Burnt Ends…

Is ALIVE!!! 🙂

Click the cover for the link!

Yes, I violated every principle of cover art with this one… Tina did what I asked, putting slices of the other covers on this cover, and did a helluva job with it..:-)

This one is ONLY in paperback, for my three dinosaur readers that want a real book in their hands. It is my collected short stories and novellas, that were published online only, plus one short that was in an anthology.

The stories include-

Rocking C- Zombies (published in an anthology in 2016)

Stranded and Jace- Two Mil SF stories

A Matter of Honor and The Morning the Earth Shook- Two stories in the Calexit vein

To the End of the Trail- A new story from the Western series coming in 2020

And two Grey Man novellas- Down South and Generations

I will apologize ahead of time for the cost, but since it’s print on demand, I don’t have a lot of control over that. I tried to keep it as reasonable as possible. I hope y’all enjoy the stories, and HONEST reviews are appreciated as always.


Burnt Ends… — 8 Comments

  1. Sadz? I have read Down South, Generations, and The Morning the Earth Shook. Will I be disappointed that I am only getting half stuff I haven’t read?

    PS Looking forward to a new western series as of right now.

    Been looking for authors for years. I find one, read everything they have, and then they die or retire (Robert Parker, Dick Francis, John D MacDonald, etc). Or I find a new one who has five or six books and then have to wait years as one book comes out every couple years. Sometimes I forget they exist and then am happily surprised when the new book drifts across my radar, but then that also makes me wonder how many other authors I have forgotten. Some authors just stop writing or appear to. (Robert Ferezza). Some drift off into areas that I don’t enjoy and so I get no new material (Hoyt, Stirling). Did I have a point here? Well, I feel like I did to begin with but I seem to have drifted off so there it is.

    PS Hope Ben English writes more books.

  2. Hereso- I know it’s not for everybody, it’s for my dinosaurs… LOL And I understand where you’re going with the comments. I know not everyone is going to like the Mil SF that liked The Grey Man, that’s why I’m doing a western series next.

    Gerry- Click the cover for the link 🙂

    RC- Thank you! My first sale!!! Yay!!! 🙂

    Mrs. C- And thank you for turning my screwy idea into a great cover!

  3. Doggone it, I KNEW I forgot something I had to do this weekend. Will order asap, if I can pry my kid away from phone to order from Amazon. I’m one of those tech handicapped dinosaurs you mentioned in post, lol.

    Thanks – looking forward to reading what I’ve been missing.