire Hurricane gets tired for failing to notice and report the corruption. It’s called malfeasance. No early retirement s, no quietly resigning, fired publicly with complete loss of all benefits. This includes all political appointees up to and including current Director Wray.
    Plus, New policy, all FBI agents must retire at first eligibility, or by age 60, no hanging on for decades. must have a new field assignment after five years in FBIHQ, field assignment must be at least 500 miles from Washington DC.

  4. LL- I know… sigh

    RC- That would be ideal, which means it will never happen… dammit.

  5. Diplomad says he read the whole thing, and I like his take on it.

    He worked in that swamp, and if the report raised his eyebrows that much… I think the Left needs to continue being beaten until everyone else’s morale improves.

  6. FBI’s CD hasn’t been worth spit in decades. They have screwed up almost every investigation in living memory. They take over these investigations from the services (and others), entirely to take credit for the arrest at the end. And then they mess it up. They have lost so many slam-dunk cases…

    People can be both incompetent and malevolent.