Rut Roh…

One of my readers sent me an email yesterday that did NOT make me happy…



Received my new copy of Burnt Ends from Amazon today.  I immediately started reading. The James story is just like I remembered it.
Then I opened it to the Rio story and one of the pages came out in my hand.  I’ll admit that I did flex the thing in a gentle way to get it to open easier.  I read a few pages. Then two more pages came out. 
Now, I know this can be a problem with perfect bindings, especially when there are lots of pages and when they are brand new and perhaps not thoroughly cured yet.


If you run across this problem, please let me know immediately AND complain to Amazon about quality issues. This is totally unsatisfactory!!!



Rut Roh… — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve had that happen before; usually when the book is very thick (over 500 pages) but sometimes it’s a poorly designed book.

    How about taking a serveral pics of the offending book and posting them here?

  2. Mine arrived in brand new condition. I’ve read three quarters of the stories so far,zero problems.
    It goes in my library.

    Everybody needs one!

    • Just clarifying, no problems with the bindings on my book.

  3. Fritz- As soon as I get it, I will.

    RC- Thankfully!!!

    Just got an email from another reader, it was missing pages 175-180… Dammit!!!

  4. Well, I ordered one, and it was supposed to show up on Sunday, so I figured it would be here on Monday…maybe Monday of next week? I checked on Amazon, and they said it might be lost, but I am ever hopeful and will wait til it has been a week before calling them and pouting. I checked the tracking, and that was less than helpful!!