My crew coming back from a successful ASW mission against the bad guys back in the day. We flew the flag when we had done what we were supposed to, and it usually pissed the Skipper off… I got ‘counselled’ more than once, so this one is probably on a det somewhere, and was taken by one of our ground crew. 🙂

We even had business cards… LOL

And some other strange stuff I got to do… Not my picture, I was buried in the back of the bird doing other things…

The kids serving today have different mission sets than we did, but we OWE IT TO THEM to support them. We’re dinosaurs…


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  1. Been a long time since I saw “Autovon…” Hey, where can I get an AUTOVON line? Over there. Yes, what is your priority? Shit. Here we go again.

  2. BobF, that was my thought too. That makes the card … uh, classic?

    Man, these dino scales are itchy today.

  3. What is that last photo? Looks like it could be a SMILS project result.

  4. I’m curious about the ASW gear on board the new P8A and the signal/image of an enemy fire control radar lock-on. The old ECM on the -7 Neptune was a complete ‘flume’that covered the ‘O’ scope screen. It may be audio now days. Interesting.

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    “Autovon”, dang…how long since I have seen that…I am sure that the skipper “counselled” because he had to not wanted to and inside he was saying “Right on”.

  6. Love the flag. As the History Guy, whose YouTube channel I highly recommend, has often said, “Don’t all great stories include pirates?”

  7. BobF/PK/Bob/BP- Yeah, Autovon… SUCH fun… Never ‘legally’ got to use the flash override… 🙂

    Flugel- I’ll just say it wasn’t ‘ours’… but it was the result… ‘Lovely’ Midway Is. det

    Robert- It’s MUCH better these days, and yes, audio is part of it, but the ‘scope’ is much better!

    Jim- LOL, well, we WERE the malcontents…

  8. Autovon. Suddenly, my joints are stiff and my back hurts. I should probably go lie down. First, though, I have to chase some kids off my lawn.

  9. LOL, it’s comical that almost everyone’s first comment is about autovon. The universally hated phone system by which we all lived and died in the military. Mostly trying to contact your detailer when it was time for new orders and you needed to “negotiate” something without volcanoes and/or penguins.

  10. If I recall correctly, “HMS Conqueror” flew a similar flag upon return to Britain after sinking the Argentinian cruiser “Gen. Belgrano.” It seems the Royal Navy’s submarine service has a long tradition of tweaking the powers that be.

    • Didn’t she also have a broom on the periscope when she came home? Or am I remembering something else?

  11. RM/Ray- LOL, yep… It could take a WEEK to get through, and the orders you ‘thought’ you had got given away since you hadn’t called…

    SPQR- yep

    Dan- I can neither confirm nor deny… 🙂

    NRW- That they did, and yes, they got their asses chewed too (but privately)

  12. I’d be willing to bet you got to fly the flag of success more often than you didn’t. I’d be even more willing to bet that wasn’t the only thing you got counseled for on a routine basis. Oh and it can never be said enough…thank you for doing it.

  13. Tole- I know nozzink… 🙂 Thank you, but it was a team effort.

    Tim- Academy type… sigh

  14. Jim, I hereby humbly point out that with one post you have generated responses regarding phone systems, business card, flags, missions, aircraft, aircraft equipment, and possibly other facets I have missed. That is a hell of a hit rate, sir. Kudos! +1

    (AND, as usual, you have sent many of us to the Ben-Gay locker. -1)

    Net: the math just doesn’t work out

  15. Loved that. Remember the sub that did the same kind of thing down the Thames after the Falklands? The left exploded in a fury of wailing, gnashing of teeth and mental meltdown. They haven’t changed.

  16. LSP- Yep, HMS Conqueror.

    TxRed- No, the broom was a WWII thing primarily with US boats, later adopted by the Brits

    WSF- LOL, pretty much what we did.