I hate to ask, but TGM- Sunset is stuck on 48 reviews and I need 50 to get over that first hump in the Amazon ad world. If you’ve read it and not given me a review, I’d appreciate an HONEST review.

Click on the cover to go to the book’s page.

The other one that is ‘stuck’ is Rimworld- Militia Up, and that one stalled at 42 reviews. If you’ve read it and not given me a review, I’d appreciate an HONEST review.

Lastly, I know I’ve sold a ‘few’ of the Burnt Ends anthology, but have yet to get a single review… So if you did read it, please let me know what you thought.

Thanks in advance. Also, hopefully Rimworld- The Rift will be live on Monday. Submitted it to KDP today!


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  1. Hereso- Thanks, fixed the link, have a question in to Amazon as to why no ability to review.

    CP- Thanks!

  2. I received a 6 months subscription to Kindle. Read Sunset, loved it but they will not let me post a review. Sorry, would leave a 5* if I could.

  3. ‘Nother review of Burnt Ends on the way. And I donated my copy to my local library where where other miscreants, er, astute readers can get their hands on it.
    Oddly, Amazon also wants me to review things I haven’t bought…

  4. Old FO, I have tried to leave reviews but Amazon tells me I don;t spend enough money with them

  5. Checked all 3 books, found that I had reviewed Sunset and Militia Up, but not Burnt Ends, so I did that.
    Amazon doesn’t make it easy, but if you click the link next to the review stars, it takes you to the text of teviews already left, and a space to leave another. This may not show as a verified purchaser. I think that that requires linking from your “purchased products” page.
    John in Indy

  6. Militia Up reviewed (5 star). Really looking forward to Rift.

    Can’t help on the others. Yet.

  7. For a Kindle purchase, I went to my digital orders where it showed the Rimworld series. There’s a ‘leave a review’ button there, and I was able to follow through.

    For dead-tree, I don’t know.

  8. I wrote reviews for the Rimworld and Grey Man books. Good luck getting more attention on them. I haven’t purchased Burnt Ends so did not review it, though the title does have me salivating for good brisket.

  9. Hey Jim;

    The only one I didn’t have a review for was “burnt end” because I was going to get my signed copy at foolzcon. I went and left a review for it on Amazon for it 😉 I lied like a cheap rug lol

  10. My reviews would seem uninspired. “I liked the book.”

    Maybe later, when I’m not staring another 12 hour shift in the face…

  11. Which book is the first Rimworld book?
    I want to make sure I start reading from the beginning.