Freudian slip???

Did Bloomie admit he ‘bought’ congresscritters and the Virginia election???

It sure as hell sounds like it to me… And Mr. Ramirez nails it as always!

Of course the Dems have been winning for years with their handouts, so I guess it’s only logical that Bloomie would think it’s okay to do it too!


There are some days it just doesn’t pay to chew through the straps…


Freudian slip??? — 14 Comments

    • FDR, LBJ, Obama…

      FDR at least had the sense to put Long down, though that was likely more to eliminate the competition.

  1. As it stands today, I don’t see anything wrong with placing conservative judges in office and adding more conservatives to the house and senate for the next 20 years. I see Trump for the next four and Pense for the next eight year.

  2. Bloomberg’s prediction of the election outcome makes me want a Bernie sign for my yard! Well, maybe my neighbors yard…

    • “Here, Neighbor, let me redistribute this section of your yard for Comrade Bernie.”

      Works. Works for me!

  3. Frank- Agree!!!

    Jim/TOS- Concur… dammit…

    CP- Works for me.

    RC- ROTF… Yep, neighbor!!!

    • I use to think that but I don’t think Valerie Jarrett will want to damage the Obama brand with a 2020 loss. They’re gonna hold Michelle for the 2024 campaign. The Hilldabeast will make one last stab (Ha! See what I did there?) at the White House. The Milwaukee convention is going to be “interesting.”

  4. It sounded to me that he started to use the bought word and then changed it.