Super Tuesday…

If you’re in one of the states that is voting today and you haven’t voted yet, please go do so!

It is IMPORTANT that you exercise your rights.

I don’t care whom you vote for, or what party you are…

But go VOTE!!!


Super Tuesday… — 15 Comments

  1. Those who don’t vote forfeit the right to complain about the results of the election. Of course that doesn’t stop them.

  2. Jim- Point!

    WSF- Understood, not like there is ‘any’ possibility of fraud with that… nope…

  3. I voted. Line was 20 min or so but moved quickly. Everyone was in a good mood and many voters’ guides were being handed back and forth, both parties.

  4. I’m working in a polling place in my rural county. No really contested or hot local races. Big turnout, about the level of a general presidential election, and this is a primary.
    Lots of folks paying attention.

  5. In some later voting States you’ll have fewer weasels to choose from. I vote in Illinois. I suspect I’ll have a really smelly ballot to cast.
    And I’ll have more control over the cast of characters by voting the democrat ballot.
    So… BERNIE… all the way!

    • Voting for chaos is a bad strategy. Trouble to calculate, and you might wind up supporting a bad guy who wins the general.

  6. Can’t wait to pull a Dem ticket in two weeks. If those assholes want to go open primary and no standards whatsoever for voter ID, I’m happy to fuck with their primary.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch

  7. “It is IMPORTANT that you exercise your rights.”

    Isn’t it considered a civic duty?

  8. Voted early (not often). Interesting results. Now come Nov we must remind our Special Democrat friends that Election Day, if voting Democrat, is Nov 4. We know they are special and need their own day.

  9. Voted, if rather late in the time for such.
    The only delay was the guy just ahead who didn’t like his legal name so didn’t give it to the staff until the 4th or 5th lookup failure. And this guy voted… erf.

  10. I usually DO vote but not today. I live in a part of California where not much I say is going to do anything and decided I will wait for the prediential election. Even the supervisor for my county was a write-in nut job.
    I pick my fights and am NOT going to play the game when there is not a s single person to pick.

    As an aside, here is an interesting video for you.